FAQ › How does it work?

What techniques do you use?

The primary techniques we use, as mentioned before, are meditation and visualization. These two techniques alone are extremely powerful in helping you to change your mindset and your beliefs.

What is the best way to listen?

There is no special way to listen, there is actually no "best way" - but generally you should find a comfortable reclining seat (you can lie on your bed) and listen at a time when you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything for 20 minutes.

That's all there is to it - just relax and enjoy the experience.

Although all of our meditations can be listened to on the computer we would recommend listening to them using headphones. This way you will hear the soothing music and the voice more clearly.

You SHOULD NOT listen to these meditations whilst driving, operating machinery or anything else that requires your full attention. Our guided mind experiences will put you in a relaxed state of mind, and therefore should not be played when doing something you need to focus on.

How does it work?

Guided Meditation works by helping you to visualize a journey in your mind. As the brain cannot distinguish between a real or imagined event, the Guided Mind journeys become part of your subconscious memory.

Once the journey has been visualized a few times, your brain begins to develop new neural pathways, and starts to alter your beliefs about what is possible and what is not. In effect, you will experience doing something that you haven't previously experienced, and because of this your beliefs and thoughts about a goal dramatically change.

For example, in the "Agoraphobia (Fear of Open Spaces)" guided meditation, you will experience going out in a safe environment. This tells your brain that you have been out in the open, and rewrites the coding in your brain to tell it that you are no longer fearful of open spaces.  Once you have listened to the meditation a few times, your old fear pattern of open spaces will have been rewritten to form a new fearless pattern.

Can anyone use it?

Guided meditation is suitable for anyone aged five and over. Primarily it will be adults who access the Guided Mind experiences, but it can be suitable for children, and can work really well as children's minds are more open to the possibility of change.

What should I expect?

In all of our guided meditations you will experience a three part journey: a complete mind/body relaxation session, a relaxing guided visualization journey to strengthen your visualization skills and a goal oriented journey to help you overcome any limiting patterns that may be holding you back in life.

How long does it take to work?

Results will vary depending on your motivation, the strength of your limiting patterns, and how often you listen to the mediations.

Generally you should start to see results after only 1 week of listening to the guided meditation, but we recommend you listen to it for 1-2 weeks.

Do the results last forever?

The key to making any change in your life is to repeat it over and over to make it a habit.

Remember when you were younger and you didn't feel like brushing your teeth, but it was drummed into you that you must do it every morning, and every night, at least. And now as an adult you brush your teeth automatically. The same is true when trying to develop a new pattern in your life. Repetition is what helps to rewire your brain. After a few weeks of repeating a guided meditation your brain will begin to rewire itself and form a new pattern. After that it only need to listen to it once per week for around 8 weeks, and then used as a top up.

This way the results will last a lifetime.