Gentle Reminder for Those Losing Hope

We all get desperate at times. It's normal. It's human. And it's ok. We all lose hope, and that is the moment when we need encouragement and inspiration the most. Just hearing simple truths from somebody else reminds us that it's ok to feel down, and that it won't last forever. This post might help you if you're feeling down.

Change is constant.

Change cannot be stopped. But most of the time it is very gradual and we do not feel it as fast as we want to; or worse yet we are afraid of change and unconsciously make it even slower than it needs to be.

This guided meditation can help you enjoy change.

Patience is a virtue.

As change is slow, we need patience. It is definitely harder for us in today's world of instant gratification to be patient, but there is no real alternative.

Enjoy the journey you are on, enjoy the moment in life you find yourself in. If you're living in it--there are lessons to be learned from it.

Trust the journey you are taking.

Trust is easily lost and is hard to recover. When we lose belief in ourselves, in our abilities to cope with life, to thrive in it, it is easy to lose hope.

But there is no reason to despair. Simply try to figure out which lesson you have left to learn, before you can move on--and this guided meditation can help you trust yourself again.

Everything happens for a reason.

So does life.

That is why it is important to understand that life is not happening to you, rather it is happening for you.

Let go and enjoy yourself.

Life happens for you--wherever you are in life right now, there is something left to learn. Embrace it, learn it, play the game the way it's meant to be played--with joy and happiness, just like you would play a video game. Leave the frustration at home.

Please watch the video we've prepared below:

Change is coming in your life. Just have a little patience. Trust the journey you are on just now. Everything is happening for a reason

. Let go of the outcome and enjoy the process. And enjoy the life you have just now.

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