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Who is the voice?

Steven Aitchison is your narrator (and actual creator, and owner of Guided Mind). He writes and records all of the albums on Guided Mind.

Steven has authored 4 books, and is the author of the popular blog Change Your Thoughts, which has been running for over 6 years and has over 35,000 subscribers.

He gained his degree in Psychology in 2000, and has focused on teaching how to develop the mind. Guided meditation has been a passion of his for over 15 years, after experiencing the positive benefits himself.

You can read Steven's full bio here.

How many tracks do your albums have?

All of our Guided Mind experiences have 1 track, generally lasting around twenty minutes. We have found that one track of twenty minutes is the optimal way to experience change as you do not have to commit too much time, but still experience dramatic changes.

How long are your albums?

The albums are all around twenty minutes in length, with the exception of the sleep meditations which last for 30 minutes.

Can I read the script?

Right now we don't openly publish the full script for every album due to copyright issues, and a need to legally protect our albums. We plan to offer our scripts in the future for both personal use and commercial practice.

Do I need headphones?

You do not need headphones, however for a better, fuller experiences, we do recommend you wear headphones. Using headphones helps you to focus much more on the guided meditations, and blocks out any distractions.

Do I need to speak English?

You don't need to speak English, but you do need to understand English to benefit from our guided meditations.