6 Tips to Help You Discover Your Mission in Life

How many times do you wonder about this? What’s my mission, my purpose? Am I on the right path? How on earth would I even know? How do I discover my mission in life?

So often, we go through life in a zombie like state. Get up, get dressed, go to work, come home, watch TV, go to bed, repeat. Day in and day out. That’s our life in a nutshell.

We are programmed to believe that we are only here to get an education, a career, a life partner, raise a family, retire and then die. Really?!

Then there are those of us that know better. That’s not what we’re here for. Never mind all that programming bullshit. We got things to do and we’re going to do them.

You look at those people in awe. You are amazed at their courage, enthusiasm and bravery, their determination and their freedom. They always seem so ridiculously happy and their self-confidence radiates. You think this way of life is reserved only for the elitists?

Absolutely not. Anyone can live like this, especially you. How do we get this life?

Settle in for these 6 simple tips to help you achieve your dream life.

1. How does your job make you feel?

Does the thought of going into work every day make you completely miserable and want to fall off the face of the earth? You’ve hated your job for as long as you can remember. Yes it pays the bills. I get that that is pretty important. Is there something else you could be doing? When we realize how miserable our jobs are making us, day in and day out, it drives us to want to do something else. You know that you can’t see yourself doing this until you retire. This tip ties in with the next tip which is:

2. What really really makes you happy?

Aside from going out on the weekends with all your buddies and drinking your sorrows away, dancing til the sun comes up and sleeping in on Sunday morning, what is it that truly makes your heart happy when you are doing it? Do you love sewing or photography? What about writing or singing? Stop and take the time to think about what one or two things you do that make you totally happy

. When you’ve figured out what they are, the next step is to figure out how you can do them and support yourself.

3. Mind mapping.

This is like a vision board for your brain. It’s all about you. Get out a big ole’ piece of paper or bristle board and put you smack dab in the middle. All around you, write down the things you love and the things you would like to accomplish in the next year (to start). Be honest with yourself here. This is your life, remember? Write down names of people that inspire you, places you want to visit, how much money you want to make by the end of the year. When you see it all written down in front of you like that it becomes more of a reality and you are more apt to take action. Set dates too! This will push you to get one day closer.

4. Have a sit down with some of your closest friends and family members.

These people know you better than you realize. They will be quick to tell you the great things about you and maybe even the not so great things about you (but we don’t want to hear those right now) They will honestly tell you what your strengths are and could quite possibly lead you in the direction of your dreams. We sometimes are our worst critics. We listen to the negative voices in our head and don’t pay enough attention to the positive voices. The people that are close to you will set you straight and be your biggest cheerleading team.

5. Step out of your bubble.

Sorry but, yes, it’s time. You’ve been in that shell far too long. Read books on how to step out of your comfort zone. Practice it in the mirror with positive self-talk. “Today I am going to start taking steps towards my goals” and then do it. They don’t have to be big steps, just do something that scares you a little, challenges you, but is not impossible to do. When you feel braver and more willing to try new things, you will be more apt to open your mind to getting your dream out of a cloud and into reality.

6. What are your true values and what sort of causes do you believe in most.

This is a bit of a double whammy type question but I want you to think about your answers long and hard. Is family number one on your list and the cause closest to your heart involves children? Maybe you are against animal cruelty or you are a diehard vegan and having more vegetable gardens in your neighbourhood is important. Think about the things that touch your heart and soul at the deepest level ever imaginable.

It is during the times we are sitting alone with no distractions that we wonder “what on earth am I here for?” Next time you find yourself alone and trying to solve all of life’s problems in one sitting try asking yourself this instead, “When I am 90 years old, will I be able to look back on my life with no regrets?”

Have you found your mission in life yet? Maybe taking a peek of your life in the future and meeting your future self (click to learn more) could help guide you in the right direction.