7 Types of People That Successful People Avoid

They look like they totally have their shit together, and they usually do. We look up at them in awe. The successful people of our world.

They hold their heads up high when they walk. Their handshake is firm and confident. In fact, they naturally ooze confidence. So much so, we sometimes mistake it for cockiness. It’s not. It’s pure confidence.

So what do they have or do that we don’t? How can we attain their confidence and walk tall and proud?

I can’t say that I know all their secrets, but I can share a few things, or should I say types of people that successful people avoid like the plague in order to not mess with their success.

Actually, everyone should avoid these types of people if you want to be happier. If you recognize yourself in this list, well, you may have a bit of inner work to do. Just sayin.

1. The pessimist.

Of course, right? Sadly the world is full of them. The people that insist things won’t work, life sucks, you can’t do that, that will fail, don’t bother trying that it’s stupid, bla bla bla.

There is one in every group. If you listen to them even for a single minute, you will be convinced that life is horrible and you are a failure.

Stay away from them. They will never have the success you do, in any aspect of their life, and they are quite content to see the world through shattered glasses. If you can help these people do it. If you can’t, drop them from your life immediately.

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2. The complainer.

Similar to the pessimist, but for this person, nothing is good enough and they are always whining and complaining even about the silliest, most frivolous things.

I often think they complain just to hear their own voice. It’s annoying as hell.

Complainers are not happy with anything and don’t know how to be grateful for what they have. When we aren’t grateful, we are blocking good things from coming into our lives.

**Successful people continually express gratitude for what they have, hence, more great things come into their lives


Don’t be a complainer.

3. The gossiper.

Ah yes. The person that loves to talk about other people in a negative way. They are always looking for the “juicy tidbits” about anyone in order to spread it around the office cooler.

This person has nothing better to do with their time or energy than talk bad about other people in hopes of trying to get others to believe them.

It’s sad, really. If you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.

Successful people don’t like these guys. They know that the gossipers are talking about them behind their back.

Don’t be a gossiper. It’s not nice. There’s a wonderful saying that goes something like this “Live your life in such a way that if anyone was to speak bad about you, no one would believe them”. In your face gossipers.

4. The perfectionist.

While the perfectionist is busy making sure that everything is absolutely perfect, the successful person is already on the next phase.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it is entirely bad to be a perfectionist, but things can’t always be perfect, nor should they.

I personally think it’s important to allow room for error as this is how we learn and grow. When we stop trying to make things perfect, other serendipities show up and make things right. Not perfect, but right.

5. The follower.

This is the person that follows the crowd and is quite content to do so.

  • They never step out of their comfort zone to try new things or perhaps even lead.
  • They often will have great ideas but never express them for fear they will get shut down.
  • They simply keep quiet and keep following.

Successful people like hanging out with the movers and the shakers. The ones that have no qualms about leading new adventures or sharing ideas.

That’s how we learn and grow. Instead of always following, face fear, send it packing and try leading just once. You may run into a successful person on your path that will befriend you.

6. The control freak.

Oh phew that one. These guys have to control everything and make sure it goes exactly the way they want it to.

That’s just a bad idea in general. Always be open minded and let things happen naturally.

We can’t always control things and we shouldn’t have that power either. When you do try to control things, you stop natural progression which, sometimes, might be the better result of what we are trying to achieve in the first place.

Don’t control the outcome. Successful people cringe at control freaks. Successful people like to see all sides of things and make a decision afterwards. Don’t be a control freak. Let things fall into place the way they are supposed to.

7. The selfish one.

Ya, they don’t like you at all and avoid you at all costs.

Being selfish is just ignorant. No one wins.

  • Successful people always take others into consideration.
  • They give generously and from the heart.
  • They are truly genuinely happy when other people become successful.
  • They celebrate everyone’s victories.
  • They also help others reach success too.

Don’t be selfish. In the end, you’ll end up alone.

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You can see how these types of people are happiness vampires and you should steer clear of them. Do you see yourself here somewhere? It’s not too late to fix that.

I’m sure we are all guilty, at one time or other, of engaging in any of these behaviours.

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Don’t make a habit of it. If you catch yourself acting like one of these types of people, stop yourself immediately and change your attitude. Your future self will thank you for it.