9 Reasons to Celebrate Being an Introvert

Ah the introverts. The greatly misunderstood and often overlooked. The quiet ones in the corner that would rather have a root canal than join in the conversation in the centre of the room.

We see them standing in the corner and wish we could relate to them more. What’s up with you introverts anyway?

But wait, the better question here might very well be, what’s up with you extroverts? Just because you are the centre of attention and the life of the party doesn’t necessarily mean that your way of being is better than mine.

Ah the introverts. They definitely are a mysterious and unique breed. Most introverts have no problem telling you they are one. They’re actually quite proud of it and why shouldn’t they be?

Look at all the reasons there are to celebrate being an introvert, and these are just a sampling.

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1. You are always the star.

Yes you are. Of your own party. All the time. You never have to share or fight for the spotlight with anyone. You never have to worry if she looks better than you in that black dress because in your bedroom, in front of your 360 mirror, you are superhot and no one looks better than you.

2. You are happy in your own skin.

Being alone and being happy comes naturally for you. You love being with you and have no qualms about telling people that.

You don’t need to rush out with 5 of your most encouraging and supportive friends to validate that you are awesome. You already know you are and don’t need reassurance. Your self-confidence is through the roof.

3. Sitting in the back does have its perks.

You may not get the best view, but it’s not terrible either, and the sound might not be great, but you can still hear perfectly fine.

The best part of sitting in the back is that when the show or event is over you’re the first one at the door, you won’t get trampled on, no waiting for the 12 people alongside you to stand up and make their way out of the row and you get the heck out of the parking lot quicker

. In your face extroverts.

4. People have more respect for you.

Deep down inside, some extroverts secretly wish they could be just like you. Quiet, admirable, polite, respectful, unique, you almost look like you got your shit together and, well, extroverts are kinda jealous of that. Many people look up to you and have a great respect for you because of that.

5. Regarded as some of the most reliable employees.

They aren’t going out and partying on Wednesday night because the Chippendales are performing down at the local watering hole.

Nope, not them. They’ll be at home sleeping and the next day they will show up at work on time, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to produce quality work. Oh, and they’ll be damn proud of it too.

6. They hear you loud and clear.

Introverts are known to be great listeners. They listen quietly and intently on what you have to say and you know that they heard every word. There is a sincerity that is like no other.

They just make better listeners. The reason? Because they tend to be more serious, sensitive and thoughtful. They won’t be quick to judge or give an opinion and this makes them admirable.

7. Who can you trust now?

Some people may argue that introverts might not be more trustworthy because they can appear to be secretive.

They’re not being secretive, they’re just being themselves. Quiet, deep in thought, happy in their own skin, but it’s highly doubtful they are holding the secret to the Caramilk Bar.

With that being said, you want to tell someone a secret and expect them to keep their promise not to say a word? Tell an introvert. They have better things to do than gossip. Who doesn’t love a trustworthy person?

8. No matter how stressful or out of hand some things get, you can remain calm.

You’re the one, that rock, who people will turn to, to calm a situation down. You don’t get your feathers ruffled under pressure. You remain calm, cool and collected. Oh yes, how they all wish they could be like you. The cool one.

9. You have the best friends in the whole wide world.

They get you, they respect you, they don’t make you do things you don’t want to or push you to your limits and they absolutely love you because of that.

Your friends appreciate you for you and they know exactly who you are and what makes you tick and they still want to be your friend. That’s super awesome.

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For all you people out there that think introverts are social outcasts, think again. This is a small list of why they are truly amazing. I’m sure there are many more reasons to celebrate being an introvert. What are yours? Which ones did I miss?