Best and Most Inspiring Personal Development Blogs 2016 Awards

Here's our recommendation of top 101 Personal Development / Self Help bloggers who can help boost your success for 2016 and beyond. These bloggers will help you get various parts of your life sorted - from productivity, relationships, metaphysical topics to eating and exercising right - they've got it all!

The list of the best personal development blogs in 2016 is extensive because:

  • We understand that we are all searching for guidance and help in different areas of our lives.
  • One blogger and their unique voice can't suit each and every one of us.
  • We all react differently to different styles and tones of writing.

From our experience, it is best to learn from somebody who has just recently managed to get over an obstacle you are still struggling with, rather than from someone who has done it 5, 10, 20 or even more years ago.

That is why we've intentionally included lesser known bloggers who still bring huge value to their readers, as well as some of the most well known bloggers in our industry whose blogs you just have to visit.

If we've missed someone that you think should have made the list, feel free to let us know in the comments.

How to Read Our List of 101 Must Read Self Help Bloggers?

Our recommendation is to read a few posts from each of these "self help" bloggers to get a sense of how helpful they can be to you.

Reading the bloggers about page will help you assess if they've successfully overcame an obstacle that is standing in the way of your future development and happiness - which will make it easy to figure out if the blogger is in the point in their life where their insights and advice will prove valuable to you and your situation.

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Without further adieu, we present the...

Guided Mind's Pick of 101 Best Personal Development Bloggers in 2016.

  1. You can click on the names of the each individual blog by clicking on the blog's name. We've also included a "tag-line" or a message from each blog, and it represents what we think is the most powerful lesson you can get from reading each blog.
  2. The list is ordered randomly - we do not give preference to the blogs listed first VS those listed last.
  3. In fact, some of the best bloggers (in our humble opinion) can be found at near the very bottom of the list.
  4. Enjoy!

1. Marie Forleo - Reach Your Greatest Potential.

Marie Forleo believes she is the love child of Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Oprah and Jay-Z.

She was picked by Oprah as a thought leader for the new generation and is the owner of one of Inc’s 500 fastest growing companies of 2014.

Marie wants to help you reach your greatest potential, figure out your unique talents and change the world. She often writes about Business, Life Goals, Inspiration and Overcoming Fear and Limiting Beliefs.

Read any of her articles and you may find yourself enjoying them and finding the inspiration to change as a result of reading them.

Tip: Make sure you subscribe to Marie's channel on Youtube.

2. Mark Manson - Self Knowledge.

Mark Manson started out as a pick up artist, but he figured out fast that he was actually hooked to the personal development aspect of the "art" - and now he helps both men and women with self knowledge - especially with relationship problems, finding happiness and thinking about their lives in a different light.

Mark Mason's blog differs from most other personal development pages in that all of the topics Mark writes about are researched in depth.

Mark knows that we cannot all be winners all the time, that negative emotions are a normal part of life and that the more we chase happiness, the harder it is to find it.

Tip: Take a look at Mark's most popular articles here.

3. Marc and Angel Hack Life - Remove Limiting Beliefs.

Marc and Angel Chernoff have the most beautiful blog lead by a couple - they have even been named by Forbes as "one of the most popular personal development blogs." The blog was started with the intent to inspire as many people as possible to lead a great life. Over 700 articles aim to give you the tools to get unstuck by figuring out what your limiting beliefs are and to help you transform those limiting beliefs into more powerful ones.

Tip: Join Marc and Angel at their amazing Facebook page!

4. Steven Aitchison - Change Your Thoughts.

Steven Aitchison is one of the most well known personal development bloggers and the creator of all the guided meditations found on Guided Mind.

He is aware that information alone will NOT help you change your life, and that you need someone you trust to help you in your transition - and Steven's blog, Change Your Thoughts, can be that missing link.

Tip: Join Steven's Facebook page - it already has well over 1.1 million! fans!

5. The Four Hour Work Week Blog - Productivity Mastered.

Tim Ferris is the author of the bestselling book "The 4 Hour Work Week".

The goal of his blog is to help you have 10x the output per hour, than you do now. His blog posts, as well as those of many of the guest posters, are pure gold.

Tip: Follow Tim's Productivity TV Show here:

6. Zen Habits - Change Your Habits.

Leo Babauta from Zen Habits has one of the most popular blogs on Earth. He writes articles that will help you change your habits, find simplicity, joy and happiness in life, reach your goals and live in the moment.

Leo has six children and is both a runner and a vegan.

Tip: Start out with the Beginner's Guide to Zen Habits.

7. Michael Hyatt - Leadership at its best.

Michael Hyatt can be your virtual mentor who will help you win at work and succeed at life. Or at least that's what his tag-line says - but it definitely rings true, as Michael's book "Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World" was a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Amazon and USA Today bestseller.

Michael specializes at helping high achievers achieve even more! Topics he blogs about include personal development, leadership, productivity, platform, and publishing.

Tip: Follow Michael's "This is Your Life" weekly podcast about intentional leadership, here:

8. Becoming Minimalist - Be Free from Physical and Mental Clutter.

Joshua Becker, a husband and a father of two, had a conversation back in 2008 and decided to de-clutter his life and get rid of needless possessions.

Becoming Minimalist was born - and today it helps many people focus on what is important in life by getting rid of clutter and owning only what they need, thus leaving space for more meaningful things in their lives.

Tip: Start with Joshua's most popular posts.

9. Danielle LaPorte - Find Inner Peace and Intense Desire.

Danielle LaPorte is an entrepreneur, a coach, a facilitator, a writer and a speaker. She dubs herself as holistic, and her blog as a place where consciousness meets money and where ambition meets inner peace.

She writes about health, creativity, essence, lifestyle and relationships, all in the context of making peace between ambition, passion, money and peace.

Tip: Check Danielle's Gems here.

10. Penelope Trunk - Y Gen Career Advice.

Penelope Trunk has four startups - and on each she focused on building a community.

She writes about career related topics, mostly for the Y generation. The articles are equally useful for the Y generation to better understand the world they are growing up in, as well as for their parents to realize that the times we live in today are quite different compared to just 20 or 30 years ago.

Tip: Check our her education page and learn how to prepare your kids for the world of tomorrow.

11. Personal Excellence - Excellence in Life.

Celestine Chua of Personal Excellence is a life coach who wants to help you achieve excellence in life.

Celestine has been featured on CNN, Business Insider and many other huge media outlets. It is no wonder her blog gets over one million page views per month, served to people from over 200 countries.

Tip: Check out her Youtube channel.

12. Sean Ogle - Life is What You Make it - Live Your Dreams!

Sean Ogle realized that living on a tropical island can be a reality - a dream that he made real for himself.

Location 180 is a site dedicated to helping you achieve the same! Life the life you choose by learning how to utilize your skills anywhere - or by learning the skills you can use to work from anywhere (provided you've got a decent WiFi conneciton).

Tip: Check out Location Rebel - a sister site to Location 180.

13. Paid to Exist - Get Paid to Do What You Love.

Jonathan Mead is a personal transformation expert who will help you build a location independent income stream by leveraging your skills and expertise. Life a life of freedom and explore as much as you've always wanted.

Much like Sean Ogle, Jonathan will teach you how to live anywhere you want all the while you make money - Jonathan will teach you how to build your own freedom through creative self employment.

Tip: Check out the archives, they go as far back as February 2008!

14. Chris Guillebau - Blog of Non Conformity.

Chris Guillebeau is the bestselling author (New York Times) who has visited 193 countries before his 35th birthday!

He writes about personal development, life planning, entrepreneurship, travel and adventure - and can help you excel in any of these areas. He puts an emphasis on living life on your terms by not conforming to the beliefs of the majority.

Tip: Check out his best articles, found on the left sidebar of the blog.

15. Vishnu's Virtues - Hope and Healing After a Breakup.

Vishnu coaches people going through heartache - a divorce or a breakup. He knows how to help you be ok with the past and lead you to a life full of purpose, peace and love.

Tip: Vishnu is perfect to get advice on a wide range of subjects that will help you enjoy relationships with more peace and love.

16. Arvind Devalia - Make it Happen.

Arvind Devalia will help you make it happen! He helps people who feel like something is missing in their lives, who feel stressed out, discouraged, afraid, confused or are just in a plain desperate state.

He helps people become better versions of themselves, one person at a time.

Tip: Read Arvind's most popular posts, found in the right sidebar of the blog.

17. Evelyn Lim's Blog - Tap into Abundance.

Evelyn Lim is an abundance breakthrough coach for people who run their businesses, work in sales or are working professionals.

Her blog is focused on reminding us that abundance is everywhere - it's natural - there's always enough! That means that although you might perceive that there are a limited number of slots open for that big promotion, or just a small number of quality prospects available to you - you can always, always find more and reach that next plateau in your professional life.

Tip: Follow Evelyn on Facebook!

18. Brain Pickings - Lead a Good Life.

Maria Popova, a former writer at Wired UK and The New York Times among others, has one of the most successful personal development blogs.

Brain Pickings is all about WHAT and WHY things matter. It's a journey that will help you develop spiritually, intellectually and creatively.

Tip: Read what Maria has learned from maintaining her blog for almost 10 years now.

19. Skip Prichard - Leadership and Personal Development Insights.

Skip Prichard, a blogger and a CEO of OCLC, Inc., a global technology company with offices in the United States, China, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Italy, and other global locations, wants to teach you how to lead, but also how to have others in mind while doing so.

Skip's blog is all about Leadership and Personal Development, go right ahead and check it out!

Tip: Skip's free ebook on becoming a servant leader is worth checking out. Find it on the right sidebar of this page.

20. Start of Happiness - Start Your Happiness.

Brendan Baker's The Start of Happiness is all about helping you get unstuck, teaching you how to make a difference in the world and how to live off doing what you love.

Brendan is an entrepreneur who loves adventure and coffee, and is very passionate about making a positive difference in people's income by helping them do what they love.

Tip: Join the movement of energetic, like minded people and make a difference by starting here.

21. Simple Mindfulness - Simple Steps for a Happier Life.

Paige Burkes is a mother of three, a writer, entrepreneur, yogini and a finance executive who created Simple Mindfulness to help us find mindful ways to be, so that we can lead happier and richer lives.

She writes about mindfulness and meditation, and goes deep into her topics.

Tip: Read Paige's What is Mindfulness series.

22. Aha Now - Get That AHA Moment.

Harleena Singh and her husband Vinay run Aha Now, a blog dedicated to helping you thrive in personal, social and professional life.

The site features loads of articles ranging from topics such as living a meaningful life to strategizing your goals for maximum success.

You're also welcome to join their community forums which, although not crazy with activity, still feature a small and cozy group of people happy to help each other out.

Tip: Join Harleena on her Google+.

23. Victor Schueller - Communicating Well and Managing Conflict.

Victor Schueller is a coach, a speaker, an author and a blogger. He believes that by changing our communication, we change our world.

He blogs on topics that people who want to learn how to communicate better would be interested in - as when you communicate better, people tend to listen to and believe you more.

Tip: Listen to Victor's radio show.

24. Positive Provocations - Happier, Loving and Accepting Life.

Zeenat Merchant runs a blog called Positive Provocations. Her goal is to make a happier, more loving and more accepting world by sharing her heart and soul and by helping you heal yours.

She is a counseling psychologist, motivator, speaker, holistic healer and a writer.

Tip: Zeenat has a Facebook page worth following!

25. Lloyd Burnett - Helping the Helpers.

Lloyd Burnett is into helping others who help others. He helps people, and he can help you - especially if you are a coach, trainer, healer, writer or consultant and you feel stuck - Lloyd can help you out get unstuck and moving again.

Lloyd's blog posts are really vulnerable and thought provoking, and I encourage everyone to read at least a few of them and get a feel if Lloyd can help you be who you are meant to be.

Tip: Check out Lloyd's free training to end procrastination.

26. Aertzen - Stand Out: Be Outstanding.

Anthony Smits writes a blog that will help you seek and find your essence, your nature, your true character.

Anthony will, through his writing, help you find the difference inside you that stands out from the crowd - the difference that is the fascinating, important piece of you that you might of had kept hidden all along.

Tip: Find out about where Anthony's insight is coming from, and read about what you can expect to see on his blog - click here.

27. Meant to Be Happy - How to Be Happy.

Meant to Be Happy is a blog about - happiness! The posts found within the blog all talk about happiness from one angle or another, and they all explore what it means to be happy in different belief systems.

Ken Wert, founder of the blog, has a purpose. His purpose is to inspire us to live a richer, more abundant, purpose filled and happy lives.

Tip: Check out the must read happiness posts from Meant to Be Happy.

28. Yogini from Manila - Fabulous Yoga and Wellbeing.

Jane Uymatiao is a Filipina yogini, one of the first people in the Philippines to start practicing yoga in fact, with a fabulous yoga and wellness centered blog.

Her goal is to help inspire you to lead a path to a healthier, longer, more meaningful life.

Tip: Check out the Yoga videos Jane recommends.

29. Ellen Bard - Make Your Life and Work Sparkle.

Ellen Bard is a work psychologist, a writer and a digital nomad who runs her blog in order to help you shine a brighter lite in your life and your work.

She writes on topics like gratitude, radiant relationship, our authentic self, productivity, vulnerability, work, and similar.

Tip: Check out Ellen's cheat sheet to making you take better care of yourself, or go through her 101 ideas to boost your creativity and have fun - click here.

30. The Self Help Hipster - Self Help Hipsterized.

Lianne started writing about self help before it became a thing. How hipster is that! She knows that if used right - the articles on her blog can and will help you make a change in your life for the better.

Read Lianne's posts on a number of subjects that will help you change yourself, check on your progress or help you get unstuck.

Tip: Listen to Lianne's podcast!

31. Skylar Libery Rose - Empowerment Now!

Skylar Liberty Rose is a blogger, a writer and a warrior to empower females lead lives to their full potential.

She has managed to release her limiting beliefs and gain her own freedom, and she seeks for ways to help you do the same.

Her blog is unique. It is sure to resonate with many women - and it will definitely help you view life from a different perspective!

Tip: Check out the empowerment posters Skylar has made.

32. The Rising Spoon - Real Life, Real Food.

Elaina Newton is a creator of a wonderful blog, a place where she shares her real food recipes and crafting DIY projects.

On Elaina's blog you Elaina will find lessons to be self sufficient at home (and in the kitchen), how to read food labels and how to balance health and comfort.

Tip: We suggest you start with Elainas food philosophy page.

33. Brainwave Love - Brainwave Entertainment.

Ashton Aiden seeks to unclock the full potential of the human mind with his brainwave entertainment audios.

He also offers great advice on his blog that focuses on topics such as the law of attraction, healing grief, doing what we love, how to sleep better, conquer our fears and similar topics.

Tip: Follow Ashton on Facebook.

34. Abiola Tv - Answer Your Calling.

Abiola Abrams is a sacred bombshell and a person who will halp you take your vision to the next level. She believes that you can change the world if you love yourself and change your life in accordance to that belief.

Many of her articles will help coaches, spiritpreneurs, writers and other free souls who usually have a hard time selling their services - but also, she discusses topics such as dating for women, believing in yourself and shining as an introvert, among others.

Tip: Check out her "SpiritPreneur" weekly podcast here.

35. The Paleo Mom - A Mom's Paleo Diet Blog.

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne (or The Paleo Mom) is a Ph.D. and a blogger, mother and author of multiple books.

Her whole blog is dedicated to the paleo diet, and you can find various recipes for yourself (and for your kids!), as well as advice on how to properly eat.

Tip: Check out Sarah's podcast.

36. Dai Manuel - Live a Functional and Fit Life.

Dai Manuel is a Cool Dad, Husband, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Author, Blogger & Digital Influencer (among others)

His blog is all about living not just a functional, but also a fit life, so it is no surprise he discusses topics such as business and family, but also covers fitness and nutrition in detail.

Tip: Check out his 99 Workouts you can do without equipment ebook.

37. Tracee Gluhiach - Live High on Energy.

Tracee Gluhaich is a mom, a wife and an Integrative Health Coach and Personal Trainer who lives an organic farm in California.

Her blog is all about coaching you to achieve perfect health through advice and recipes.

Tip: Check out Tracee's freebie videos here.

38. The Weekly Tipping Point - Master the Language of Success.

Andrew Hood is a blogger, a public speaker and a salesman into personal development.

He blogs about topics such as getting over a "NO" or getting over bad news, properly promoting yourself in public, as well as about relationship issues, meaning of life and happiness.

Tip: Get his survival guide for job hunters here.

39. The Bridge Maker - Get Over Your Low Points.

Alex Blackwell wrote his blog when he understood that serious changes need to be made in his life during a low point.

The Bridge Maker inspires, looks to connect people looking for faith and celebrates deep and lasting personal change - and the topics found on the blog reflect this mission.

Tip: Start with the popular posts, or Alex's favorite posts - found at the bottom of about page of the blog.

40. Mentality Wod - Develop a Powerful Mentality.

Dawn Fletcher is all about teaching you how your mentality impeach everything in your life. She blogs about health, and boasts about having pretty much every job in the fitness industry in the past 10 years.

She shares her insights about personal growth, mindset and mental strength, as well as performance psychology to help you achieve the best possible results in the shortest span of time.

Tip: Check out the quotes page for an extra bit of motivation.

41. Your Brain Health - Everyday Neuroscience for Health and Wellness.

Dr. Sarah McKay is a neuroscientist, a science writer, a speaker and a creator who breaks neuroscience into simple, easy to apply steps that will help you in everyday life.

Her blog postings are great as all of the facts written out are backed up by evidence.

Tip: Check out Sarah's free online neuroscience and neuroplasticity course.

42. Positive Writer - Be Positive and Write.

Bryan Hutchinson is a writer published in many famous blogs and national magazines.

Bryan overcame writers doubt and now lives the life he envisioned, and he wants to help other writers do the same; his advice is applicable to any other field as well.

Tip: Check out his free book on how to stop seeking perfection and approval.

43. Zen Mama - Be an Inspired Zen Parent.

Betsy Henry is a mother, a teacher, a wife - and she will inspire you to be a zen parent with her Zen Mama blog on which you can find inspiration on how to be a Zen parent.

The lessons available through Zen Mama's blog posts are also applicable to being a good sister, coworker, friend or a daughter.

Tip: Check out the definition of a Zen mama.

44. Six Simple Rules - Simple Rules for a Better Life.

David Singer has one simple goal - he focuses on making an impact where he knows he can - on helping everyone be as happy as possible.

He blogs about happiness and all that it entails - such as practising gratitude, becoming a leader sleeping right and learning to refrain from judgment of others.

Tip: Connect with David on Twitter.

45. Let Me Out Creative - Let ME Out!

Taslim Jaffer is a blogger, speaker, writer and a mom of three who blogs about being creative, creating social change and on topics concerning motherhood.

Her motto is "Doing my best to be ME, while raising three children to be them."

Check out her honest, thoughtful and provoking writing on personal development topics such as pursuing your passion, definition of success, being your authentic self and the like - all through the eyes of a mother of three.

Tip: Befriend Taslim on Twitter.

46. Top Results Coaching - Time Management and Productivity.

Kirstin O'Donovan thinks that, regardless of the point in you're life you are currently at, you should not put off your dreams or waste time like she did in the past.

She knows it's possible to have everything one desires, and she can help you get it if you'd just take that first step and commit.

Tip: Take a look at Kirstin's free downloads page for some extra goodies.

47. Alden Tan - Honest and Real Personal Development.

Alden Tan dislikes the terms such as "Personal Development" or "Self Help".

That is why you will find only honest and real stories by reading his blog. Stories that will inspire you and help you, but will never claim to solve all of your problems.

Tip: Check out the best articles Alden has written.

48. Deliberate Receiving Blog - Law of Attraction Meets Common Sense.

Melody Fletcher is happy! She has a body she wants, the job she wants and a relationship she enjoys - and she will help change your life by putting sense into the law of attraction.

Her blog is perfect for you if you know there is a lot to the law of attraction, but you simply find most other sources too ooey-gooey for your liking. None of that in Melody's blog!

Tip: Check out the LoA videos page.

49. Vidya Sury - Collecting Smiles.

Vidya Sury writes on happiness, gratitude and parenting - and collects smiles along the way.

Other topic on this blog (started way back in 2003!) include travel, personal development, inspiring stories, health, wellness, relationships and haiku!

Tip: Follow Vidya on Twitter.

50. Mary Catherine Starr - Star Struck Yoga.

Mary Catherine is an artist, designer, consultant, podcaster and a yoga teacher.

Her blog is a lifestyle blog focused on leading an yogic lifestyle and pursuing a passionate life centerd on enjoying every day as much as possible.

Go read the blog and learn from Mary's example!

Tip: Listen to the Star Struck podcast.

51. Mazza Stick - Conscious Evolution.

Justin Mazza is a personal development writer who cautions you to always bring your critical thinking with you when reading any kind of advice - including his blog.

Topics you will find on are widespread: from achieving unlimited abundance, to learning why you are always feeling tired or trying to understand the purpose of life and defining light and dark workers.

Tip: Check out the "Best of Mazzastick" found in the sidebard to the right of the blog.

52. Ashley Josephine - Happiness Above All.

Ashley Josephine runs a blog that discusses yoga and it's practices - and the whole blog is focused on how to live a life of less stress and more joy.

Is success without sacrifice possible? Can you free yourself from the pressure of daily life? Ashley thinks so - and she can help you on your path.

Tip: Check out Ashley's free yoga videos section.

53. Trainer Kim - Healthy Body Healthy Mind.

Kim Ludeman is there to help you have a healthier relationship with your body. Kim is a trainer and a nutritionist, and dedicates her blog towards people seeking a healthier life.

That is why she believes that if you train your body, training your mind is a cinch.

She is a person that doesn't stand quick fixes - so on her blog you'll find that achieving the perfect body is a marathon, not a race - and all advice she gives (including the many recipes!) advocate changing the lifestyle instead of going for a fad diet.

Tip: Enjoy Kim's recipes page.

54. Am I Hungry? - Eat Mindfully.

Michelle May, M.D. is a voice of reason in a diet craze world. She is passionate about mindful eating and about helping you with your diet, especially if you're a yo-yo dieter.

Am I Hungry is a blog discussing various topics related to eating mindfully - and how to think about these topics even if you have previous conditions diagnosed.

Tip: Check out the free resources section.

55. Romana Bowd Psychology - Mentally Fit, Anxiety Free.

Dr. Romana Bowd is a psychologist practicing EFT, Schema Therapy and trusty CBT, and she wants to help you stay mentally fit and free of any stress or anxiety.

Her blog is short, sweet and to the point - discussing topics such as anxiety, depression, mental illness and mental health.

Tip: Take the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Test - click here.

56. People Skills Decoded - Be Relaxed in Social Settings.

Eduard Ezeanu is a confidence and communications coach. His blog focuses on topics that reflect this - topics ranging form overcoming shyness or anxiety in social situations, to proven ways to be more social and lead interesting conversations.

This site is especially useful for men who have a deep rooted fear of communicating with women, as well as for men who have trouble forming a long lasting, successful relationship.

Tip: Check out Eduard's free guide titled Social Confidence Secrets.

57. Live Purposfefully Now - Life and Purpose.

Elle Sommer has great disdain towards focusing on fear and on what doesn't work, compared to what does.

She lives a life full of purpose and wants to help you make your life into your dream life. This is reflected on her blog, where you can read all sorts of helpful articles - those discussing compassion and regret, as well as those discussing success principles, change and confidence.

Tip: Check out the most popular articles on her blog.

58. Liv Light - In Pursuit of Happiness.

Alivia Light is a writer and a psychology student, a blogger, a dreamer and so much more.

Her blog focuses on helping you change you perspective, to focus, to enjoy and live a happy life.

Tip: Check out the articles she's written for Huffington Post and other publications.

59. Kimberley Jones - Midwife for Modern Mystics.

Kimberley Jones is a spiritual mentor and an intuitive seer from the UK. She is:

  • an expert at awakening people;
  • she whispers to the soul;
  • she teaches us how shift our perspective and shine our light onto the world.

Tip: Take a look at Kimberley's Juicy News.

60. The Happy Seeker - Wisdom Before All.

Christopher Foster believes that wisdom is our best friend no matter our age, nationality, culture or you name it. He has believed it since he was a child - he's 82 years old now! - and has got plenty to share.

Christopher focuses on darker topics, but has a light, positive touch - for example he questions death, and specifically if death is the end to it all, he talks about seeing cancer (and life, for that matter) in a new light and discusses possible disillusionment with life.

Tip: Check out the collection of great quotes.

61. RBitzer - Diet Rebel With a Cause.

Rebecca Bitzer, Kait Fortunato and Dana Magee are rebel dietitians - or dietitians who break free from traditional diet plans.

The girls were frustrated by the number of clients who wanted a perfect diet plan, understanding that you can't lose weight just by dieting but by slowly changing your lifestyle.

Tip: Check out their videos.

62. Zest and Harmony - Simply Zest and Harmony.

Cassandra Herbert is a wellness educator, a health advocate and an holistic nurse - or as she puts it, an energetic entrepreneur supporting women to develop their mind, body and spirit and to embrace all life has to offer.

Her blog is all about affirming you as a complete person full of inner wisdom, desire and strength.

Tip: Follow Cassandra on Twitter for extra tips!

63. Scott H. Young - How to Live? How to Learn?

Scott H. Young has written over a 1000 articles exploring what it means to get more out of life. He writes on topics like productivity, meaning of life and happiness.

He started writing the blog at age 18, so you can follow his journey since early adulthood to (now) his very late 20s.

Tip: Check out Scott's unique challenges page - A Year Without English, and Learning MIT's Four Year Course in One Year (without attending classes).

64. I am Ruby - All Love Begins with Self Love.

Ruby Fremon, an energy healer and a transformational coach is here to help you shine your light onto the world, even if you feel toxic and negative inside - by realizing that all love begins with self love.

Ruby's blog focuses on topics such as dealing with difficult people, the reality of social media, how to heal after being hurt, unconditional self love and getting over stress.

Tip: Check out Ruby's personal story before going over her blog.

65. Live a Life You Love - You Deserve to Live a Life You Love.

Boni Lonnsburry knows that we are all more powerful that even our imagination lets us believe. She also knows we create our own reality.

As she wrote in a blog post for guided mind, you can completely change your life by changing your beliefs.

Tip: Check out her Learn to Create Consciously page and become great at creating the life you live.

66. 2 Know Myself - Get to Know Your Self.

M. Farouk Radwan MSc is a psychologist who appeared on various TV channels and popular newspapers.

He writes on various life problems such as insecurity issues, addiction, bad moods, as well as on topics such as attraction psychology, cheating, codependency, motivation and the like.

Tip: Check out Farouk's self help videos here.

67. The Inspired Transofrmation Blog - Be Inspired to Transform.

Naomi Teeter is a health coach that once weighted 300 pounds. Not today. Today, she is half the body size she once was - and more importantly - she learned a lot of lessons about respecting herself, making excuses, having enough willpower and the like, which she is more than happy to share with you on her blog!

Tip: Check out her free resources page.

68. Fierce Gentelman - Become a Better Man.

Andrew Long is a Fierce Gentleman with a blog written for men. Specifically, it's a blog about helping men become better brothers, fathers, lovers, warriors, leaders - it's made to help men become gentleman.

Andrew writes an awesome blog that usually discusses how to be a good man in todays world in which it is difficult to distinguish what role each gender is supposed to play in a relationship.

Tip: Check out Andrew's, Sajjad's and Lex's - Gentelman's manifesto.

69. Steve Pavlina - Personal Development for Smart People.

Steve Pavlina is one of the most recognized personal development bloggers who blogs on topics such as the law of attraction, relationships (and kinky relationships!), discipline, willpower, desire, motivation and you name it!

His blog received over 100 million visits, has been featured in most well known publications (New York Times, USA Today, The Guardian...), and no wonder - with over 1300 fee in-depth articles found on his site.

Steve Pavlina is the human alarm clock - he wakes people up from their daze, and then he ducks.

Tip: Just go read Steve's blog - you won't be sorry.

70. Jodi Chapman - What Does Your Soul Want to Know?

Like us, Jodi Chapman has many dreams she wants to bring to fruition. She is passionate about helping people guide their souls and find fulfillment - and is able to do that because she spends hours upon hours working on her goals - from visualization to making them happen - and she can teach you how to do the same!

She writes about personal growth, inspiration, self care, spirituality, gratitude and wisdom.

Tip: Check out Jodi's blog archives and pick a topic you need help with.

71. A Daring Adventure - Get Unstuck.

Tim Brownson is a life coach that helps people get unstuck and who believes life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

Simple as that.

And his blog reflects this as he is covering topics from life coaching, motivation, sales and business advice, stress management, NLP and others.

Tip: Check out his video posts.

72. Powered by Intuition - Intuitive Wisdom.

Angela Artemis wants us all to stop the struggle and to live the life of our dreams. She believes that a struggle just means we are not fully aligned with our purpose and that we took a wrong turn in life.

Awaken your intuition by reading Angela's blog, end the struggle and find your purpose.

Tip: Read Angela's free bonus materials here.

73. The Self Discovery Retreat - Discover Your Best Self.

Arianna Merritt uses her blog to teach students, athletes, young professionals and entrepreneurs in ways to do their best and shine.

Discover your best self by reading some of over 350 posts Arianna has written and published on her blog!

Tip: Seek out Arianna on Twitter.

74. Forward Steps Blog - Personal Development for Every Day.

Thea Westra helps people move forward in their unique life journey. She strongly believes we should live a life that is designed BY us, not FOR us.

And that's what her blog is about! Make a forward step and start reading powerful messages from Thea's blog - and enjoy yourself!

Tip: Check out Thea's choice of popular personal development resources.

75. Anne Sophie - Body Image + Self Love.

Anne Sophie is all about transitioning your dieting lifestyle.

If you're losing and gaining the same 5 pounds or kilos over and over and lack the willpower to keep the momentum going, than this is the blog for you - shift your mindset with Anne's help!

She discusses food and diets - from diets that won't work to morality of food, getting a perfect body and stoping the yo-yo dieting cycle.

Tip: Follow Anne on Twitter.

76. Wishing Well Coach - Have more fun and do work you care about.

Jessica Sweet believes we deserve the job we love. She can find creativity and talent in anyone - as she firmly believes these are just waiting to be unleashed onto something we care about.

Read Jessica's articles if you find yourself bored at work, lacking passion and purpose, feel stressed, unenthusiastic and stuck in a rut, never learning anything new.

Tip: Read Jessica's resources for unhappy employees - you can find them on the right sidebar of the blog.

77. Coaching With Ang - Personalize What Works for You.

Angela Goodeve, or simply Ang, believes that no shoe fits every foot and that the key to personal development is to find that unique path that works for you - and Ang is the perfect person to help you find your unique approach to personal growth.

Read Ang's blog and figure out if her style fits your needs. Read up on topics ranging from the power of community, self reflection, how everything is our choice and how to make the best one, to ways to defeat your fears.

Tip: Follow Angela on Twitter.

78. Unlimited Choice - A Conscious Living Guide.

Amit Sodha is not just a blogger and a writer, he is also a life coach, a radio broadcaster and a stand-up comedian.

His blog is written to challenge conventional thinking and inspire and guide people to live better, more fulfilling lives.

Tip: Check out the Quotes on Amit's blog for some extra bit of wisdom.

79. Dragos Roua - Challenge Yourself.

Dragos Roua is a writer (who wrote 9 books!), a blogger who writes for blogs like Lifehack, as well as a father, ultra-marathoner, a dreamer and risk taker.

His blog will help you challenge yourself to grow your business and have better relationships, but he will aslo ocasionally touch on other areas of personal growth.

Tip: Check out the top posts from Dragos.

80. Miz Meliz - Inspire Yourself, Inspire Others.

Melissa Reyes is a certified professional life coach who wrote her first book back in 2013.

Her blog is written to inspire herself, but as it often is - when we inspire ourselves - we inspire others too - and Melissa really inspires us!

Tip: Check out all of the interviews found on Miz Meliz blog.

81. Op Life - Optimistic Life Improvement.

Roman Soluk had a great blog that is unfortunately no longer online.

Tip: No tip, sorry. ;)

82. Psycholo Crazy - Life Your Life - Go Crazy!

Jamie Flexman of Psycholocrazy believes we are all intelligent and incredible! He went from a dead end job to a life he dreamed about, and the blog is a collection of stories and lessons Jamie has learned along the way.

Lessons like how to quit our jobs and pursue our passion, lessons about learning new skills, staying healthy and fit and how to travel and grow. Lessons you can lear too!

Tip: Jamie has a "Start here" section on the blog - so we recommend you listen to him and start reading there.

83. Purpose Fairy - Challenging people to challenge themselves.

Luminita D. Saviuc is all about documenting her obsession with observing the human condition and ways to access our infinite selves. She loves to consume anything created by people with a strong, positive vision.

Read Luminita's blog, change your life and live your purpose!

Tip: Her Facebook page is really worth checking out!

84. Live Bold and Bloom - Scientifically Proven Techniques for Creating Lasting Change.

Barrie Davenport is a certified coach who helps people change their way of thinking, she helps them build confidence and install new habits with scientifically proven techniques to help her clients make real, lasting change.

Her blog is a place where she does the same through some of the many articles to be found there.

Tip: Blog's archives would be the best place to start at!

85. Rowdy Kittens - Real Life.

Tammy Strobel writes about "common" topics such as happiness and inspiration, but also on topics like letting go, online vs real life and similar.

Tammy's goal is to empower people to make their lives simpler and to help them safely figure out what really matters to them by digging deep inside their souls.

Tip: You can find all the articles written on the site.

86. Otiti Jasmine - Sassy Living.

Otiti Jasmine is a sex and creativity coach. She will help you understand how your creativity can skyrocket and how you can feel more deeply nourished in your relationships.

Some of the blog topics border on the explicit, and we are sure that many of you will find them thought provoking.

Pro tip: Check out the 30 day sex challenge.

87. Smart Passive Income - The Smart Passive Income Blog.

Pat Flynn looks at ways to live a smart passive income lifestyle on the internet, and all his content, including his blog, podcast, ask Pat and other sections are geared towards helping you achieve the goal of living a location independent lifestyle.

He is one of the most famous bloggers out there, and his blog is certainly a must read.

Tip: Start with the Passive Income 101 series.

88. Positivity Blog - Happiness and Awesomness Tips.

Henrik Edberg of Positivity Blog is a journalism major in his early 30s who implements what he learns and always finds new ways to build a better life.

He shares his discoveries on his blog - so hop on and start reading from a man who got over shyness, improved his self esteem, lost 26 pounds in four months, has tripled his productivity and simplified his thinking.

Tip: Listen to Henrik and start here.

89. Mrs. Mindfulness - Enjoy a More Connected and Conscious Life.

Melli O'Brien is a mindfulness practitioner and teacher. She empashises that she is still learning (and really, who isn't?), discovering, deepening - every day.

Her blog is, true to its name, all about helping you living a more mindful life and avoiding the obstacles that will probably cross your path at some point.

Tip: Start reading from what mindfulness is and go on to more advanced topics, here.

90. My Yoga Blog - Ashtanga Yoga.

Ursula Preiss writes "My Yoga Blog" - it is a blog about Ashtanga practise and community, and also a bit about Ursula's private life.

Find out the answers ranging from solving issues with back pain, learning Ashtanga tradition to how to properly do standing asanas, some in video form!

Tip: Check out the Youtube videos Ursula made.

91. Suzie Cheel - Whisper to Your Heart.

Suzie Cheel is a Heart Whisperer; she is a clarity abundance coach with a desire to help you be open and truly accept yourself.

Her blog will help you reach deep into your heart and understand how to easily connect with your soul, cut all the B.S. and understand what you truly desire out of your life.

Tip: Connect with Suzie on Twitter.

92. Ready 2 Bloom - Release Your Blocks.

Holly Worton specializes in helping women solopreneurs who feel stuck or frustrated that they can't find a steady number of clients.

She quickly and easily helps them change beliefs at the subconscious level, so that you can move past your obstacles and towards your dreams.

Tip: Listen to the Ready 2 Bloom podcast.

93. Alive in the Fire - Live, Hug and Let Go.

A yogi, a student, a teacher, a writer - all of this could be said of Rachel.

Her yoga blog is focused on asana practice, helping ourselves (and Rachel) live wholer, fuller, more loving lives.

Apart from yoga, Rachel discusses meditation, gratitude, inspiration and reiki.

Tip: Check out her Yoga Beginners page here.

94. Gary Vaynerchuk - Business Advice for Modern Enterpreneurs.

Gary Vaynerchuk's started marketing online to sell good vine. Gary realized that, in order to achieve success, he will have to do something different compared to his competition.

His online persona took off, and now teaching other people how to brand themselves and their product is his full time gig.

Tip: Start off with Garry's Two Minute Reads.

95. Dr. Nancy O'Reilly - Satisfying and Purposeful Lives for Women.

Dr. Nancy O’Reilly is a clinical psychologist and a motivational speaker who empowers women to make their lives satisfying and purposeful, especially at the workplace.

The sets of topics she chooses to publish on her blog reflect this goal - and range from finding a work life balance, making a workplace great for women and discussing successful strategies for women to lead.

Tip: Check out Dr Nancy's podcast.

96. Waters Edge - Stay Mentaly Healthy.

Colleen Morris is a counselor and a family therapist, and she dedicated her blog to helping you stay mentally healthy, addiction free, happy, good in relationships and stress relieved.

Topics discussed range from grief, self soothing, relationship and intimacy tips, as well as ways to communicate with people superbly.

Tip: Check out any of the numerous articles found in the blog and take your pick.

97. Jessica Lauren DeBry - Plant Powered Well-Being.

Jessica Lauren DeBry feels that our lack of motivation, feeling tired, exhausted and hungry all the time often comes because of poor diet.

She made her blog to show us another way of being, and her blog is full of tips and recipes that will change our lives.

Tip: Follow her on Facebook for daily motivation on what to eat.

98. Advanced Life Skills - Life Skills for Successful Living.

Jonathan Wells has entered the field of personal development through the side doors - his background is in health and wellness - nutritional counseling to be exact - and by working with athletes and people looking to lose weight he realized how he can expand his influence and help everyone.

Jonathan's blog and Facebook page are all about skills that can be learned, so you won't find much topics relating to spirituality, but you will learn how to enjoy your day more, how to think analytically and what successful goal setting looks like.

Tip: Jonathan's Facebook page is definitely worth following - like his page here.

99. Prolific Living - Be in Love (with all that you do) or Don't Bother.

Farnoosh Brock understands that happiness and success both start and end with our thoughts.

The biggest two lessons she learned is to listen to her whole heart and to do what she wants, no matter if people approve of it or not.

Tip: The archives would be a great starting point on this blog.

100. Belmont Wellness - Wellness and Positive Living.

Judith Belmont is a wellness and positive living coach, able to help you deal with numerous issues, from communication, relationships, anger management, depression and anxiety to personal growth.

She has great blog posts, ranging from "How to tell your forgiveness IQ" to figuring out your "Humor IQ", and of course, you can read articles on a wide range of subjects that will help you live positively.

Tip: Start off with daily positive inspirations.

101. James Clear - Science Based Habit Mastering and Optimal Living.

James Clear blogs about mastering our habits and living an optimal life, and he bases all his posts on actual scientific research.

He studies successful people such as entrepreneurs, artists, athletes and others - and he figures out which habits and routines make them successful and help them do what they do. He then shares his finings on his blog.

Tip: Start with reading his most popular articles, and then continue with the rest.

And there you have it - our top pick of personal development/ self help bloggers to pay attention to in 2016!

Images were created using PlaceIt - a big shoutout to their wonderful service!

Which of them do you like best? Are there any bloggers you'd like to add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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