Dramatically increase your productivity, and become a machine for getting things done with this unique guided meditation.

Increase Productivity CD Album Cover
  • Do you start projects but never get around to finishing them?
  • Do you often procrastinate, and leave things until the last minute to get them done?
  • Do you start things full of enthusiasm and motivation, only for your motivation to die after a few days?
  • Would you like a way to be STAY productive throughout the lifetime of a project?

Maybe you're the type of person who really gets motivated to start something; you're full of energy and manage to stay focused for an hour or two.. but then you get distracted and your initial motivation just gives up on you.

Successful people don't have this issue. For them, productivity isn't a struggle, they don't find it hard to stay focused and complete projects. They are natural FINISHERS - they have an idea, they start it and they finish it - it is smooth, there is no gap, and there is no abandoning a project mid-way.

Productivity isn't something they strive for, it just comes naturally - it is part of who they are, it is their natural MINDSET.

But, it's not something that you are either born with or without.. it is a mindset, productivity is a skill, and this means that you can acquire it too!

You too can adopt the same patterns of thinking as these naturally successful people and become naturally productive (and successful) too!

And this is exactly how our meditation helps, it will guide you to change your patterns of thinking and your behavior patterns through a unique, mind penetrating visual journey. You will:

  • Acquire a proactive outlook. You will be proactive instead of reactive - this means that you won't wait for the deadline to approach. You will start early, you will be proactive and you will get things done way ahead of the deadline.
  • Become action orientated. At the minute you have plans.. but lack the productivity to see them to fruition. Well not for long.. you will become a natural action taker - acting on your plans, getting things done and bringing your plans to life naturally.
  • Gain a laser like focus. Productive people have the ability to stay focused for longer periods of time, and you too will gain this ability - you will stay focused throughout a project.. free from distraction.
  • Become a "finisher". Everyone can start a project.. not many can stay motivated, driven, committed and finish it.. but you will - you will finish your projects naturally.. you will have to, you will need to, you will be driven to - and this ability to finish is what separates those who are productive and successful from the dreamers and unfocused.

The only difference between you and someone who is super productive is their beliefs about themselves and what they can achieve. It is all in the mind! You too can change your beliefs to be more productive, just like the "naturally" productive, just like the "finishers" and and you too can become massively more successful in life.

What to Expect

Firstly you will be given a complete mind and body relaxation routine. This will help to prepare you for success.

You will then be taken on a journey in your mind to a beautiful place which will help to focus you mind and prepare you to take on new productive thought patterns and habits.

You then go on to meet a woman who will give you three gifts in order to help you with three specific areas in your life. You can use these gifts every single day for the rest of your life to help you become more productive.

Short Term

You will start to gain focus and control over your thoughts. You will find yourself feeling energized and more driven.

You will be planning more, and carrying out your plans.. this is just the start, but the seeds are starting to grow..

Long Term

You will start to gain momentum by building on each successful task you complete, and soon you will just find productivity coming naturally you you.

You will be driven throughout your projects.. you will start them and finish them.. you will "need" to. You will become a natural finisher and productivity will no longer be a struggle for you, it will simply be who you are.

Make productivity a natural part of who you are and enhance your life and potential to succeed in anything and everything you put your hand to! Download this album today.