Empower yourself by protecting your energy from being drained by negative external situations and others around you.

Protecting Your Energy CD Album Cover
  • Do you feel drained by negative people around you?
  • Do you sometimes wish that some people were not in your life, due to their negativity?
  • Do you feel that some people seem to have a hold over you somehow?
  • Do you sometimes feel powerless in others company?
  • Would you like an easy way to protect your energy and stop leaking it to others?

We all know people who seem to drain our energy as soon as we are in their company. Have you ever wondered how this happens?

We all have our own energy field that touches others around us, and even at a distance.This energy can be leaked to others who drain our energy to feed their own. This may be unintentional, but it still happens.

Using this guided meditation can help you to:

  • Stop other people stealing your energy, intentionally and unintentionally. We all give our own energy away and take other people's energy to boost our own. You can protect yours.
  • Feel more in control when around other people. Some people just have an overwhelming presence which can make us feel intimidated, but you can feel more powerful and in control again.
  • Stop psychic attacks in your dreams and from others. Psychic attacks happens in our dreams a lot, and people who are experienced can psychically attack us, but you can protect yourself with this powerful meditation.
  • Feel powerful and in control of your own life. When you protect your energy, you begin to feel in control and have much more control over your own life, and your own energy field.

This meditation will help you protect your energy at all times, which will ultimately help you to use your energy for you, and for positive activities, and to give you back control of your energy and your life!

What to Expect

The first section of this meditation will give you a complete mind and body relaxation session. This will help you to feel completely relaxed and at peace.

The second section will see you walking through the Amazon rain forest and feel the buzz and energy that surrounds this wonderful place. This will also help to strengthen your visualization skills.

In the final stage you will discover the sacred tree which will help to protect and shield you at all times. You will also meet a guide to help you through the process of protecting your energy. This is a wonderful and uplifting experience.

Short Term

After listening to this meditation for the first time you will feel a sense of peace and calm within you, knowing that your energy field is being protected.

After a few weeks you will start to feel empowered and develop a new sense of yourself and your own power, by deflecting any negative energy and drinking in positive energy.

Long Term

Ultimately this meditation will help you feel strong, in body, mind and spirit. You will also start to notice other people entering your life in a serendipitous way, which is an indication that you can protect and project your energy at will.

Download this album today to start to protect your energy and use your energy for you, for positive activities, and get back control of your energy and your life!