5 Things the "Always Happy” People Teach us About Life

Love them for the joy they bring, or despise them for reminding you how miserable you are, the “always happy” people of the world are here to stay.

If their description alone is not enough, you will know them from their ever-present smile, easy laughter and constant willingness to engage humanity. For them, the glass is not only half-full but it is also a fine piece of glassware.

However, it would be wrong to consider the always positive people shallow. Their influence on the world is a strong positive force in many ways.

Below are the 5 Things the “Always Happy" People of the World Teach us About Life.

1. That being happy is a choice.

It may be easy to assume that the always happy are leading some sort of charmed life. But, I can assure you, they have the same challenges as the rest of us.

  • They have the same family, work and health problems as us but they don’t let their emotions linger.
  • They cry, swear and scream like us but then allow themselves to revert back to their chosen state of happiness.

Happy people don’t allow their problems to own them.

2. Happier people are more likely to be healthy.

Happiness and other positive emotions play a more important role in health than previously thought, according to a study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine.

The report suggests that when exposed to a cold virus, happier people are less likely to get sick or suffer the same severity of symptoms when they do.

This, in turn, keeps them happier and healthier longer.

3. That it is easier to sneer at the “always happy” than it is to admit that you are miserable.

The cynical amongst us will be the first to make fun of, or distrust, the “always happy” folk.

For them, it doesn’t make sense that anyone could be so carefree when they themselves carry the world on their shoulders.

You only need to look deeper to know that the “always happy” are no fools. **I would argue that they probably know something that the majority of us don’t


That is how to remain happy in a turbulent world.

Message from Guided Mind: Give our positive thinking meditation collection a try and - be happy!

4. That life is an adventure if you treat it that way.

  • Every new face to them shines with possibility.
  • They don’t hide in a crowd.
  • They are the first to say hi, what’s up and how are you doing?

And the difference is, they care about the answer. That is how they attract good friends into their lives.

  • They want to talk to you.
  • They want to hear your stories.
  • And if you open up to them you will be taken on the adventure with them.

5. That a single smile at the right time can have a major impact in the course of a persons day.

We have all felt their smiles warm our days.

I have spoken about the awesome power of a single smile before here.

In summary it takes all sorts of people to make this world we live in. If you are not one of the always happy yourself then you could do much worse than having one or two in your life.

Call them a fool and you will be telling the world more about yourself than them!

Written by Andrew Hood.: I am a father of 3 and have spent over 20 years in Sales and Customer Service within the IT Industry.
My blog discusses the Tipping Point moments in my life where I have learnt important life lessons that I am looking to share with like minded people. These moments often occur through my private life, career or even my struggles with Anxiety and Depression over the years. My Blog is mainly about personal and career development and the pursuit of happiness in general.

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