4 Steps to Move Out of Inertia (and Step Into the Life You Love)

Stuck in Inertia?

You have dreams and desires. You want to travel, meet someone special, start a business, have more free time, start a family or find a perfect job.

So, what’s holding you back? Could your inertia be caused by thinking that is keeping you stuck in the same old rut?

Are you waiting for…?

  • that right moment;
  • enough money;
  • more information/knowledge;
  • the right person to come along;
  • when you have a house;
  • when you are more spiritual;

These are the stories you tell yourself that keep you from following that dream. It’s these stories that keep you waiting. Stuck in the inertia of life!

  • You’ve inadvertently closed the door to that which you desire.
  • You don’t believe you are ready or prepared to have those things you want.
  • You are self-sabotaging yourself. In fact, you’re giving yourself a back door to escape success.

You’ve entered the field of conditions where you are caught up in, “First, I have to have this or that” or “When I do this I can have that” thinking. This kind of thinking places you in a waiting game that is never ending.

It can’t have an end, because these thoughts are projecting into the future. A future that is only a thought and isn’t real.

When you create conditions of “when I do this”, you are telling yourself that you aren’t good enough right now. If you keep telling yourself this, then guess what? You are never going to be good enough or ready. There is always going to be one more thing to do, get or perfect.

Truth is: is life in now. Life is not and cannot be anything else. All ideas of future are illusions.

So, you start here in this moment.

  • You don’t need to beat yourself up or feel guilty or anything else.
  • You don’t have to change, alter, or purge your thoughts.
  • You only have to be aware of what you’re doing for things to begin changing.

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You are good enough right now. You have everything you need at this moment. Yes, you can make improvements if you wish, but everything you need to pursue your dreams and desires are already within you.

Here are few suggestions to help you move out of inertia.

1. Be open for the right set of circumstances to come your way.

This means not dismissing something that happens to present itself because it looks different. Consider everything that comes along. Expect the unexpected.

2. Get yourself out of the way, by welcoming change.

Fear of change keeps the door firmly closed, so let the Universe know you are ready for change even if it scares the heck out of you. You just might surprise yourself.

3. Take a look at all that you have accomplished up to now.

You did all those things being as you are. Look and you will see your awesomeness.

4. Trust that everything is happening as it should.

Stop trying to control things. I know you can find examples of situations that worked out wonderfully without any effort on your part. This is Infinite Intelligence taking care of affairs - trust it.

Allow a little mystery and curiosity into your life.

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When you stop projecting into the future and begin living in the now, you open the path to infinite possibilities and clear the way for desires to enter.

Accept that you are awesome right now, don’t project into the future, and be curious about what may show up.

Are you ready to move out of inertia? All it takes is one new thought and a step forward.

Carolynne Melnyk is a coach, mentor and facilitator who uses the 3 Principles as a foundation for helping people who feel let down by life to find inner solutions to outer situations. This understanding helps them reclaim their innate joy, peace and contentment.

She invites you to read her latest e-book, Finding Innate Joy or No More Chasing Butterflies which can be found at www.livinglifeinjoy.com