Guided Mind testimonials


  • Jack V. Johnson, Wisconsin, USA

    Testimonial from Jack V. Johnson

    Steve's guided meditations are gems! The meditations themselves are lovely, and Steve guides us through them at a relaxing pace and in a soothing voice. I've been using them for quite a while and like to use them on an evening before sleeping - they clear my mind and seem to melt my stresses away. Highly recommended!

  • Helene Howell, California, USA

    Testimonial from Helene Howell

    I just love your meditation audio, I've got 2 and have been listening daily. I feel centered and I've stopped hesitating on things I know I need to do - I've just been getting stuff done - I feel like I'm in the zone all the time :)

  • Tony Bushce, New Hampshire, USA

    Testimonial from Tony Bushce

    I didn't really know what to expect as I've never really tried meditation or guided meditation. For me the experience was fun and enjoyable and really made me visually create pictures within my mind and take the journey. I really got involved in the experience more than I thought I would and when the journey finished I felt pretty refreshed and very clear of mind - and now a day later I still feel really positive and focused.

  • Jennifer Banks, London, England

    Testimonial from Jennifer Banks

    The visual experience your narrator stimulates within me is fantastic. I am visualizing more clearly than ever about my goals and desires. I feel real clarity in my life and things are definitely syncing up and falling into line - I am making progress personally and professionally; with my goals at the gym and for fitness, and since I've been listening I've hit and passed all of my sales targets at work for 10 days in a row (which is significantly more money in my pocket. There's a real change in me - thank you!

  • Clair Rowntree, Belfast, N. Ireland

    Testimonial from Clair Rowntree

    I've tried a lot of other meditation, guided meditation and hypnosis, but I really like your style best by far. I really get emotionally involved in the journey parts and I feel fantastic after they finish. I can see the difference in me too, in my positivity, and self esteem, and just how I think to myself, I just feel happy :)

  • Sacha L Hart, Devon, UK

    Testimonial from Sacha L Hart

    I am finding your 'Law of Attraction' one has kept me positive … At the end of the meditation, we are requested to focus on a small thing to see if law of attraction works, I focused on an interview that was scheduled for yesterday. As soon as I arrived, everything felt right and I clicked with my future boss who offered me the job at the end of the interview.

    Content, relieved and very excited, what a way to start the new year. This job is exactly the kind of job I was hoping for and my future Boss is the kind of person I want to work for.

  • Lisa Mae, Toronto, Canada

    Testimonial from Lisa Mae

    I gave it a try last night and had an interesting experience! I began to visualize my goals on the television screen and suddenly had tears streaming down my face and was smiling and felt a "strange" inner positivity. A few seconds later, the audio spoke along the lines "as you begin to experiment, you notice that certain images bring up certain emotions." I was amazed because that's exactly what happened! I used the meditation track this morning before starting my day. Meditation in the morning is harder for me but nonetheless, I felt some strange tingling in my hand as I began to visualize my goals. I look forward to meditating everyday now and seeing results.

    I like in particular how fast the meditation ends, a quick five seconds. I feel that my goals and visualization is still with me throughout the day, which is the point of doing this :)

  • Abi Griffin, Sydney, Australia

    Testimonial from Abi Griffin

    Ok, well my experience is I have a long history of emotional eating, and yo-yo dieting. Starting a new diet each week, giving in to temptation (especially sweets), and it's early days for me, but I've now done 10 days without cheating, without giving up, snacking, or eating chocolate. I LOVE your meditations, they are really soothing and calming, I've used them once each day (I really enjoy Think yourself think, and Enjoy healthy food sessions), and I just feel different, I feel great, and my eating habits are much more natural - I will keep you posted :)

  • Gordon Cook, South Africa

    Testimonial from Gordon Cook

    My name is Gordon, I'm a singer here in South Africa and before I got hold of your guided meditation's I had a very hard time of writing my songs and I had lots of doubt about my voice and I was not sure if I could sing so about 3 months ago I found your guided meditation's and I started putting it to practice, so my way of thinking changed and I became positive and I went to the SA Idols 2014 and I got to the top3 of the Idols thanks to your guided meditation's. I'm busy making my music career a success God bless you guys, you are awesome thank you.

  • Derek Williams, North Carolina

    Testimonial from Derek Williams

    Hi. My name is Derek Williams. I am a licensed acupuncturist. I have also had very serious health challenges in my own life since 2001. I got your C, Attract Perfect Health, recently and the results have been nothing short of AMAZING! The first time I used this meditation, during the session I felt very calm and peaceful. I also started to see "colors" in a very beautiful kaleidoscope pattern flashing before my closed eyes while I was doing the meditation. This only happens when I am getting a great result from a skilled relaxation session.

    Among the problems I have had, hypertension and insomnia were two of the worst. After doing several sessions of your Attract Perfect Health CD, my BP is now stable around 125/80. It is amazing that it has reduced my stress and helped lower my blood pressure, where everything else I had done (supplements, Qi Gong, acupuncture, etc) was temporary and unstable. As for the insomnia, I had listened to a CD by another company for this specifically but not gotten results. After listening to this guided meditation, my sleep is now much better.

  • Kelley Griffin, USA

    Testimonial from Kelley Griffin

    I am a mother of three (twins plus one). Married for twenty years, diagnosed with MS. I recently had a mid life awakening and decided that I want to live for myself. I've been so confused, scared and unsure. I have tried meditation before many times but never felt anything. Now I meditate everyday with guided mind. Sometimes twice daily. I am confused no more. I visualize and am at peace with myself. Thank you so much.

  • Nicholas Navius, USA

    Testimonial from Nicholas Navius

    I am so grateful for my experience in listening to your music and meditations. The purity of harmony and tonal relationship in the music has provided an effortless peaceful and healing experience for me on many levels.

    Thank you for sharing this powerful music that resonates with my soul. Many blessings Nicholas

  • Julie Moorcroft, Alberta, Canada

    Testimonial from Julie Moorcroft

    Last year was a very stressful and difficult time. Alberta experienced one of the worst floods in its history and the town where I live was very hard hit. I lost a hay crop necessary to keep my animals and I was very stressed out I was not sleeping at night, was very cranky during the day and felt like I was drowning under the load. Listening Guided Mind before I went to sleep at night was the key to releasing a lot of the tension, worry and upset I was experiencing. I started sleeping, I would wake up with a sense of hope and within a very short period of time could see the bright side of things again.

  • Cynthia Marsha, USA

    Testimonial from Cynthia Marsha

    I want to thank you for sharing the way you have. I have used and continue to use your albums that you share so generously. I have to say honestly that they have made a big difference in my everyday life, I use the audios daily and have found them very useful in reducing my stress and anxieties. I am now working on weight loss as that is also a concern. Your program is easy to use with immediate results [for me] in most cases. Keep up the great work!

  • Billy Knife, New York, USA

    Testimonial from Billy Knife

    As a long suffer of low confidence I tried guided mind mp3s for help. The results are amazing. I found them great to listen to in bed as this was when I could have peace and quiet away from the outside world. It's a purchase I am glad I made and amazing value for money, these amazing mp3s have turned my world around.