Change Your Life with Our Unique Goal Focused Guided Meditation MP3

Welcome to Guided Mind – The world’s premier resource for high quality guided meditation audio CDs and MP3s.

We created Guided Mind to share our simple, short guided meditation audio experiences with you so that without any previous experience at all you can experience the power of meditation for yourself – INSTANTLY.

We are passionate about meditation, but not just “meditation for relaxation”. Our meditations are goal focused – meaning each one is unique and takes you on a visual journey through your own mind to help you focus on achieving a specific goal – often you will see yourself succeeding, feel the emotions, and finish the session KNOWING your dream lifestyle is possible!

Law of Attraction

These unique and exciting visual journeys will sculpt your mind to make you more successful with manifestation.


Heart Journey

Meditation sessions to take you inside your heart center and focus your consciousness internally instead of externally.


Higher Consciousness

Open your mind to experience a higher consciounsess with these deeper meditation sessions.


Peak Performance

Tune your mind to operate to your peak at all times – to be productive, and motivated, and SUCCESSFUL!


Positive Thinking

Use the power of meditation to rewire the way your mind works; to think positively, naturally, at all times.


Positive Future

Shake off the past and use these guided meditations to become the best possible version of yourself in the future.



Improve your confidence and love yourself simply for who you are with this powerful collection.



Go deeper into your own mind through the power of meditation; learn to lucid dream and astral travel.


Brain Training

Improve your memory, enhance your concentration powers and upgrade your brain with these focused sessions.



Meditation is an amazing tool for improving your sleep patterns and helping you to sleep naturally.


Relationship Success

Start to gain more control over your relationships and improve the quality of all relationships in your life.



Your thoughts affect your physical health; take control of your mind and improve your mental and physical health.