4 Ways to Boost Your Motivation in Less than 10 Minutes a Day

By the time most of us reach our mid-twenties, we will have had far more negative conditioning than positive.

Don’t believe me? Try to remember all the compliments that you have been paid by your family and friends. I bet that you remember all of them.

So why should you remember all the compliments you’ve ever received since you were a child? It is simply because we pay each other so few compliments.

However, there are also the lucky individuals who have been brought up without the so-called ‘No-No’ conditioning and appear to have been born to be winners. They are the “Walking Motivated” !

They don’t need anyone to tell them how wonderful they are because they already know it!

Do we sing because we’re happy or are we happy because we sing?

Think about that.

Here's how to convince ourselves that we are one of those strutting, self-assured, motivated people that everyone looks at when they enter a room.

So let’s start.

Stage 1. Walk like a General.

Imagine a confident person.

  • What do you see?
  • How is that person conveying his or her confidence?
  • What makes you suspect that you’re looking at a motivated individual?

It’s all in the body language.

It is only through external signals that we are able to convey character. In Nature, it is referred to as ‘display’ behaviour.

If you consciously adopt an erect posture, you will be at least 1 inch taller and to the outside world you will begin to look highly motivated and full of confidence.

Someone once said “Walk like a general, talk like a general and think like a general and you will be a general.

Your new posture will take you a very long way to feeling motivated and through a process of bio-feedback not yet fully understood, through looking motivated, you will feel motivated.

Stage 2. Affirmations.

I said earlier that too many of us aren’t told how good we are. This leads me to two separate but related points.

You have probably heard of ‘affirmations’ but maybe not fully understood how powerful this process can be in [developing self belief](https://www

.guidedmind.com/product/self-belief) and super-confidence. The technique is disarmingly simple and once you start using it, you wonder how you managed without it!

In this context, affirmations are about you telling yourself how great and wonderful you are – especially if no one else is telling you!

Through affirmations, you will be creating what is known as positive reinforcement and once again if you do it often enough.

Remember – you’re a winner! The Silver Medalist is the first of the losers – and that is exactly the mindset that you need.

Talk to yourself: Start with ‘I am superconfident’ and then eventually, just look at yourself, smile and say 'Motivated'... or anything else you want to be.

Eventually, your subconscious will respond and your self-image and the way you feel will change.

Stage 3. Contact with others.

I’m going to describe a couple of disarmingly simple techniques which are great shortcut to creating relationships with people quickly. They will certainly make you both seem and feel very self-assured.

Smiling is not only a great de-stresser but will not only make you look motivated but more importantly, you will feel motivated.

In a formal situation, we tend to limit our physical contact with others to a handshake. As you have probably been taught, a handshake needs to be firm without crushing the other person’s hand and there needs to be eye contact. Only a motivated and confident person gives a firm handshake.

Other forms of physical contact depend on social customs and, more often, constraints. Recent research has shown us the power of subtle touch.In order to demonstrate your own confidence and motivation and to create a shortcut to a relationship, briefly touching someone on the upper arm not only conveys your confidence but is even a much faster way of initiating a relationship than talking.

Try it – but do be careful!

Stage 4. Put it all together.

Start with the first stage, see how comfortable you are and because you probably remember the other things that have been suggested, introduce those gradually.

A simple change of posture will do wonders for your motivation and confidence, your health and the way you are perceived by others. You will look as if you are in control and eventually you will be!

Start with the outside, work your way in (to your own mind) and then look outwards.

Take 10 minutes a day and I guarantee that within just a few weeks you will begin to look and feel like a completely different person!

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