Tired of Feeling Like You’re “Destined” to Be Poor?

How One Dusty Second-Hand Book FINALLY Unlocked the Door to Incredible Wealth for This “Average Joe”

And How the Same Principles in this Book Can Unleash Prosperity for YOU!

Dear Friend,

If you’re like countless millions of other people around the world, worries and stress about money weigh heavily on your mind every day. You’ve always wished you could have the kind of financial prosperity that would let you experience true freedom from worry… the kind of money that would let you…

  • Rest easy knowing that you’ll never have to say “no” to material possessions and experiences your partner and your children want.
  • Eliminate worry that you’ll have to struggle just to make ends meet.
  • Enjoy “once in a lifetime” vacations and other experiences that make your time on Earth extraordinary.
  • Financially support charities and causes that are close to your heart.
  • Build a stable financial cushion for your family after you are gone.

But so far, financial success has eluded you. Maybe you’ve had brief periods of wealth, windfalls, and high income in the past… but they never seem to last for very long. And it seems like when you do bring money into your life… it disappears almost as quickly as it comes.

It’s not for lack of trying. You work hard to become financially prosperous. You’ve probably even read books, attended seminars, and watched videos or audio presentations on creating wealth. But no matter what you do… you always seem to continue struggling financially!

Tell me if any of these ring a bell for you:

  • You’ve lost sleep more nights than you can count, worrying about whether you’ll be able to pay your bills next month (or next week)!
  • You’ve been thinking about taking a dream vacation for years… but there never seems to be enough money left over to finally turn that dream into reality!
  • You’ve experienced intense anxiety when you’ve thought about retirement… because you’re afraid there won’t be enough money in your bank account to ever retire!
  • You don’t want your children or your partner to want for anything… and you get knots in your stomach when you have to tell them “no” when they ask!
  • You’re stressed out about massive expenses that are looming in the distance, like college tuition for your kids or buying the bigger home you desperately need… because you don’t know if the money will be available!
  • You deal with feelings of unworthiness and self-criticism because you can never seem to generate the wealth you know you deserve… and there are even days when you feel like a total failure!
  • You’re tired of watching people around you create wealth and prosperity almost effortlessly… while you struggle for every dollar you bring in!
  • You often wonder if you’re just not “meant” to be rich… and it feels completely unfair!
  • You wish you could finally find a way to unlock the secrets to wealth… so that you could put your financial worries behind and start being proud of what you’ve accomplished!

And your worries about money dramatically affect every single aspect of your life. It’s always there, like an endless audio playing in the back of your mind 24 hours a day!

When you think about it… you’re never fully present – money worries are that consuming!

  • When you’re at work, you’re not 100% fully focused… because you’re stressed about money!
  • When you’re playing with your kids, you’re not fully enjoying your precious time with them… because you’re stressed about money!
  • When you’re trying to fall asleep at night, sleep eludes you for hours… because you’re stressed about money!

It feels like a cold, dark prison that you just can’t ever escape!

Breaking the “Lack of Money” Cycle Can Feel Impossible… But it’s NOT Your Fault!

I know that if you’ve been stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of not having the money you need or want… you’re probably cutting yourself down about it every single day. After years of struggling with money, it almost becomes unconscious – you don’t even have to be intentionally thinking about money to experience feelings of self-blame and unworthiness!

This might seem incredibly hard for you to believe right now… but it’s not your fault!

You see, financial wealth (or, more appropriately, a lack of it) isn’t as much about working hard as it is about your built-in attitudes about money.

And because these attitudes have been driven into your mind from a very early age… you probably don’t even consciously realize that they’re there at all… much less realize what they’re doing to your financial security… your happiness and fulfillment… your self-worth.

It’s almost like battling an invisible opponent. How are you supposed to survive (much less win) if you can’t see what’s attacking you?

You see, the way you and I think about money – our attitudes and perceptions – have a dramatic influence on how successful we are financially.

If you have an attitude of “scarcity” or “poverty,” you’re going to have a mighty hard time building wealth, no matter how hard you work. You’re going to feel like you’re fighting for every dollar you make… and you’re going to feel like no matter how fast or how much you earn… the money is almost going to be gone before you make it. And those feelings are going to become reality.

If you have an attitude of “prosperity” or “wealth,” it’s going to seem like opportunities to grow your financial wealth are almost delivering themselves to you on a silver platter. You’re going to feel like making money is effortless and certain… even when the economy tanks or most of the other people around you are struggling. And those feelings are going to become reality.

When you think about it, the attitudes you have about prosperity and money have been there for a very long time. You really can’t blame yourself.

  • Maybe you grew up in a household where money was always lacking. You might not have wanted for what you needed… but you sensed that there was always an underlying current of scarcity and struggle.
  • Perhaps it was more obvious – maybe one of your parents lost an important job, or suffered a disabling injury, or had a business go bankrupt. You probably heard your parents say, “Money is hard to come by” more than a few times… and whether you realized it or not, that attitude stuck with you (and still does).
  • Maybe the prevailing attitude in your family regarded wealth as a negative trait. Your parents, grandparents, or siblings might have felt that “money is evil” and that anyone who has achieved financial success has done so by depriving, scamming, or taking advantage of others.

There are hundreds of other similar scenarios, but you get the picture. Those attitudes and perceptions become ingrained in you… and they don’t go away when you reach adulthood and have the control to decide your own financial future.

No matter how you developed a negative subconscious perception about money, it’s keeping you from achieving your dreams. It’s sabotaging your efforts and making you feel like, at the core, you’re doing something wrong!

But the big issue for you right now isn’t sorting out how you came to have a “scarcity” attitude about wealth and prosperity. The issue is eliminating those attitudes and replacing them with an unshakable “prosperity mindset.”

How One Beaten, Dusty Book Unlocked the Door to Prosperity for Good!

My name is Steven Aitchison, and if you’re frustrated and downright depressed about your struggles with money… I can certainly relate. I was never particularly successful financially during my early adult life… and like you, I constantly battled with low earnings, inability to build wealth, and generally “never having enough.”

I truly felt that I was never “destined” to be wealthy. It’s not like I wanted to live paycheck to paycheck and worry about how the bills were going to get paid every month… I’ve worked hard my entire adult life and have always looked for opportunities to achieve financial success. But no matter what I did… I still found myself stuck on the “scarcity” treadmill.

I’d love to tell you that I woke up one morning, pulled myself up by the bootstraps, and devised my own fool-proof plan to dislodge myself from the cycle of poverty and finally achieve financial success.

But that isn’t how it happened.

No… instead, I was browsing in a second-hand bookshop one day in a small town called Kirkcaldy, in Scotland. I found a book on the third shelf and reached up to get it down. The books were tightly packed together and as I pulled it out, another book came out with it, fell, hit me on the head and dropped to the ground.

A bit embarrassed I bent down to pick the old book up and put it back on the shelf, but the faded yellow and red cover caught my attention. It smelled of mildew, and the edges of the pages were irreparably yellowed, but there was something about it’s title that made me stop.

It was “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Skeptical but intrigued, I purchased the book and hurried home to devour its contents. And what I found brought profound clarity about money attitudes that had been plaguing and sabotaging me my entire life.

I’d also love to tell you that I immediately used the principles in “Think and Grow Rich” to achieve overnight success and stuff my bank account with millions of dollars in just a matter of months. But that’s no more true than the “bootstrap” scenario.

But what is true is that I’ve used Hill’s teachings to steadily and consistently re-train my mind to develop and maintain an “abundance” mindset that has made a profound difference in my financial success.

And those same teachings can do the same for you.

What is “Think and Grow Rich?”

I’m sure you’ve heard of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” before today. You’ve probably even read it (or at least part of it) at least once.

It’s one of the most popular books on creating wealth that has ever been published. As of 2011, readers have purchased more than 70 million copies of “Think and Grow Rich.” And even though very little of the content has changed since the first edition was published in 1937, it continues to dramatically influence millions of people around the world today.

Countless influential and accomplished people have credited “Think and Grow Rich” as a catalyst for their success… such as:

  • Anthony Robbins
  • The Reverend Charles Stanley
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Charles Schwab
  • Steve Jobs
  • Sam Walton
  • Warren Buffet
  • And HUNDREDS more!

The principles in the book are based on Hill’s study of highly successful and wealthy people – particularly, the practices, mindset, and actions that drove them to financial wealth.

Hill distilled his findings into 13 steps that ordinary people like you and me – people who have spent most of our lives plagued by a lack of money and negative subconscious attitudes toward wealth – can use to break the shackles of our “poverty” mindsets and begin experiencing lasting prosperity.

So if “Think and Grow Rich” is So Enormously Popular and Widely Renowned… Why Aren’t More People Financially Successful?

You’d think that, since “Think and Grow Rich” sells millions of copies each year and has become a staple of just about every wealth-conscious person’s personal library… you wouldn’t be able to walk down the street without tripping over a millionaire, right?

But the simple truth is, the vast majority of people who read Hill’s seminal work never achieve a tiny fraction of the financial success they deserve. In fact, while few disagree that “Think and Grow Rich” is the definitive blueprint for incredible wealth… most people never move even one inch toward prosperity after reading it!

Why do you suppose that is?

  • Some people argue that the steps listed in the book, while sound in principle, don’t really apply in today’s financial landscape. After all, creating wealth today is far different than it was almost 80 years ago.
  • Others say that the language and examples used when Hill penned the book in 1937 are difficult to digest today. And to be sure, “Think and Grow Rich” was crafted with language that seems almost foreign in today’s culture (although more modern editions have been released to address this problem.)
  • Still others argue that changing your “money mindset” really doesn’t make a difference in your financial success at all… and that achieving wealth is merely a product of hard work, opportunity, individual circumstances, and “dumb luck.”

But it really isn’t any of these things. While the language of the original edition might seem dated, the core principles are as relevant and powerful today as they when the book was first published during the Great Depression.

Instead, the problem is simply this:

For most people, reading a book alone (no matter how powerful its insights) isn’t enough to sustain massive, consistent action!

Think about it. You’ve probably read more than a few amazing books or watched more than a few incredible videos… but afterward, you didn’t put the principles into practice!

Take a minute and think back to the last time you watched a Tony Robbins presentation on YouTube (or, if you were lucky enough, attended one of his live events). You probably nodded your head the whole time, and his insights really resonated with you. And you thought to yourself, “Tony is exactly right! I’m going to use this stuff to change my life!”

But what happened after that?

Life got in the way and distracted you. It was almost time to start preparing dinner for the family. There was laundry to do and errands to run. And, of course, you couldn’t take your focus away from that big project you had due at work the next day!

You meant to come back to the presentation and start implementing the principles when things calmed down a bit. But the distractions kept piling on. And eventually, you all but forgot about the words and concepts that you found so inspiring!

Look, it happens to all of us. It’s no wonder we read book after book and attend seminar after seminar… and wonder why they’re not making any difference!

To Replace a “Poverty” Mindset with a “Prosperity Mindset,” You Need to Call in the Reinforcements!

As you’ve just seen, very few people can simply read a book and use it to make massive, sweeping changes. There are just too many other thinks imposing demands on our time, energy, and mental “bandwidth!”

But what if you had a simple way to reinforce the principles of “Think and Grow Rich”… day in and day out… easily and consistently?

What if you had an effective way to get your “inner mind” completely on board with your desires… so that you no longer had to pit conscious thought against negative attitudes that have been hard-wired into you?

And what if you could use effortless reinforcements to steadily develop a prosperity mindset effortlessly… no matter whether you’re at work, on the go, or just relaxing after a long day?

  • You’d feel confident, knowing that you’re taking the exact steps you need to attract wealth, abundance, and ease!
  • You’d feel optimistic, knowing that neither circumstance nor lack of opportunity can prevent you from enjoying the incredible wealth you truly deserve!
  • You’d feel relieved, knowing that you never have to buy another book or attend another costly seminar to find the powerful solution you’ve been longing for!
  • You’d feel empowered, knowing that you’re actually using the proven principles of the “prosperity mindset” to create real, lasting change in your financial situation!

My friend, you’re about to discover the “Special Forces” of wealth mindset reinforcement… and begin creating prosperity in your life starting today!

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