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Is it safe?

There has never been any documented cases of anyone being harmed, mentally, emotionally or physically with guided meditation. This is due to the fact that you are always in control and can stop listening simply by turning the guided meditation off.

Is it safe for children?

It is completely safe for children. We do recommend that it should be used for children ages five and over. This is because children under the age of five have not developed their mind enough to have limiting patterns that have been hardwired into their brain. However, every child is different and their stages of development can vary greatly, so it is up to you, the parent, to decide if using a guided meditation is right for them.

Can anything negative happen to me?

Nothing negative can happen to you at all. All of our albums are pleasant and uplifting. You will enjoy the experience as you listen, and you will finish the session feeling calm yet energized and positive.

How often should I listen?

It does vary, depending on your ultimate goal, however we recommend listening to the mediation every day for 1-2 weeks, and then listening to it once per week for a further 8 weeks, and then use it as a 'top up' thereafter.

Your brain needs time to rewire itself to overwrite a limiting pattern. This process may take a few days or it may take a few weeks, depending on how strong the limiting pattern is.

Can I listen to several albums?

You can listen to as many albums as you wish. We would recommend focusing on 1-5 goals per month.  This way you can overwrite as many as 60 limiting patterns in a year, which will help to dramatically change your life for the better.