How To Attract More Money and Wealth Into Your Life

Most of us could use a bit more money and a lot of us are working hard to get it. What if I told you there was another way? Many people now use or are at least aware of the law of attraction. So how can you use the law of attraction to attract more wealth and abundance into your life? There are a lot of ways to use the law of attraction and the key is to find what works for you. Even if you currently use the law of attraction in other areas of your life you might be wondering how you can use the law of attraction to gain more wealth specifically.

Attracting more wealth is one thing people often struggle with the most because its so emotionally charged and egotistically attached. In the steps below we will discuss how to flawlessly attract wealth and abundance, work through the blocks and suggest different methods to help you find what works for you. I'll even give an example of my own success with wealth affirmations.

Money Manifestation Blocks and How to Work Around Them

  • You are capable of manifesting anything you want, but that also means you're capable of blocking your manifestations and sabotaging yourself. As we mentioned earlier manifesting money is particularly prone to blocks from your emotions and ego. What blocks might you come across and how can you fix them?

    • You don't believe in the law of attraction: It's so important that you believe in and trust the universes power. If you don't truly believe it will work then it won't. So how do you hack your belief system? Start small, manifest something small like finding 20 cents on the floor or $5 in your coat pocket. You can even ask the universe for a sign that it's listening. The universe wants to help you, ask for something simple such as seeing a butterfly or for someone to buy you a coffee as a sign that it hears you and that you're tuning into you highest vibrations.

    • Your vibrations are low: We must be vibrating at a frequency that matches what we're manifesting. If you're running on low vibrational frequencies you feel low mood often, you seem to be in a run of bad luck and you're eating foods that aren't fresh and full of life. Raising your vibrations is easy but you must be consistent. Listen to music that has high vibrational frequencies, dance around, move, eat fresh wholesome food, keep a positive mindset. Everything that gives you that feeling of being "Uplifted" is raising your vibrations.

    • You don't have gratitude for what you have now: You're in a constant state of wanting, if you spend all your time thinking about what you lack then the universe is going to provide more lack. The universe doesn't differentiate between your thoughts, you think your own reality. No matter how rough your days been or how bleak everything is looking right now practice gratitude every single day. I spend 5 minutes every evening thanking the universe for everything I'm grateful for, some days that's really hard but it helps so much and stops you dwelling on the bad just for a moment

. Sometimes I can only muster a "Thank you for another day to live and breath, thank you for the sun rising today, thank you for a roof over my head" but more often than not that spins out to so many more things and I'll find myself thinking "Thank you for that beautiful flower I saw today, thank you for my tea being just right this morning".

  • You're subconsciously connecting your manifestation with something negative: This is where money gets really tricky, you manifest that you want to make 100k a year or supercar and deep deep down you think "money is for bad people" "wanting this is greedy" "wanting this is selfish" or your ego is far too involved "I only want this to make my neighbour jealous" "I want more money to keep up with my successful siblings". Fixing that requires a lot of work and changes to your mindset. The first thing you would need to do is shadow work. Shadow work is a method of meditating into your subconscious and really facing your darker or shadow self in order to accept and work on those elements of ourselves. The next thing you can do is link you manifestation to a reason. So instead of "I want 100k a year" try and find a really positive reason "I want 100k a year so I can look after my family and travel to experience more of this beautiful Earth" you might be really surprised about how your perspective changes and what amazing things you end up attracting. Positive money affirmations really help with this one.

  • You're trying to micromanage your manifestation: The last thing to look out for is if you're trying to micromanage how and when a manifestation might occur. Our manifestations happen in more wonderful ways than we could ever imagine if we just let them go. When you make an order at a restaurant you don't sit wondering how the chef is going to make your meal. You order the meal, enjoy what you already have (eg your drink, the ambience, the company) and know that what you just asked for is on its way to you. This is how we should approach our manifestations.

3 Methods to Attract More Wealth and Abundance Into Your Life

  1. Visualising: The most basic form of law of attraction is visualising having the thing you're trying to manifest. This is a very easy method but difficult to get right as it requires pure mind power and as we know, manifesting money comes with a lot of emotional baggage. All you do is get yourself into a high vibrational state and meditate on the thing you're trying to manifest as if you already have it. So as we're talking about manifesting money you'd imagine yourself with that money, the big win or the higher pay check, how it feels to have that money, what your life looks like even down to the smells and sights and what you're wearing. Your thoughts create your reality so visualise and you'll receive.

  2. Scripting: Scripting is an amazing way to manifest anything but it's so helpful when dealing with attracting money. Scripting is similar to visualising but you're physically writing down your manifestations and is a little more methodical. It can really help to get over the excessive feelings of want and lack that would normally block your manifestations. So to script your manifestations you'd first make your letter out to whoever you feel you're speaking to whether that's the universe, your god or whoever taught you this manifestation technique for example: "Dear Universe" then you'd choose up to 5 things you're wanting to manifest and write the letter as if you've already received them. For example: "Dear Universe thank you, I now own a beautiful home and don't have to worry about having a roof over my head. It has a big garden that I love sitting in through the Summer" you can have up to 5 or however many feels comfortable and always end the letter with "Thank you". You're going to read that letter twice a day for 30 days and really live those feelings when you do. After the 30 days just put it away somewhere safe, let the manifestations go and trust they're on their way. Get really comfortable with these feelings as if you're already living that truth and match your vibration to those feelings throughout the day.

  3. Abundance affirmations and money affirmations: This is a truly simple way to manifest. It's essentially the verbal version of the previous 2 ways but can be used in conjunction with either of the other two. Abundance affirmations and money affirmations feel great because you're speaking your truth out to the universe. It feels more tangible and you're hearing yourself, your voice say what you're wanting to happen. Money affirmations could be "I truly am worthy of great riches and success and absolutely deserve infinite abundance" "Money flows throughout my entire being and life at every single second" "I attract money everyday with ease". Find affirmations that work for you and say them everyday. Some people find it helpful to say it into the mirror to see themselves say the words.

My own success with manifesting

I've had so much success with manifesting but I want to give you examples specifically to manifesting wealth and money. I initially started with abundance affirmations and was having small successes on scratch cards or relatives randomly sending me money but one day I got a call from a relative with an amazing opportunity they stumbled across that would be perfect for me. I'd previously dabbled in trading foreign currency but never with enough capital to get it off the ground so I'd given up on the dream a couple of years earlier. This relative was making me aware of a new funding programme for forex traders where you pass a series of requirements and you start with a capital of $50,000. I was shocked, I wasn't even looking to get back into trading but the universe provided me with this amazing opportunity to finally get myself where I wanted to be financially. I now trade full time. I did this with abundance affirmations and money affirmations but since adding scripting my manifestations are happening faster than ever.

So keep your vibrations up, keep your mind open and trust the process.