21 Stunning Images You Can Meditate On

I have been working on the production of the guided meditations for over a year now and a lot of people have asked me where I got the inspiration from for all the scenes in these guided meditations.

I am a very visual person and most of my inspiration has come from images I have collected that just stood out, something about them took my breath away. So I want to share just 21 of the images that has inspired a lot of my guided meditation journeys.

Lone trees feature a lot in the guided meditations I have created. I feel a lot of power from trees and this image captures the beauty of a lone tree.

I am constantly amazed by the beauty of the sky, and it has the power to take my breath away, like a pleasant punch in the stomach. This image is one I used in a meditation, and is how I pictured the scene when I was writing it.

There are a few meditations that use an underground cave and this is the image I found which inspired my writing of these scenes. I just think it's stunning and I could imagine myself sitting on the rocks inside the cavern.

I used this particular scene quite a lot in my meditations and it's one I'll keep using, it's just stunning and I feel it's a place I could sit and meditate for hours.

In A lot of the scenes I used on the journeys there is an amazing forest with a clearing that leads to a beautiful place like this. Stunning isn't it.

This scene, to me, sums up what life is about. We are all essentially on our own path in life and I like to think that most of us will reach the beautiful place at the end of the road if we are strong willed and determined enough.

Again this is a lone image, a place of beauty and a time to reflect on our own lives, which is what guided meditation is all about.

This is just a beautiful image and one that says fun, but at the same time encapsulates the heights we must reach to reach our true potential in life - it's always possible!



Imagine being there right now, on top of the world looking down at a scene like this.

This image, for me, encapsulates the feeling of being in control of your own life, which is why I started writing guided meditations, to help people take back control. A feeling of freedom, a feeling of joy and loving life.

The Aurora Borealis gets me every time, a true wonder of the natural world.

This captures my love of the sky, the water and the lone boat again represents the journey we have to take alone in our minds in order to free ourselves, just stunning.

When I first seen this image I loved it straight away, a paradise in the sky.

This is another image which I used a lot in my guided meditations and shows us just how small we are, but at the same time just how powerful we can be.

There's something beautiful about this image, that feeling of freedom, that feeling of being able to fly, again with the beauty of the sky and the sea as the backdrop.

Maybe a strange picture for this collection, but it represents the doorway to another world when we open up our minds and realize that we can do anything if we put our minds to it.

I used quite a lot of space scenes in the meditations and this one sums up just how busy we are with life, but shows there is still a place to quiet our minds and free ourselves from the ever increasing noise out there.

This is just beautiful.

Another strange one to have maybe, but again I seen it and thought 'This is beautiful', we can all fly in our own lives, but share the journey with each other.

When you listen to a lot of the guided meditations you will know why I have added this image...

A representation of the bridge from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind which we must all cross if we want to change any aspect of our lives.

I hope you enjoyed these images.

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think and tell us what your top 3 images are.