2 Basic Strategies to Channel More Energy and Become Incredibly Powerful

We are continuing our 10 article series with the intention that it may help you explore your own spiritual path. The first article of the series can be found here - and it is highly recommended to read it - as it answers questions such as What are we? Are we physical beings with minds? Are we spiritual beings? What is the nature of this reality? What does it mean to live consciously?

Now let's explore how powerful we are as individuals and how to channel more energy in order to achive our life's ambitions.

How powerful are we?

From one perspective we’re all separate individuals. From another perspective we can see ourselves as a unified whole. Imagine a gigantic sheet of aluminum foil with billions of tiny indentations in it, like protruding fingers.

As individuals we’re the dents. Collectively we’re the foil. You can choose to adopt either perspective, or switch back and forth. You can experience oneness as well as individuality.

As a dent in the foil, you aren’t very powerful. Dent-level thinking doesn’t summon much energy flow.

This isn’t such a bad thing per se.

Limiting our power helps us focus on depth. We can stick with our experiences long enough to thoroughly explore them.

Channeling too much energy into subtle explorations would be like running too much current through a light bulb. You’ll burn out the bulb, and then you’ll have no light.

When we channel energy through our individual-level consciousness, the current is greatly reduced.

This reduced flow of energy creates temporary stability. Change at this level happens slowly. We also waste a lot of this energy on fear, anger, worry, complaining, doubt, and other forms of resistance.

Some individuals can still channel a decent flow at this level, largely by eliminating resistance to doing so. Most, however, experience only a weak flow of energy at the individual level. They can pick up a spoon, but they cannot move a mountain


It’s possible to increase your power substantially, but to do so, you must stop thinking so much at the individual level. You must learn to think and channel energy through the greater sheet of foil, not merely through your own dent. Esentially you need to look at the world through higher understanding or higher consciousness.

  • As you learn to do this, you’ll gain access to experiences that previously seemed out of your reach.
  • Problems will begin to dissolve, and solutions will seem to arise out of nowhere.
  • You’ll have experiences that exceed your best imaginings, and it may take some time to get used to this.

There are two basic strategies for increasing your ability to channel more energy.

  • The lightworker strategy seeks to channel energy through the foil towards the other dents.
  • The darkworker strategy seeks to draw energy from the other dents into itself.

Both paths lead to the same end because the lightworker and darkworker must learn to channel energy through the foil, and in so doing, they each align themselves with the greater purpose of helping the foil understand itself.

At the individual level, they may appear to be at odds with each other, but at a deeper level, they’re both aligning themselves with the exploration of existence.

Consequently, when a lightworker and a darkworker meet in person, they’re likely to relate with some degree of mutual respect because they each understand the purpose of the other. Both also understand that these are temporary phases.

To use a Star Wars analogy, there is no light side or dark side. There’s only the force, which is the energy flow through the foil. But we can temporarily constrain the ways we use this energy to tighten our focus and to learn its nuances.

If you want to channel more power as an individual, your first step is to decide to explore power.

Every exploration has different consequences, including the exploration of power.

If you can better understand and invite the consequences of exploring greater power, then you can increase the flow of power through your life.

It’s common to invite the exploration of greater power, to have some experiences in that direction, and then to freak out a little and retreat.

You can expect to go through multiple rounds of this because some steps require you to also upgrade your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and expectations.

To channel greater flow, you must become a better conduit.

  • Sometimes you’ll need to pause, reflect, and rework your whole model of reality.
  • What was true for you at a lower energy level may no longer be true at higher levels of flow.
  • That which was once solid and stable becomes more malleable.
  • Your old behaviors no longer produce the same results.

If you’re going to explore power or anything else, do your best to make your exploration unique. There’s little value in copying or repeating someone else’s experience too closely. Seek your own unique expression of power, so you can add value to our collective exploration.

Written by Steve Pavlina. Steve Pavlina is a human alarm clock - he wakes up people who are sleeping through life. Steve has a personal development blog for smart people, which you can follow here: stevepavlina.com/blog/