7 Hacks to Get in Tune With Your Intuitive Powers

When was the last time you used your intuition? When was the last time you listened to it?

Intuition is part of the spirit; it guides you to be authentic and positive and leads you through the quickest way to become the person you need to become. It is the voice that talks inside of you with the aim of offering clarity when you are confused, overwhelmed or looking for answers. Or when you're about to do something that's not good for you long term.

The problem with intuition is that it is deeply hidden under many layers of our subconscious.

With a little bit of time and practise, it is possible to find our inner voice. After you successfully replace all voices, opinions and suggestions from the exterior world with the ones that come from the inside, you will be amazed at how clear life can be.

When we learn to listen to true ourselves, our capacity to quickly grow and become the best versions of ourselves is immesurable.

Intuition is not an ability reserved for the most initiated; it is the intelligence of the heart - it can be practiced and learned.

Connecting to your intuition may not always be as easy as pie; here are seven techniques you can use to practice every day:

1. Meditate.

Dedicate time for body and mind relaxation through meditation. Daily meditation is useful for increasing the capacity of your ability to connect with your intuition, especially during delicate moments in life, when intuition is needed the most.

2. Breathe consciously.

Breathing is very important for relaxing the nervous system, clearing the mind and improving the curing power your body is capable of. Breathing techniques can leads us into altered states of consciousness, one that can help us connect with our intuition.

Give this breathing exercise a try to connect with your intuition:

  1. Find a comfortable spot. Relax yourself physically.
  2. Start beathing consciously. Count one for inhale and two for exhale.
  3. When you are completely relaxed, start tuning into the problem you need insight for


3. Enhance your attention.

Increase attention throughout the day to understand why you’re in the place you’re in. Notice the details. Notice the things you usually don't pay attention to. Like the wrinke on your collegues smile or the stain on the window of your favorite coffe shop.

Focusing on different things externally is a great way to start connecting with things you've neglected to connect with internally - and is a great way to reconnect with your intuition.

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4. Be open-minded.

The question ‘how to get in touch with your intuition?’ can have a much simpler answer than you expect.

To benefit from inner guidance, you simply have to be open to it. From the spiritual perspective, the 6th sense manifests itself anyway, unless you do something to hinder that.

If you are blocking your intuition, it is often because you let logic and reason take control and steer you to a different direction. Let your intuitive voice get louder. Be open to it.

5. Reduce the pace of life.

Stop running after something all the time. I know it can be all too tempting to fill our days with meetings and deadlines that we can hardly get to on time.

Make sure to create moments of peace and quiet, and avoid situations that generate conflicts and aggressiveness. The best moments to reconnect with yoursel and tune into your intuition are those that are peaceful and quiet.

6. Decode hidden messages from your subconscious.

  • You notice a word while you speak or you seem to hear that word all over.
  • An image appears in front of your eyes in different environments.
  • You have a mood you can’t define.

You notice a series of coincidences, a series of signs that want to draw your attention. Intuition is finely expressed through images, symbols, metaphors or moods. This information only makes sense once you are in tune with yourself and your intuition. The first step is to recognize the signs.

7. Reconnect with your body.

Your body provides you with information every second: inexplicable pressure in your stomach, a muscle tension, anxiety, a battling eye. Listen to your body. Understand what it's trying to tell you - it's your intuition trying to seep through.

For example, when you are about to accept a job that apparently seems perfect and your mind tells you: ‘this is your chance!’, but your body seems to reject the idea. What decision will you make?

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Do you feel you are connected to your intuition? Do you listen to it - and more importantly, do you have something to add that we've missed? Speak your mind in the comments, we appreciate them all!