​Guided Meditation - The Ultimate Life Hack

Life hacking refers to any trick or short cut to help make our lives better in some way. Really, anything that that solves an every day problem in a new or clever way can be called a life hack.

If meditation is a life hack, then the ultimate life hack is guided meditation.

Why would I called guided meditation the ultimate life hack?

Well, it's because we can use the power of mediation to help us relax, ease our stress, get in touch with our subconscious mind in order to slow our minds down enough to be able to enjoy life, and see the beauty within it.

However, with guided meditation we're not only doing all of the above, but we're actually replacing the old images and movies we have in our subconscious minds with new ones, in order to change certain beliefs and habits, and that is an extremely powerful life hack.

The images and movies we play in our mind.

Most of us think in images and replay old movies of past events in our minds all the time. These images and movies help to form the thoughts we have, the beliefs, the habits and the actions we take on a daily basis.

For example, if you have a fear of dogs, you will almost certainly be able to trace the first time you became frightened of dogs. It may have been that a dog jumped up on you and maybe started barking and you were frightened as a child.

That image of the dog and the mind movie you play every time you think about a dog comes back up from you subconscious mind to tell you that you are frightened of dogs.

You have formed the belief that you are frightened of dogs which will affect your thoughts about dogs, and reflect the actions you take if you are around dogs.

So really, once an image and movie is in your subconscious mind it's extremely hard to remove, and because the images and movies are hard to remove it is therefore difficult to remove old limiting beliefs and thought patterns.

That's where the ultimate life hack comes in - guided meditation.

Your subconscious mind as a desktop.

Imagine for a second that your subconscious mind was like the desktop of your iPad, PC or or any other device you might have. The folders, the programs, the documents of your desktop are like the thoughts, habits, beliefs, images and movies in your mind


The only way to get rid of bad programs on your desktop is to delete them and install new versions.

That's exactly what we do with guided meditation; we replace old images and movies that are controlling our thoughts, beliefs, habits and actions, and replace them with new images and movies to form new thoughts, habits, beliefs and actions.

Sound a little too simple? That's because it is simple, the hard part is taking action and taking the time and effort to learn what the bad images and movies are.

Once we can figure that out, we are half way there, all we need to do after that is replace the old images and movies.

How to replace the faulty images and movies.

Okay, let's go back to the dog example, where you became frightened of dogs at an early age, and the images and movies are in your subconscious mind right now.

What if you were to experience a newer, much more pleasant experience with a dog? Your old pattern would be broken, and you would start to form a new pattern by replacing the images of the old experience with the new experience. Well, that's just what happens with guided meditation.

You mind does not distinguish between an imagined event and real event. This is a huge revelation and the power of that statement should not underestimated.

So with guided meditation, you would go on a journey in your mind to have a pleasant encounter with a dog, which starts to erase the old images and movies you had previously played in your mind, and voila your old fear of dogs will slowly start to dissipate, the more you play the new experience in your mind.

The simplicity of this is amazing, but the power of it is just mind blowing.

With the right guided meditation you can change almost anything about yourself from losing weight to becoming rich. I'll share how this is done in future blog posts.

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