Increase your intelligence and develop a razor like focus with this powerful guided meditation.

Increase Your Intelligence CD Album Cover
  • Do you wish you were more intelligent?
  • Do you wish you were able to retain information easily?
  • Do you want to increase your intelligence to get the most out of life?
  • Do you want to get the respect and acknowledgement you deserve because of your intelligence and analytical mind?

Increasing your intelligence can change so many things in your life

How would you feel if you were suddenly blessed with a high level of intelligence? You may:

  • Start to attract other intelligent and interesting people into your life!
  • Feel more confident when talking to friends and meeting new people.
  • Feel more comfortable when talking about news, world developments, the environment, politics etc.
  • Be given more respect in work, and so more responsibility and achieve more success in your career.
  • Receive respect and acknowledgement from your friends and peers.
  • Have people asking your opinion and advice as they know you are credible, knowledgeable and have an analytical, problem solving approach to life.

In short, increasing you intelligence will infiltrate positively into all areas of your life to bring you the respect and success you deserve.

Increasing your intelligence is possible too - it is not just something you are either born with or without, you can improve it.

Being intelligent is about using all the different parts of your brain together and being able to learn quickly and easily.

With this guided meditation you will go on a magical journey which will help to activate the parts of your brain that deals with intelligence.

With this mediation you will:

  • Dramatically increase your intelligence. By motivating you to learn and activating all the parts of your brain, you can become more intelligent a lot quicker than you might think.
  • Improve your ability to absorb information through increased focus. Intelligent people are focused and alert, they find it easy to use their brain to it's full potential and absorb information. You will be guided to use your brain more efficiently so that you function like this too - so you can focus and absorb information and expand your intelligence.
  • Be given a magical way to activate your brain. This unique mediation will take you on a journey to a place which will start to activate different parts of your brain. This will activate your brain to work in the same way as intelligent people's brains work, so that you too will acquire these patterns of thinking and become more intelligent.
  • Be more motivated than ever to learn. There's no getting away from it, you have to put in some effort to increase your intelligence, and this album will give you the motivation to learn everything you can in life. You will acquire a burning desire more than ever before and you will be inspired to take action and develop yourself.

In short, this album will give you the motivation needed to learn combined with the actual stimulation of your brain and through the use of penetrating, deep meditation, you will actually activate new areas of your brain which will help you to focus, absorb information more naturally and dramatically increase your intelligence.

What to Expect

The first part will help you to relax your whole body at a very deep level, this will prepare you for the journey ahead of you.

The second part will take you on a journey which will see you overlooking amazing scenery which will strengthen your visualization powers. This special visualization will help you to activate the parts of your brain required to increase your intelligence.

The third part will guide you to a magical place. You will be shown a device which will help to activate the different parts of your brain required to increase your intelligence quickly and easily.

Short Term

After listening to this album for the first time you will notice just how relaxed your mind and body can be. This will lead you to feel more at ease with yourself and help to prepare your mind for intellectual stimulation.

You will find you begin to appreciate learning and everything it has to offer you.

Long Term

After a few weeks of listening to the album you will notice your motivation to learn new things skyrocket. This will see your intelligence increasing and you will start to gain a confidence in your intellectual abilities.

This is a powerful meditation and your life may take you in new directions that you didn't think possible a few months earlier.

Start your journey to increased intelligence today, and gain the respect and success that you truly deserve in life!