How to Ask Your Intuition for Answers

Are you in the habit of going within to get answers to problems from your intuition? Most people aren’t.

You’re probably aware of your intuition to some degree but not using it to your full advantage.

What is Intuition?

Your intuition is your connection to that part of you that is wise and has all the answers. Some people might prefer to call this part of themselves their Higher Self, Soul, Infinite Intelligence or the Universe.

You might prefer to think or believe that this information comes from a source apart from you like an angel, guide or God which is fine too. Neither way of looking at where the answers and guidance come from is right or wrong.

It’s a personal point of view.

The only point that matters is to understand that your intuition is the technology through which this information is conveyed to you.

Your intuition will receive this information and transmit it in the form of “feelings,” or a pull toward something, a knowingness or a complete download of a concept.

What is Intuition For?

This information is conveyed to you for a reason. It’s intelligence for your life.

This is “intel” or information is sent to you to help you navigate your life. Your intuitive guidance will help you avoid danger, problems and pitfalls and it will provide answers if you ask it to.

Intuition has always been one of our main sources of protection from danger.

  • Have you ever experienced the feeling that someone was staring at you only to turn around and lock onto their gaze?
  • Or have you ever been walking along the street and had a tingle go up your spine when you got the distinct feeling that someone was following you?
  • Did you notice that the hairs on the back of your neck stood up or that your back arched?

Both these sensations were built into human beings as we evolved to help us avoid the many dangers of the environment inhabited by early homo-sapiens.

Can you imagine how important it would have been for prehistoric man to “feel” the presence of a dangerous predator in the jungle when he was out hunting for food? **If he didn’t sense the presence of tiger crouching in the bush he might become dinner rather than catching dinner


As we and the complexities of our modern world evolved so did our intuition.

Now we receive all kinds of information about our environment and the people in our lives via our intuition. It’s an important sensing mechanism that we can use even more fully if we know how.

How to More Fully Utilize Your Intuition.

What kind of information can you get from your intuition?

You can use it to make more informed choices and decisions in your life. You can use it to get solutions to problems and to avoid problems.

Here are some examples of using it to make decisions.

  1. Ask your intuition whether you should move across country to take a certain job.
  2. Get clear on whether you should hire a contractor or do the work yourself.
  3. Decide whether to form a partnership with a particular person.
  4. Choose which of two people you should rent a room in your home to.
  5. Pick the right graduate program or university to attend.

Examples of applying your intuition to solve problems.

  1. Assess your physical symptoms and receive guidance on which doctor to contact.
  2. Ask to be shown what the next steps are in a legal matter you’re dealing with.
  3. Locate lost or misplaced possessions by tuning in to your intuition.

These are only a few ideas to help spur your imagination so you can see how to apply your intuition to problem solving.

How to Prepare Your Mind to Receive the Answers.

The best way to activate your intuition is through meditation.

Meditation is simply “getting still. When I say you need to meditate all I mean is to go somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed, close your eyes and relax for few minutes.

You don’t have to repeat mantras, or zone out – or leave your body! Simply take a few deep relaxing breaths and let the stress leave your body.

Once you’re relaxed ask yourself the question you want guidance on. Pay attention to your first reaction, thought or feeling.

  • It may also be a picture you see in your mind.
  • It’s very subtle especially in the beginning.
  • Whatever comes to you take seriously and review.
  • Ninety-nine percent of the time this is the answer and it’s usually something you already “knew” in your gut but didn’t focus consciously upon.
  • When you connect to this answer it will feel “right.”

If nothing comes to you tell yourself that the answer will come to you within the next 72 hours. Be on the lookout during the following time period.

  • The answer may come to you through something you hear in conversation or even overhear, on the radio or on television.
  • You could also receive the answer via something you read in a newspaper, magazine, billboard along the highway or on the Internet.

Hopefully, this makes using your intuition clearer and easier.

Now begin using it to get intelligence and guidance for your life. Know that the more you use it the better you will get at hearing its guidance and the more easily your will navigate through life’s challenges.

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