7 Signs that Your Relationships are Very Strong

“We are afraid to care too much for fear that the other person doesn’t care at all”. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Relationships cover a wide spectrum. Family, lovers, neighbours, coworkers, friends, you get what I mean. We love, we laugh, we cry, we fight, we make up, and it’s all good.

Some relationships are great, others not so much while some are just downright toxic. We hang on to the good ones for dear life because we don’t want to lose them. We hang on to the toxic ones, often for reasons unbeknownst to anyone.

No one really likes to or wants to be alone. We like to have some sort of relationships in our lives but sometimes they come at a high price. Our sanity and/or our happiness.

You love your co-worker and you think he’s a cool cat but sometimes he simply drives you batty. Your girlfriend is as sweet as pie but too often you wonder if she’s the right girl for you. Oh and let’s not forget, family relationships aren’t necessarily the strongest ones.

So what does make a relationship strong? Trust, respect, consideration? Yes, those qualities are often found in great relationships but are they the only things that make it strong?

Not quite. Here are 7 more things that make for a rock solid relationship:

1. Happy together, happy apart.

The time you spend together is always great. There is a warmth and mutual affection present. You love hanging out with each other whether it be at dinner, a movie, coffee shop, wherever, but you’re just as happy on your own. Being with this person doesn’t validate you or complete you. Knowing that you can have your own space, do your own thing and still be happy speaks volumes in a strong relationship.

2. Knowing that someone has got your back.

Whether you just lost your job, your pet turtle, your car broke down, you broke the office microwave or any other disastrous thing has happened to you, you know in your heart of hearts that your friend is going to appear to save the day without you even having to ask. When we are facing difficult times, often it’s hard to have to ask for help

. Your friend doesn’t need to be asked or told to do anything, they just do it. That’s one heck of a person to have on your side.

3. You know when to give advice and when not to.

Sometimes we need someone just to listen. We have some serious venting to do and the last thing we want is advice that sounds like it came from an Ann Landers column dated 1976. We just want you to shut up, nod your head in agreement, say “mm hmm” every now and then and let us scream, rant and cry. When we do want or need advice you know exactly when that time will come. Thank you, we love you.

4. When brutal honesty doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Green is not a flattering color for you. You look better as a redhead than as a blonde, jus sayin’. When you know you can tell your friend the honest to goodness truth about something and know that they aren’t going to be hurt, mad or sad and they will actually appreciate your honesty is a sure sign of a strong relationship. If your closest ally can’t be brutally honest with you then who can?

5. Apologizing comes easily and from the heart.

There are times when we will say or do something that is out of line. We are, after all, human and we will make mistakes. Sometimes we do things out of anger and other times we do things simply without thinking. When we’re called out on it, we are horrified at our actions and can immediately say sorry and really mean it! Acknowledging that an apology is warranted and you have no qualms about giving one is a sure sign that you appreciate the other person and your relationship is as tight as spandex.

6. You’re my biggest fan.

No matter what quest you have undertaken, what new job you just picked up, how hard or easy your next test is, your friend is going to cheer you on like you’re in the Olympics and shout out to the world how absolutely fantastic you are. You are proud of each other’s triumphs, regardless of how little, and show it with your actions and your genuine happiness about it. Praising each other is something that comes easily and often.

7. Sticking up for each other, period.

You will not, under any circumstances, let anyone talk bad about your friend, ever! People love to gossip and tear each other to pieces. Knowing that you have someone by your side that will never let that happen is a sure sign you got a strong relationship. When you get even a little signal that someone is bashing your bestie you immediately pounce and defend your friend to the bitter end.

If you're dissapointed in the quality of the relationship you have with someone, do try our guided meditation to heal any realationship, and let us know how it wored for you.

Do any of your relationships show any of these signs? If so, count yourself blessed. What makes your relationships pass the test of time?