5 Little Known Tricks for Dealing With Overwhelming Emotions

Situations that overwhelm us with emotion are unavoidable facets of life. Unfortunately people die, people betray us, secrets come out, unwanted circumstances exist, and our own human limitations sometimes put us in very undesirable situations that test us to the brink.

I just found out 5 days ago (upon writing this) that someone I’ve been extremely close to for over 6 years has been lying to me since the day we met, up to the last time I saw them (6 days ago).

They had been able to lie straight to my face with no conscience or remorse over and over again, and it was a pretty big lie, that also involved someone else that I considered one of my best friends lying to me as well.

You can probably imagine how I felt...

  • First, I felt the shock (“how is this even happening?”) then the anger that seized up my chest and made it difficult to even speak.
  • Then the crushing sadness, that feeling of deep betrayal and wondering if the people I’d spent years of my life with, sharing myself with, being vulnerable with, even really cared about me.
  • And all this while I am running a business, learning martial arts, maintaining my home and other relationships, and trying to be a good human being! You know, life stuff.

I had a lot of things to deal with this week and it was NOT the time to be dwelling in negative emotion, or losing focus, or forgetting about important details that my life and livelihood were reliant upon.

Without the tricks that I am going to share with you now, I honestly could have fallen hard, and messed up some pretty important situations.

With them, I’m not going to say that everything is just peachy, but I was able to stay focused, maintain, and take care of business so my life didn’t get side-tracked, amid this overwhelming and inescapable pool of emotion. And I already feel like I am making large strides in the healing process.

I want to share these with you because I know many people do not know about these tricks, and I wouldn’t want anyone to suffer through another situation like the one I’ve been in (or the many others that we are certain to encounter in our lives) without having this kind of support and edge in managing their live throughout these types of challenging times


Tip #1: Flower Essences.

Many people have not heard about flower essences. And as hippy as they sound, they are an extremely effective tool in processing emotional material quickly and efficiently.

Not only do they help process, but they also provide relief, and resolution of even some of the most deeply rooted issues (as we know often times a situation in the present that is getting us all worked out is being perpetuated by some deeper issue that may have been triggered inside of us).

Flower essences are similar to homeopathic medicine, in that the vibrational frequency of a particular flower is “captured” into a liquid base so you can use it from a dropper.

One usually mixes them with water and drinks this water throughout the day.

There is something absolutely magical about the healing properties of these flower essences, and usually results are felt quite rapidly, and one is done using them within 2 weeks to one month.

The company that brought flower essences into being, Bach, provides very comprehensive information and support in picking out which flower essence is best for you personally. They also offer instructions on how to best use them.

Combine flower essences with other types of emotional healing practices and you have a very effective healing practice.

Tip #2: Ho’oponopono.

Ho’oponopono is a very simple metaphysical practice introduced to the world by Dr. Hew Len.

He coauthored a book on it with Dr. Joe Vitale called “Zero Limits”. This is a fantastic and fascinating book and I highly recommend reading it.

The practice itself is incredibly simple.

All you have to do is focus upon whatever is bothering you; bring it to mind, whether it’s a feeling in your body, a person, or a scene, and repeat the following words to it:

“I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

This may sound so simple, yet it is so powerful!

It is helpful to understand at least a little bit of the reason behind why this technique works so well.

  • Everything in life, and the way energy flows in our lives is based upon resistance or acceptance.
  • When we resist, we hold and lock energy in place, and create suffering for ourselves.
  • One of the greatest metaphysical secrets of the universe is that it is never “the thing” (person, situation, pain, etc.) that is causing us our suffering. It is our resistance to that thing.
  • Yet in times of extreme emotional struggle, it’s not so easy to just decide to accept things as they are. We are hard-wired in brain and body to do the exact opposite.

By using Ho’oponopono we use the power of our words to energetically release that tight grip of resistance and bring love and acceptance into the situation. It also trains our mind to respond in this more beneficial way.

Even if you do not feel like you are able to sincerely feel what you are saying, say it anyways! Often times this comes with very quick results, and even more beneficial ones come from using it long-term.

Tip #3: Emotional Freedom Technique.

Also known as EFT, this is another technique that you can use without having to put your mind in a specific place to get results. In fact, this technique is more effective if you are still in the thick of your negative emotion.

The EFT practice works directly with the main meridians of the energy system.

By tapping them in a specific sequence, while experiencing negative emotion or painful psychological reactions, you re-direct the way energy is flowing through the system, thus taking the “charge” out of this particular pattern.

Again, ETF is very helpful when you feel so consumed in an emotion that you do not feel able to calm your mind and use more mental practices to chill out and feel better.

There are million different videos and tutorials online for this simple technique. I recommend googling or youtubing it. You can learn it in less than 5 minutes.

Tip #4: Brainwave Entrainment.

Brainwave entrainment technology is a modern breakthrough in the unlocking of the full potential of the mind. Simply put, brainwave entrainment is an audio technology that you can listen to (usually with headphones) to lead the brain into specifically targeted brainwave frequencies.

For example, you can use Brainwave Entertainment to meditate very deeply with no effort.

  • You can use it to relax or sleep.
  • You can use it to improve focus and concentration.
  • And you can use it to reach very specific types of mindstates.

On top of this, another great benefit of using brainwave entrainment is its ability to stimulate the brain to produce beneficial and pleasant hormones that help you to stay happy, healthy and relaxed. These include:

  • Serotonin
  • Dopamine
  • Melatonin
  • Human Growth Hormone

Exposing yourself to this type of benefit on a regular basis while going through a difficult or stressful time can help to rewire the brain to be happy and at ease, helping to balance out any negative situation that may be occurring, or the mental/emotional repercussions of this situation.

Tip #5: Connect with Your Guidance.

Sometimes what we need most is to reconnect to the higher perspective; the bird’s eye view of the situation.

There are many ways to do this. For some it may be possible through meditation. For others it could be automatic writing, or pendulums, or muscle testing.

You could probably find a good guided meditation for this on guided mind as well. :)

Message from Guided Mind: In fact, there is - you can listen to our meditation to meet your spirit guides for free!

I can’t tell you how many times this has been exactly what I have needed in my own life through challenging situations, and how the perspective shift that can come from connecting to my guidance system has provided me with profound relief.

It’s that voice, or feeling, or knowing that everything is going to be ok, that compassion is the way to go, that love is still there, or that you are supported, strong, and infinitely capable of moving on to the next level.


I’ve decided to leave the number of tips in this article at 5, being that 5 is the number for positive and powerful change!

The last piece of advice I’d leave you with is that any type of challenging situation, and especially the most difficult ones are signs of change. And change can always be taken advantage of to push yourself to the next level of the person you want to be, living the life that you want to live.

Wishing you the best, Ashton

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Ashton Aiden is a certified life coach, a brainwave entrainment geek, a lover of dogs, and a passionate advocate of the human potential. He spends most of his time working through his website, brainwavelove.com, to educate the public on the powerful benefits of brainwave entrainment technology. When not doing this, he enjoys coaching people on the art of manifestation, providing spiritual commentary, and exploring the outdoors in his home state with his dog, Biff, and his girlfriend Dechen. He can be reached at [email protected], or on facebook.com/brainwavelove