Ever felt that things are not quite right... like you're not quite living the life you are supposed to?

Let Me Show You How ANYONE Can Use This Mind Penetrating Tool to "flip 7 energetic switches" and Naturally Re-Balance to Manifest A Life of Your Own Creation!

In just 23 minutes...

Lets step back a little first, is this right for you? Can you answer YES to any of these questions?

  • Do you struggle with energetic imbalances or problems?
  • Or do you suffer from, create or heighten physical problems due to un-coordination / imbalances from the mind to the body?
  • Do you want to open up your own energy to balance all areas of your energetic and physical life?
  • Do you know that your energetic blockages are holding you back in your physical life?
  • Do you want to manifest more naturally - starting from inside your core, within your energy centers?
  • Are you ready to go deeper than ever before...

Life Without Energy?

Well actually life without energy is impossible. We all have our energy running under the surface, your energy body is part of you - we all have our 7 chakras just as we all have our heart and lungs, essential as part of our make up for life.

However, 99% of us go through life AS IF we have no energy, NO CHAKRAS. That is to say that 99% of us go through life without ever aligning and balancing our chakras. We often take on a diet to balance our physical body, take up an exercise routine to strengthen our physical body...

But be honest, you don't take the same thought and care to your energy body right? :(

You struggle through life, feeling out of place, feeling something is not quite right, feeling low or negative, perhaps never truly knowing yourself but at the same time knowing that there is meant to be more to life for you... but you're just not sure what's wrong.. what's missing...

Life like this is hollow, it is like walking around with blinkers on, only engaged in the physical right here right now in-front of our eyes. We forget our true story; that we are a part of the whole and that we are connected, part of everything around us and the whole universe.

Being isolated from our chakra is humankind's biggest problem, it is certainly the source of all problems:

  • Mind Problems: With unbalanced or neglected chakras, your negative thoughts, self doubts and worries get out of control. We get too carried away with our physical life worries; about being bullied, accepted, about our boss, our deadlines etc. and we lose touch with who we really are. The unimportant becomes the focus and we lose ourselves, and without the chakras to regulate and balance the mind and body, these negative thoughts in turn create more negative thoughts, or even manifest as physical ailments.
  • Physical Problems: The same can happen the other way around. Because you are not connected to your higher self, you can neglect and punish your physical body - not exercising, smoking, drinking, eating junk and processed food and many other activities which are detrimental to the body and take you away from your core.
  • Relationship Problems - Imbalances in our energy has a negative effect on our ability to understand our own feelings and emotions, to communicate them with others, and to share, open up and resolve conflict. When your energy is blocked, or neglected then your friendships, family and romantic relationships all suffer.
  • Negative Manifestation Synergies: Your energetic issues cause your physical problems, AND your physical problems feed back into your mental state and corrupt it even further (i.e. focus you on your immediate physical self rather than your true higher self), which again feeds back to create more physical problems - and we manifest negativity and chaos into our lives (while wondering why we get so much of it, and thus bringing to us even more!).

It is a vicious circle, and all happens because we are out of touch and completely neglect our chakras.

If you know you are meant for more in life, if you know you experience these imbalances and negativities and are now starting to see why then there is another way, a path forwards...

How To Achieve A Complete Mind, Body and Energy Balance

We MUST... if we love ourselves, or if we want to... we must balance our energy and give our energy body some love, some attention and focus.

It is not just as important as eating well or exercising, it is MORE important, as our energy centers are where everything starts.

Our thoughts manifest here before they become our actions.

Now one way to start is just with general meditation, it calms and balances the mind and helps us to get in touch with our energy centers.

However, if you really want to take this further then you have to understand actually how the energy centers of the body are structured - and centerS is the key word here. Yes, general meditation helps, but actually there are 7 energy centers - your chakras - , and opening, healing, balancing, and then FOCUSING your chakras, one by one though specific chakra focused meditation adds so much extra power to the meditation process.

Here's What Happens When You Open Youur Chakras

Your chakras, when active and open act as a bridge between the body and the mind and we don't get stuck in this negative spiral. We are more in touch with ourselves so we think more positively, we also see the whole, the bigger picture of who we really are - so we stop damaging ourselves, binge eating, engaging in addictive and destructive behaviors. Most of all we act, create, and manifest a life of our choice as it comes from within, from our core.

Your chakras are the link between your physical body, your energetic field, and your higher consciousness. When you open and balance your chakras, your physical, mental and energetic self come into alignment.

  • Illnesses and physical ailments can disappear as it is often really the mental or the energy behind the physical which is feeding the problem - but with balance this disappears and healing occurs.
  • Emotional issues get resolved - you stop punishing yourself mentally and emotionally and because you can see your true self you accept and start to love yourself for who you are - you mind is much calmer and more balanced.
  • You gain greater focus and awareness. You can sit still and think, you can focus clearly, you can brainstorm and problem solve, and often the answers don't just come from your physical self but from your higher self and the universal consciousness.
  • Your negative synergies disappear and instead you gain POSITIVE SYNERGIES - your vibrant energy and thoughts feed into your physical, and your new, more active, abundant physical feeds back into your higher self and energy and they all grow from each other.

Through these 7 chakra balancing guided meditations this is what you will achieve. You will experience this balance between mind body and energy - you will reverse any negative energy flows and synergies and start to naturally experience positive energy flows and beneficial synergies which positively impact upon the whole of your life..

.. upon your own mental state, your physical health, your relationships with your friends and family, your focus at work, your ability to relax, unwind and enjoy yourself.

When you balance your chakras you balance your total self and live in peace with who you are - and life is more fun, happier, and easier!

Your body, mind and spirit work together in harmony as one - so that you start living in the now, in full control of your mind (rather than it controlling you), and manifesting your ideal lifestyle from a place of deep core balance.

Manifesting from your Core

Balancing your chakras can have such a powerful impact upon how you manifest and how successful you are.

Trying to manifest without using your chakras or at least having healthy, balanced chakras is like sending your manifestation wishes out through a telephone that is not wired, or has faulty connections - no one is listening on the other side and the message is not getting through.

i.e. you don't manifest from your core and the message doesn't come from your core, it is only coming from the physical you, which of course is less powerful and more rooted in physical reality.

To truly manifest you need to involve your whole energetic self and higher self - these are the elements which are in touch and even part of the universal consciousness. Your higher self isn't just trying to manifest "a car" or "money" it is thinking of the whole, it is (you are!) aiming to manifest your true, whole lifestyle, it is focused on complete abundance and bringing your real dreams into reality.

Literally start to create your life today, starting from your core, creating your lives starting from your chakras on an energetic level - balancing these first so that everything else follows - your relationships, your sense of self esteem, your focus and creativity, your natural manifestation

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to activate and open your chakras and gain the keys to your emotional, mental and physical state, in order to achieve balance and manifest a life of your choice?

Experience balance and harmony between your body, mind, energy and spirit when you balance your chakras with help from this guided meditation.

This collection of chakra opening guided meditations will help you to activate, open and balance your chakras.

And this is exactly what our 7x chakra balancing meditation sessions will do for you - balance your chakras so that you can manifest from your core to truly live the life of your own creation and manifest absolute abundance and passion from your core, into your physical life.

Open Your Chakras to Balance your Energy, Mind, and Body and Manifest a Life of Your Choice

Caution, this might not be for everyone. This isn't just "personal development" It is deeper.. it is "spiritual development" and walking down this path might just change your personality more than "simple personal development" or perhaps improving your confidence would.

Of course, these personality and life changes are massively positive and come from a position of knowing yourself on a deeper level.. connecting internally and making changes that come from your core and higher self (not just the physical you).

We just feel as if we need to mention this; as pursuing balance and activation of your chakras should not be taken lightly - it is a serious pursuit which will have a huge impact on your life..

But if you already know this, and can't wait to begin, to get a helping hand to open your chakras then this collection is here for you - to change your energy, your physical and your mental/emotional mind - to bring them all into balance and help you to create a future, to create a life of your own choosing...

...a future free from negativity and conflict, and full of health, joy and abundance!

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