During this meditation session you will journey within your mind's eye and create your own elixir of life pool and dive in, to rejuvenate your mind and body!

Elixir of Life CD Album Cover
  • Do you sometimes wish you were young again?
  • Do you wish you had a sharp mind like you used to?
  • Do you wish your body was completely healthy?
  • Do you feel yourself getting old?
  • Would you like a way to feel young and alive again?

This is a very unique visual experience, there is nothing exactly like it in the whole world.

In this totally unique guided meditation you are going to take a journey to a pool, which contains the elixir of life. This will help to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

Have you ever seen an older person who looks young, has lots of energy and keeps their mind sharp? Have you ever wondered how on earth they can do it and maybe you can't? The secret lies in what they think about.

New research has shown that your mind literally controls the very cells that either age you or keeps you young, healthy and sharp witted. With this meditation you will gain your youthfulness back whilst being healthy, energetic and have a razor sharp mind.

Using this guided meditation can help you:

  • Reverse the signs of aging. Sounds impossible doesn't it. However your mind is the only thing that stops you feeling young, healthy and energetic.
  • Feel completely alive and energetic. You maybe have told yourself so often that you're not as young and energetic as you used to be, that your body has started to believe it. It's now time to feel that youthful energy you once had.
  • Feel healthy again. As we get older we start to see signs of our health failing us. This meditation will help you to focus on your good health instead of your failing health.
  • Reprogram your mind to stay young. You're only as old as you feel. With this meditation you will take years, or decades off the age you feel.

This guided meditation uses a powerful blend of guided visualization and meditation to help you change the way you think about yourself, your health and your vitality. and ultimately feel young again.

Using imagery taps into your subconscious mind directly to set new neural pathways in your brain, and entrains your mind to have a younger, more positive view about your life. You are never too old to start feeling young.

What to Expect

The first section of this meditation will give you a complete mind and body relaxation session. This will help you to feel completely relaxed and at peace.

The second section will see walking through a beautiful woodland park, filled with amazing plants, trees and flowers. This will strengthen your visualization skills.

In the final stage you will discover the pool that has the elixir of life. This is your secret place where you can luxuriate in warm water surrounded by amazing woodland greenery.

Short Term

After listening to this meditation for the first time you will feel a difference in the way you think about yourself and your health.

After a few weeks you will already be noticing changes. You will feel more positive, more healthy and will attempt new things that you maybe not have attempted before.

Long Term

Ultimately this meditation will help you feel young again. You will see a difference in your health, your skin, and you will have more energy than ever before.

Download this unique guided meditation today to feel younger, more energetic and more alive than you have felt in years.