Learn to let go of the past and watch yourself soar into the future with a little help from this soothing guided meditation.

Let Go of The Past CD Album Cover
  • Do you sometimes feel you are stuck in the past due to holding onto memories and regrets?
  • Do you believe that your past will dictate your future?
  • Do you constantly think about things from the past, wishing you had done something differently?
  • Do you feel that not letting go of the past is holding you back in life?

What has happened in the past will undoubtedly affect your future, however it need not determine your future. By letting go of the past you can free yourself from the guilt, the regrets and mistakes you may have made. Your future starts from today, and by letting go of the past your future looks very bright indeed.

You may have had a hard time in the past, but do you really want it to define you as the person you will become tomorrow?

By learning to let go of the past, you will be releasing powerful emotional attachments to past events. You won't forget about them, just let go of them.

With this guided meditation you will:

  • Allow yourself to let go of past events in your life. This is a powerful way to move forward in your life, and look toward a more positive, happier future.
  • Let go of the emotional attachment you have to the past. The emotional attachment you feel about the past may be holding you back from moving forward, this meditation will help you to release this attachment.
  • Begin to live in the moment. The happiest people are those who live in the moment and expect to be happy in the future, you can have this if you wish.
  • Free yourself from the restraint that the past has on you. Imagine the past being like a heavy rucksack, the bad memories you carry weigh a lot more than the good memories. Lighten your load by releasing these bad memories.

You are a strong person, although you may not realize it just now. Your life is not meant to be lived in the past, it's meant to be lived for today. Living your life in the moment will change the way you look at life and it will change your future.

We are not asking you to forget about the past, but to release the emotional attachment you may have to the past.

What to Expect

You will start with a complete mind and body relaxation session. This will help to calm your mind, making you feel at peace and very relaxed for the journey ahead.

The next stage will see you at the top of a mountain, where you meet a wise man. Your feelings of optimism will increase, and you'll feel excited about the future.

The next stage will see you taking an amazing journey in a hot air balloon where you will finally release the emotional attachment you have to the past.

Short Term

The first time you listen to this album will be like a weight has been lifted from you and you'll feel much lighter.

You will also feel much more calm and relaxed than ever before.

Long Term

Over the longer term you will find yourself a different person, positive , happy and looking forward to each new day. Your attachment to the past will be gone forever.

This is a powerful meditation and should not be used until you are truly ready to let go of the past. Download this album now and feel the weight being lifted off you as you finally let go of your emotional attachment to the past.