Be more caring towards other people and watch your relationships grow at a deep level with help from this powerful guided meditation.

Be More Caring CD Album Cover
  • Have you ever been told that you are not a caring person?
  • Do you wish you could feel more empathetic towards others?
  • Do you wish you could let more people into your life and trust them?
  • Would you like to have deep, caring relationships?
  • Would you like a safe, and easy way to practise to become more caring?

You might be finding it difficult to be more caring towards those you love in life, and just thought 'It's just the way I am.' It needn't be that way.

Through the power of belief you may have told yourself you're just not a caring person, but you can change that if you wish. You can change your belief and become known as someone who deeply cares about other people.

Using this guided meditation will help you:

  • Become more caring towards those you love in life. Caring for others is about letting someone else in, and becoming a little vulnerable yourself. This is a skill that can be practised.
  • Learn to actively listen to others. Listening is also a skill which so few people have. With this meditation you will learn to listen to others in a way that makes them feel heard.
  • Love yourself more. If you don't love yourself it's going to be difficult to love others in the correct way.
  • Become more empathetic. Empathy is about putting yourself in someone else's shoes to try and understand them better. You will learn how to do this in a safe environment.

This guided meditation uses a powerful blend of guided imagery, meditation, hypnosis and NLP, to help you change the way you think about yourself, become better at listening, and ultimately be a more caring person.

Using imagery uses your unconscious mind directly to set new neural pathways in your brain, and entrains your mind to become a caring person. Soon, you'll notice the relationships in your life changing as they become deeper and more meaningful.

What to Expect

The first section of this meditation will give you a complete mind and body relaxation session. This will help you to feel completely relaxed and at peace.

The second section will see you walking through a beautiful forest which leads to an amazing rock garden. This will strengthen your visualization skills.

In the final section you will discover an amazing tool which will help you practise being a more caring person with those you love, and become more empathetic towards other people in general.

Short Term

After listening to this for the first time you will notice a strange feeling stirring deep inside of you. you will connect with others in a way that you might not have before. This will strengthen your relationships in real life.

Long Term

Over the longer term, your relationships with others will have completely changed as you learn the skills of listening, empathy and generally being more caring.

This will spill over into your everyday life and you will ultimately be a more caring person, and soon others will start to see you as such.

Download this powerful guided meditation today and experience the amazing effects of being a more caring person, and quickly see how others around you change their relationship with you for the better.