6 Steps to Becoming More Enthusiastic About Life 

Enthusiasm is contagious. The subsequent benefits to you and those who share your life can be infinite. It’s a choice and if you choose to look for the positive, especially in trying times and exhibit happiness, vitality and optimism then you will attract other likeminded people.

Your renewed positive and constructive attitude will have a consequential impact on others who perhaps struggle to be positive.

To begin with identify an area in your life that you are passionate about, the pursuit of this will be a natural way of generating enthusiasm.

Consequently you will motivate yourself to follow your aspirations and find what is right for you. In terms of your journey to become more enthusiastic here are 6 steps that will set the path for you to achieve your dreams. 

Find your center

Look inwardly at what is important to you, what do you value, what interests you, what motivates you? In terms of identifying your aspirations in the conscious state also consider and consult on a subconscious level.

Consider why we dream; to expand our horizon without the constraints of anyone else's norms. So dream and find your own vision. Listen to yourself, this will be the beginning.

Stay focused

Be true to yourself. There will be others in your life with different views and priorities. This is totally natural. You should respect their views but equally respect and attend to your own. Be strong, by all means listen to others but not at the cost of your own desires. 

Be Imaginative

We all conform at times and in doing so get stuck or at times entrenched in negative thinking patterns. Try and think outside the box. What will work for you may not work for everyone else and you should view this as a positive.  Remember it’s you you're trying to make happy.

If you are on your ‘own’ road then follow it and don’t be constrained by what others want or need from you. Try different things, how will you know your true capability if you don’t try.

Choose to be optimistic

Don’t be afraid to trust in the unknown. I’m not suggesting that you have blind faith, only that you are open enough to allow the positive in

. Fear of the unknown, and known, generally shuts us down to the expectation of good things.

This is understandable, life can be scary sometimes. The question you should ask yourself is, if the ‘door’ is shut to the bad then the good can’t get in either. Remember without risk there is no growth. Without optimism there is little hope.

Yes there are terrible atrocities in the world today, recognise and acknowledge it but don’t forget to balance it with all the wonderful experiences in your life, all the inspirational acts and feats accomplished by mere mortals like yourself.

Be open to others and acknowledge their achievements. Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm, as I have already mentioned. If you can be more enthusiastic then you will encourage it in others.

Be kind to others

There is nothing more self-rewarding than recognising the impact that a simple gesture of kindness from yourself to another has. Stop and contemplate the difference that it made to another. It’s very easy in this day and age to put others down and to be put down.

If you don't monitor these experiences then they become your normality. Make a conscious effort to be kind, not just to others but to yourself. Feel the feeling and I promise you you’ll feel better for it. People seem to have forgotten the power of being kind. I’m not talking about grand gestures, I’m talking about simple things like saying ‘good morning’ to someone who perhaps, for all you know, is having a tough time and a small ‘unwrapped’gift of kindness can make them feel valued.

Respect Knowledge

The more you learn the more you realise how much more there is to learn. The attainment of knowledge is a lifelong journey, be open to it and respect what it brings.

Don’t allow preconceived ideas and inherited constructs to create biases and preconceptions, either in yourself or in others. Push yourself to learn more, perhaps a new hobby, language or revisit a childhood interest. It's about the quest, you don’t have to excel. As long as the thought of the pursuit excites you then you’ve already won. 

As ever I would love to know you thoughts on this so please leave a message below to let me know what you think and if you have anything to add to this article.