7 Reasons to Get Rid of Your Microwave

In 1946, Percy Spencer gave us the first commercial microwave, and it was purely by accident. Back then it was called the "Radarange". I’m not sure which name sounds more terrifying. It was 6ft tall, over 700 lbs and came with a modest price tag of $5000. 1967 saw these beasts reduced drastically, in price and size.

I can clearly remember the attention, negative and positive, from society as a whole about these new kitchen helpers. Some thought they would fry our brains. Others thought it was absolutely amazing. I was on the fence. Should I get one?

Yes it could possibly fry my brain but, wow, what an invention.

The manufacturers and sales people swore up and down that they were completely safe to use and would not harm you in any way shape or form. Nobody was sure, really. And we all took a chance and brought one home.

Imagine how much easier our lives will be now.

There are still many arguments about whether or not these, now 50 year old appliances, are safe or harmful.

I’ve done my research. Research is my thing. I’ll research something to death to make sure I found the best possible answer and I’m happy with the result.

This is what I’ve uncovered about the microwave. Some of it, we already knew, some of it, we had our suspicions about. Here’s what I consider the ugly truth, why I’ve tossed my microwave and why I think you should too.

1. Microwave radiation can and does leak out.

That in itself should convince you to toss it!

Remember how fast microwaves cook food and why? Ok so now imagine what all that radiation can do to your body if it can cook a potato in under 5 minutes. The energy inside a microwave is mind-blowing.

After a few years, the seal around your door eventually loosens and whammo. Radiation gets leaked all over the kitchen. You think you’re safe? Think again.

Have you checked the seal on your door lately? Maybe it’s time to do that.

2. More romance please.

I know, that totally sounds horrible but if you ditch the microwave and take the time with your loved one to cook a meal together, you may actually bond in ways you had forgotten


Everything these days is fast and furious. We often forget what it’s like to spend time with each other the old fashioned way. At the kitchen counter, chopping veggies, boiling water, chatting about our day. Yes, those kinds of things.

Who knows, you may even ignite some romance back in your relationship.

3. Goodbye nutrients.

You bought that beautiful head of broccoli because of all the wonderful nutrients in it. Plopping it in a microwaveable plastic bowl and nuking it on high for 3 minutes just killed all of those nutrients.

Remember all that radiation? Yup. It just annihilated your broccoli. Steaming it may not take 3 minutes but it’s still just as easy and so much better for you. Drizzle some olive oil on that and you just added even more nutrients.


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4. Breast milk? Why bother?

Most new moms want their babies to have milk in its most natural occurring state. Right from the breast. It’s chock full of all the vities the baby needs.

Think twice about zapping that bottle though. Once you do that, baby loses up to 50% of the vitamins it requires. Result? You just wasted all that breast milk. It only takes a minute to warm up it on the stove or under a tap of hot water.

5. Toxins. Yummy.

You know all those healthy 3 minute frozen dinners where all you have to do is "poke holes in the plastic film and cook on high"? Yes those ones.

Those containers are full of toxins as is the plastic container you are using to zap your food. Some of the chemicals in these containers have names so long even the scientists can’t pronounce them. All these chemicals are leaking into the food that is getting cooked. Really.

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6. Have a heart, will ya?

Significant research and tests have proven that, without a shadow of a doubt, microwaves have an adverse effect on the heart rate.

For people who suffer from rapid or irregular heartbeats may want to toss their microwave sooner than others. It could be causing you more harm than most others. The radiation given off by microwaves is detrimental to your heart health.

7. Pass the meds please.

Many people suffer from different ailments that can definitely be linked to microwave use. Dizziness, nausea, headaches and vision loss are just a few of them.

If you’ve been experiencing some rather odd health ailments and not sure what they are from, look no further than your kitchen counter. It may be right before your eyes.

These warnings have been around for years yet to this day, you can find a microwave in almost every home. Almost. There are still those that absolutely will not allow this “brain frying appliance” on their kitchen countertops. Smart move.

Do you use a microwave? If so, do these warnings concern you? Share your thoughts below.