Forgive yourself and others today and start to move forward in life free from the past with this unique meditation experience.

Forgive Yourself and Others CD Album Cover
  • Have you been hurt in the past and refuse to forgive the person you blame?
  • Do you feel anger and resentment toward some people who may have hurt you in some way?
  • Do you feel that you don't like yourself for things you have done in the past?
  • Do you sometimes feel ashamed of yourself?
  • Would you like a quick and easy way to forgive yourself and others and move on with your life?

We have all done things we would like to forget and maybe feel ashamed of, but sometimes dwelling on these things can hold us back in life. This is why it is so important to be able to forgive yourself and others for things that have happened in the past.

It can be extremely difficult to forgive yourself and others for the hurt you may have caused or the hurt someone else has caused you. In the long run you are hurting yourself more by holding onto resentment and feeling bitter about the hurt caused.

When you can forgive, you can start to heal your mind and start to move on with your life. This meditation aims to help you do just that.

With this guided meditation you will:

  • Forgive yourself for anything you feel you have done wrong. We all make mistakes, but it's no use dwelling on it, as it doesn't help you or the person you may have hurt.
  • Forgive others who have hurt you. This is not turning the other cheek, it's about healing you and finally starting to move on from the hurt you may be feeling.
  • Mentally let go of resentment and anger. These feelings can cause all sorts of physical problems in your life so it's important to let go and start living life again.
  • Think more positively about your future. Until you have forgiven yourself and others, you are stuck in the past, once you let go you will start to think more positively about your future.

When you hold an inner anger and resentment toward yourself or others, it's like having a black ball inside your stomach which can cause physical and mental problems. Letting go, will release this black ball, and you can finally start moving on with your life.

We are not asking you to forget about the hurt, but to release the emotional attachment you have toward the hurt that you may have caused or someone has caused you. Your life will change, almost overnight, if you are able to release this emotional attachment.

What to Expect

Your journey starts with a complete mind and body relaxation session. This will help to calm the thoughts whirling around your head.

The next part of your journey will see you on a white sandy beach on a warm summers day, this will help to strengthen your visualization skills.

On the last part of your journey you will meet a mysterious woman who will help you to forgive yourself and others. It is here you will be given a gift to help you throughout your life.

Short Term

The first few weeks will be one of taking back control of your thoughts, and you will notice how relaxed and at peace you feel within yourself.

You will have learned to forgive yourself and others and feel the freedom that comes with releasing the energy hurt has caused you in the past.

Long Term

Over the longer term you will have completely forgiven yourself and others and feel you are already moving on with your life and have developed a much more positive attitude toward yourself and your future.

This is a powerful meditation and should not be used until you are ready to forgive yourself and others in your life. Download this album today and feel the release that comes with forgiveness.