Journey inside your own mind and enhance your manifestation skills way beyond their current levels with this unique, guided, visual, meditative journey – begin to manifest your biggest dreams and wishes with absolute confidence, knowledge of what is possible, with an UNSHAKEABLE belief in yourself and what you are capable of, what you WILL manifest!

  • Do you struggle with your manifestation practice?
  • Perhaps you struggle to concentrate and focus and visualize?
  • Perhaps you try different techniques and manifestation practices but nothing really sticks and you don’t see results?
  • Or maybe you do have some results but lack consistency?

In truth, manifestation isn’t always easy when starting out – there is a lot of conflicting information, or just many different teachers showing a different method. It can be confusing, and constantly getting distracted and trying different paths isn’t really beneficial – any method can work (affirmations, visualization, vision boards, intention projection) and it is more about consistently practicing with clear intention, the method which works for you.

However.. IF you keep jumping from one practice to another, or not gaining focus and clarity and consistency, then manifestation can SEEM IMPOSSIBLE, it will seem hard.. it will actually be hard for you.. but this doesn’t have to be the case..


And this is why we created our manifestation meditation sessions.

Because WHICHEVER PATH you are following, they will help you. They will give you a boost. They will help to make manifestation much less of a “struggle to practice” and much more natural.

Manifesting with Meditation!?

But wait, we know what you’re thinking… “Manifesting through meditation? Is that possible, how does that work?”

Firstly, yes, it is possible, but no, it isn’t something “brand new”, in-fact it is just a simple, natural way of shaking up your internal beliefs and aligning your mind to your manifestation goals to make sure you are vibrating on the same wavelength internally and externally… physically, consciously and subconsciously.

Meditation, at it’s heart is simply a way of slowing your thoughts, and gaining clarity within your own mind, and this is why guided meditation is an amazing tool for manifestation.

It is best to practice manifesting and put out intention when your mind is clear and focused. When you can hold just one thought in your mind, just one intention, when you can clearly create it, hold it in your mind, and add feeling, emotion and desire to it – you make a powerful manifestation.

Our guided meditation puts you into this state naturally – it puts you into the state of mind required for effective and easier, more natural manifestation! This means that by using guided meditation, your manifestation practice gets easier and you see more results.

Guided Meditation Makes this Even Easier

Our sessions take you through this process one step at a time.

  • Firstly you will be led to relax and loosen your body, to become aware of yourself, of your body and your breathing. This initial calming helps for the next step and sets a solid foundation both for the rest of the session and manifestation generally – when your body is relaxed then your energy flows more effortlessly.
  • Next you slow down your mind, you mentally relax and slow your internal chatter. We guide you to do this, and because you are focused on the voice of the narrator it is easier – you are taken through the process and there is no getting distracted as is often the case when you walk this path alone.
  • Then comes the real focus of mind – your thoughts and distractions are put aside and you are now in the PERFECT ZONE for manifestation. Your thoughts are clear, you can hold a visual image in your mind and manipulate it, you can add intention and desire. You will really feel the difference inside and know that you are capable of so much more.
  • But it doesn’t end there, you are then guided, visually, through your own mind. You will create intentions and manifestations within your mind with the precision, clarity and focus which isn’t possible through regular “alert or waking” manifestation practice – which means that you will manifest more accurately, precisely and accurately too.

Our guided meditation basically helps you to send intention from your core, with complete focus, and clarity of intention – and when you manifest like this, without distraction or distortion, then, well, quite simply; you will manifest more efficiently, effectively, and accurately.

It Makes Manifestation Feel More Natural

You are manifesting as just part of your life, as an extension of who you are. You are not “trying to practice manifestation”, you are creating visualizations and manifestations within your mind with absolute clarity, with a natural belief that they will manifest physically, with confidence.

This makes a huge difference. You meditate, you follow the guided narration and journey through your mind – during this process you visually create the manifestations you want to attract and then you finish the session. You don’t “keep trying”, you’ve aligned your mind and you just go about your day with full knowledge of your intentions and complete confidence that you are constantly manifesting your desires.. because you will be!

You will see a dramatic difference in your daily life when you manifest like this. Things will come together and you will walk through life projecting your core desires naturally and literally manifesting and creating your life as you see it in your mind on a daily basis.

What you Will Receive

Law of Attraction

Our powerful core law of attraction meditation – designed to penetrate into your mind and enhance your ability to successfully manifest your desires. Through this session you will gain a deep belief that the law of attraction will work for you. You will see MASSIVE IMPROVEMENTS in your manifestation ability as you will be manifesting with total belief, naturally, from your core.

Attract More Money

Our most exciting album? Focused specifically for money attraction, this meditative journey will shatter your negative money beliefs and self imposed limitations. This session will ensure that throughout your whole being you will KNOW than you DESERVE money. That you can be rich and wealthy, that you do deserve it and that it is possible for you. With this belief-set, the money mindset follows and you will start to naturally attract more money.

Attract Your Perfect Partner

Want to attract your soulmate? If you always seem to attract the same type of (wrong) partners into your life then something isn’t aligned within your mind. This guided meditation session will take you on a journey inside to re-align your problematic beliefs and the inaccurate attraction signals you are sending out – it will help to align your completely in body, mind, and subconscious beliefs to attract your perfect partner.

Attract Perfect Health

This is a powerful meditation which will do two things for you: 1. Focus you on thinking positively – you will not focus on your illness, you will positively focus on the health you do have and of getting healthier. This change of focus will attract more of it – more health, into your life. 2. Take you through visualizations where you send out your illness, and bad energy and draw in positive, clean, healing energy – many case studies show such visualizations to have an amazing effect.

Attract Good Friends

This is a really unique album which will help you to attract new friends into your life – and friends who are actually aligned with you – good friends! You will release any negative thoughts you are harboring about finding it difficult to make friends – because if you think like then that’s what you manifest – it is difficult… You will go on a visual journey within your mind to rewire these beliefs so it becomes easy and natural to attract new, good friends into your life.

Attract Social Success

Social success isn’t random, it is what you manifest. This session will penetrate into your mind and help you to visualize and see yourself being successful socially. You will see yourself.. you will actually experience the feelings and emotions of being social, making friends, being talkative at parties and being popular socially. You will see it and you will believe it is possible because your mind has experienced it and you will be able to manifest it in real life.

Deliver Your Intentions

Our accelerator album – this works with any and all of our law of attraction albums to essentially accelerate your manifestation results by helping you to put your intentions out with complete focus and clarity. This session takes you deep within yourself so you can learn to master your mind and send out manifestations without distraction or distortion – so everything you send out and intend to manifest comes right from your core with crystal clear clarity – and you will see dramatic increases in your manifestation results!

Manifest from Within and Dramatically Improve Your Manifestation Results Today

Wait, this isn’t for everyone. It is a deeper experience. This package consists of 7 immersive meditation audio sessions and is only for those who can seriously commit to making changes in their life, and who seriously want to pursue manifestation on a core level.

However, if this is you, then this collection will seriously improve your manifestation results.

It will take you inside yourself, to blast away the negative thoughts within your mind, to focus you on your manifestation goals – and ultimately to guide you to actually manifest from your core being, in a much more natural way…

And to dramatically improve your manifestation results!

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