How to Attract Money With The Law of Attraction

The Law of attraction is a big thing in this day and age because people have really discovered the power that thoughts can have an effect on their lives and even how it can help attract money in our life. I am going to reveal how to attract money with the law of attraction in the next few minutes!

Claim It! You are Rich!

Every time you say, "I'm so poor, I need money", you're just screaming this words into the universe as energy and it will continue to happen to you. But, if you continuously speak as if you're the kind of person who has an unending need for money because HE DOESN'T HAVE ENOUGH, then you will never have enough.

Every time you wake up in the morning, include the following in your affirmations:

"I deserve a prosperous life." "Money can change my life in so many ways." "Money flows to me freely no matter what I want to do with my life." "I control money, money doesn't control me." "I am worthy of all the money that I can get." "There is no limit to what I can earn." "I don't feel negatively about how I earn money or money itself." "I am not poor." "I am financially free." "My income can exceed my expenses." "Money is abundant and I can always earn it." "I have enough money to freely enjoy my day to day life." "I can make my life great by careful budgeting." "I can track my expenses."

Visualize Your Abundance

If there's one thing you know about people who practice law of attraction, it's that we are the biggest fans of vision boards. We put together images of things we want to happen and we take a look at it everyday so we can envision it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you need a vision board, What I'm saying is you should be mindful enough to envision it.

Here's a great practice that you can do in the morning:

  • Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths while clearing your mind.
    • Once your mind is clear start by envisioning piles of cash in your name -- all the money you can imagine.
    • After that envision how you want your room to look like in your dream house. Imagine waking up to high-end, pristine sheets with glass windows overlooking the ocean. Oh, what a wonderful thought.
    • Imagine all the people whose lives will be comfortable because of your help - your family, your friends, your loved-ones in general.
    • Envision all your dream investments being put the play because you can now afford the professionals who can handle it properly.

Acknowledge Prosperity Anywhere You Go

There is really such a thing as the grand creation of the universe.

When you reach a place, especially places that are new to you, your can't help but judge it. You pin point which looks like it's prosperous or more impoverished. Yes, we all do it too and you don't need to feel sorry about it.

But did you know that every time you acknowledge property, there is a bigger chance that it happens to you. So no matter where you are or whatever you're doing, always choose to see prosperity over poverty

. This will allow you to have positive vibrations that will turn you into a money magnet. Besides, if you choose to acknowledge property, there are times that you feel bad about it and negative feelings like sadness is not good for your goals. Remember, you're not supposed to feel sad about anything money related.

Plus, choosing to see prosperity means you are seeing, in real life, the life that you want for you and the things you want to have. The more you see this, the more that you will attract it into your life.

Give More and You'll Receive More

I remember this friend of mine who was extremely generous to everybody. I'd like to believe I'm one of her closer friends and because of this, she was generous to me to. At one point, because she would spend so much on us, I felt a little bit concerned with her finances and told her to stop spending so much on people. And the following are what she told me.

She said that when she gives to people, she isn't really giving money. Fine, there are a few expenses here and there but they're actually very minimal. And i realised it's true. She gives me a cup of coffee every time she visits me because it does't take her too much time and money to drive by our favorite Starbucks. It's little things.

And she said that one of the most important formulas in life is that you give not just financially but also happiness. She says that when she gives, what she has in mind is the smile on the faces of her friends. And for some reason, happiness also comes back to her. Included in this formula is positivity and purpose of service. With all these combined, you're sure to get abundance in return.

Say 'Thank You' More Often

A lot of people who practice law of attraction will tell you that gratitude is one of the strongest forces in the universe. Whoever is thankful, even with the little that they have, will be given more. And those who are not thankful are going to lose what they have. Why? Because they're not embracing their blessings enough.

My life has changed tremendously ever since I started being thankful for what I have. Fine, a lot more people have a better life than me but there are also a lot who are less fortunate. Everyday, I wake up in the morning and GIVE THANKS to the universe that I have a job, that my bed is comfortable, that my fridge is full and that my friends and family are healthy. And then I move on to being thankful about the things that I love about myself, I repeat the following statements to myself:

I am thankful I am talented. I am thankful I am smart. I am thankful I am healthy. I am thankful I am loved. I am thankful that I have the capacity to love. I am thankful I am successful. I am thankful I am educated. I am thankful I am equipped with everything I need to live a prosperous and great life.

Accept Abundance Openly

Often times, because of our pride, we turn down gifts and help from other people. But that's not how you're supposed to live life my friend. You're supposed to be open to abundance. Be open to receive what is being given to you. This can be as simple as getting a discount voucher at the groceries or something as grand as your partner buying you a house. Pride will take you nowhere and magical surprises will come your way if you are on the receiving end of things.

A great example for employees is when you feel like your salary isn't enough. You tend to complain a lot about your job and see it as such a burden when you should actually be seeing it as your bread and butter. And when you deny the blessing of a job, you end up making mistakes often, upsetting your boss or creating scenarios in your head that you have such a terrible life when in reality, your life is great!

When you're thankful about your job, pretty soon, you're going to get the promotion or raise that you want or be given opportunities that you've only imagined in the past.

Be Happy For Others

If someone is living the life that you want or someone close to you has been getting a lot of blessings, learn to be happy for them. Envy is a toxic trait, don't wallow yourself in feelings of jealousy because it breeds a lot of issues. Also, when you are jealous, it means that you are focusing on what you are lacking.

Raise your abundance vibration by being happy for others. Money will come to you if the universe sees you are happy for others receiving their own -- this means that you have no ill feelings towards receiving money whether it's your own or other's.


So start today, be the person who radiates positivity and prosperity around so that it comes back to them. Treat the meal you're about to cook as a 5-star restaurant meal and let your family enjoy it, Login to your job with a smile on your face because you were blessed enough to be chosen as a person skilled and relevant enough to hold such position, .Most of all, identify with the rich, because your are one.