They LAUGHED at me when I took the “red pill”... when I said I wanted more... DESERVED more from life...

But then I unlocked the door to NATURAL ABUNDANCE... I discovered ONE SIMPLE AND EASY way to actually manifest abundance in my life...

Now I'm sharing this exact “red pill” method with YOU!

But wait, is this right for you? Tell me if you can answer YES to any of these questions?

  • You've read books like "The Secret" and tried it out, but results have eluded you?
  • You know you want more, you know you deserve more, but you know there's a "missing puzzle piece" you can't quite grasp.
  • You read stories of other people's overnight success, their big wins, while you work but never seem to get the lucky break.
  • You are READY - to really go for it, to go deeper and harder than ever before. To be accountable, present, part of a bigger movement in your life. You are ready to make a serious commitment to get your abundance mindset nailed once and for.

Now is the time, today is your day, it is the time to kick those cold, dark, self-defeating thoughts aside.

A fresh start.

Right. Now.

I'll tell you how. I'll do more than that, I'll GUIDE you through this, the exact way that really worked for me - that really drilled this into my conscious and subconscious mind - the method that basically FORCED me, and will FORCE YOU to manifest money, abundance and success!

But let's just step back a little and...

Let me properly introduce myself and share my story.

My name is Steven Aitchison, I'm the co-founder of, were one of the most popular and busiest guided meditation portals online, and my facebook fans reached 3+ million, with my second business teaching conscious entrepreneurs how to grow their Facebook readership and reach people online.

Life is great right now but this definitely wasn't always the case.

I could be describing myself in those questions above;

  • I struggled with money, I had ups and downs.
  • I always "wanted it" but I didn't know how to "get it".
  • I was always trying to succeed in business and start my own brands.
  • I did everything the wrong way first...
  • I was starting to feel I was never “destined” to be wealthy.
  • .. but slowly, by process of elimination, and a few coincidences (keep reading) finally finding my path to abundance.
  • And now I want to cut your learning curve by down by 10x, so it doesn't take you 10 years like it did for me...
  • It was all just within a few exciting months that things started to turn around...
  • In- fact the light-bulb moment was shorter than that, I knew things were different INSTANTLY and that things would be changing RIGHT NOW.

Curious? I won't keep you any longer, here is how things started to change for me.

How One Beaten, Dusty Book Unlocked the Door to Prosperity for Good!

It as 2001 and I was browsing in a second-hand bookshop one day in a small town called Kirkcaldy, in Scotland. I found a book on the third shelf and reached up to get it down. The books were tightly packed together and as I pulled it out, another book came out with it, fell, hit me on the head and dropped to the ground.

A bit embarrassed I bent down to pick the old book up and put it back on the shelf, but the faded yellow and red cover caught my attention. It smelled of mildew, and the edges of the pages were irreparably yellowed, but there was something about its title that made me stop. It was “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Skeptical but intrigued, I purchased the book and hurried home to devour its contents. And what I found brought profound clarity about money attitudes that had been plaguing and sabotaging me my entire life.

I’d also love to tell you that I immediately used the principles in “Think and Grow Rich” to achieve overnight success and stuff my bank account with millions of dollars in just a matter of months. But that’s not true, I read it, I was inspired, but things didn't really change for me (sound familiar?).

But what is true is that, over time, and by combining reading and using these principles with my own practices, I’ve used Napoleon Hill’s teachings to steadily and consistently re-train my mind to develop and maintain an “abundance” mindset that has made a profound difference in my financial success.

And those same teachings can do the same for you.

What is “Think and Grow Rich?”

I’m sure you’ve heard of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” before today. You’ve probably even read it (or at least part of it) at least once.

It’s one of the most popular books on creating wealth that has ever been published. As of 2011, readers have purchased more than 70 million copies of “Think and Grow Rich.” And even though very little of the content has changed since the first edition was published in 1937, it continues to dramatically influence millions of people around the world today.

Countless influential and accomplished people have credited “Think and Grow Rich” as a catalyst for their success... such as:

  • Anthony Robbins
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Steve Jobs
  • Sam Walton
  • Warren Buffet
  • And HUNDREDS more!

The principles in the book are based on Napoleon Hill’s study of highly successful and wealthy people – particularly, the practices, mindset, and actions that gave them to financial freedom and abundance.

Hill distilled his findings into 13 steps that ordinary people like you and me – people who have spent most of our lives wondering what the difference is between us and those with money and abundance - can use to break the shackles of our limiting mindsets and begin experiencing lasting prosperity, and manifesting naturally.

So if “Think and Grow Rich” is So Enormously Popular and Widely Renowned… Why Aren’t More People Living in Abundance?

You’d think that, since “Think and Grow Rich” sells millions of copies each year and has become a staple of just about every wealth-conscious person’s personal library… you wouldn’t be able to walk down the street without tripping over a millionaire, right?

But the simple truth is the vast majority of people who read Hill’s seminal work never achieve a tiny fraction of the success they deserve. In fact, while few disagree that “Think and Grow Rich” is the definitive blueprint for incredible abundance… most people never move even one inch toward prosperity and abundance after reading it!

Why do you suppose that is?

Think and Grow Rich is an amazing book, and while the language of the original edition is a little dated, the core principles are as relevant and powerful today as they when the book was first published

However, for most people (me included!), reading a book alone (no matter how powerful its insights) isn’t enough...

Take a minute and think back to the last time you read a personal development book - maybe it even was Think and Grow Rich itself? You probably nodded your head along the whole time, logically seeing how the principles can stimulate a positive impact. “This is exactly right! I’m going to use this stuff to change my life!”

But what happened after that?

Life got in the way and distracted you right? It was almost time to start preparing dinner for the family. There was laundry to do and errands to run. And, of course, you couldn’t take your focus away from that big project you had due at work the next day!

You meant to come back to the presentation and start implementing the principles when things calmed down a bit. But the distractions kept piling on. And eventually, you all but forgot about the words and concepts that you found so inspiring!

Look, it happens to all of us. It’s no wonder we read book after book and attend seminar after seminar… and wonder why they’re not making any difference!

The 3 Reasons That Reading Alone Isn't Enough

The problem is actually 3 fold - reading alone will not:

  1. Enable you to internalize the principles to your very core and subconscious mind, so that you start to live and breathe them naturally.
  2. Give you experience, firsthand of the principles - there is a big difference between knowledge and experience
  3. Rapidly push you into ACTION and support you to sustain this massive, new positive change and physical action in your life.

However, IF you can overcome and reverse these 3 areas then the path to success is EASY AND NATURALLY... and your potential on what you can achieve - success, money, abundance... is LIMITLESS!

What IF?

But what if you had a simple way to reinforce the principles from “Think and Grow Rich”… day in and day out… easily and consistently?

What if you could naturally internalize and experience the same principles shared by those naturally, rich, successful and abundant living people - what if it was EASY AND NATURAL for you to onboard these same patterns of thinking as these people too - so that you could think like them, act like them, and become successful... acquire the abundant mindset...

What if you could NATURALLY think yourself rich?

  • You’d feel confident, knowing that you’re taking the exact steps you need to attract wealth, abundance, and ease!
  • You’d feel optimistic, knowing that neither circumstance nor lack of opportunity can prevent you from enjoying the incredible wealth you truly deserve!
  • You’d feel relieved, knowing that you never have to buy another book or attend another costly seminar to find the powerful solution you’ve been longing for!
  • You’d feel empowered, knowing that you’re actually using the proven principles of the “prosperity mindset” to create real, lasting change in your financial situation!

It's possible, it can all change you can think yourself rich, but it takes just a different approach to only reading - you need to get the principles in deeper, internalize them, and you need something to push you to truly take action... there is 1 thing missing...

The ONE Missing Puzzle Piece!

If you are struggling to internalize new positive concepts and mindset, and struggling to experience (rather than just logically understand and know), and struggling for some reason to take action on what you read and learn then it feels as if there is a missing puzzle piece.

Well, there is. And, whats more, this ONE thing instantly flipped my mindset from a struggle to calm... I just KNEW that I could change.

What I discovered took me from struggling to success, almost overnight solved ALL 3 problems of Internalizing, Experiencing, and Taking action AT ONCE. It IS this missing puzzle piece!

I'm talking about meditation.. but not just any regular meditation, not just relaxing for peace and a calm mind... but meditating with FOCUS.

Let me explain what I did...

I re-read Think and Grow Rich (I know, AGAIN!), a chapter each day, and afterward, I sat down and started to meditate and focus on the principles - just for 20 minutes.

Amazing things started to happen.

After the first few sessions, I really felt it, both there and then, and afterward - that I WAS changing.. and rapidly! I stayed present with the principles. I started to

1. Internalize the principles.

Before, the old me, I would read and sort of not stay present with the principles, just during the day I would forget as normal life slowly resumed - forget that I was supposed to be remembering ;) Forget to re-affirm, forget to be mindful, forget to focus on money and abundance in a positive way....

NOT ANYMORE - After this new, unique meditation style I was LASER FOCUSED. It's as if the money mindset found it's way deep into my subconscious mind - I took the meditation and principles with me into my day, my week, MY LIFE!

I started to be mindful and aware at all times, I started to acquire the money mindset, to think positively about money, to think like those rich and successful people. I started seeing opportunities where I only saw challenges before - I was truly beginning to LIVE the think and grow rich mindset.

2. Experience It...

Now I know what you're thinking... how is it possible to truly experience of being rich, without being rich... I know you're now saying "it's not possible just through meditation"...

Well, its the closest possible thing - this isn't just "relaxation meditation" - it is guided, focused meditation to take you on a visual journey.

And when you meditate like this - when you see yourself vividly in your mind's eye living in the house you dream of, driving the car you dream of, holidaying in the mountains, lying on a tropical beach, visiting New York and Vienna and the cities you've always wanted to see...

..You really do experience! You trick your mind into thinking it is real - and because of this you start to believe it is possible - your goals are not distant un-achievable wishes - you have experienced and felt them.. you KNOW it is possible!

3. Take Action

The energy you feel after meditating in this guided, focused way, the sense of what is possible for you is unreal - you simply know you are capable of more and that you can achieve your dreams, you just have to experience this for yourself!

Just reading, or talking about personal development is logical, we read a book and talk to a friend about changing and it sounds logical, but something is missing..

When you meditate, the energy you feel after this, the sense of what is possible for you is unreal - you simply know you are capable of more and that you can achieve your dreams, you just have to experience this for yourself!

You charge up your energy and get a motivation, ambition, drive boost - you become a super, focused version of yourself and you are energized and stimulated to take action.

When you experience and internalize in this powerful taking action is literally just the next natural step for you.

Experience this for Yourself - Acquire the Think and Grow Rich Mindset

So now I'm making these meditations available to you, in fact I have improved them, recorded them really professionally and added a workbook too.

These Think and Grow Rich Meditation Sessions have been carefully designed, with love, to give you unprecedented access to each of the core wealth principles in Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” - so that you internalize naturally, experience what is possible for yourself, and spring into action!

I promise you, you've never experienced anything like this before...

Download Your “Think and Grow Rich Meditation Sessions” Today!

This is the first day of the rest of your life, when things start to click in place within your mind, when you truly start to INTERNALIZE the success and abundance mindset.

Now is the time - time you created the wealth and ease in your life that you deserve!

You’re Protected with Our Lifetime Guarantee!

I'm so confident about the power of meditation, I know it can work for you, and it was the ONE missing puzzle piece that finally worked for me, thatI offer a LIFETIME guarantee on these “Think and Grow Rich Meditation Sessions” to help you break out of the “scarcity mindset” and start attracting the wealth of your dreams - the abundant life you deserve!. If you’re not elated for any reason, just let me know within 60 days and I’ll promptly refund 100% of your investment.

I look forward to joining you on your abundant journey!

Steven Aitchison

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