How To Unblock Your Sacral Chakra (The Complete Guide 2021)

Sacral Chakra is that part of the body that expresses one's sexual desires and needs. It primarily expresses one's feelings, emotions and stimulates pleasure. Most people call it the “ones dwelling place”, or “take pleasure in”. There are seven Chakras, and the sacral chakra is the second one. It is also known as the Svadhistana, located at the lower part of your belly below the tailbone; it is orange in color.

The sacral chakra controls your emotions, sensitivity, intimacy, sexuality, creativity, self-expression, and emotional wellbeing. Sometimes you may find that your sacral chakra is blocked, imbalanced, or overactive. These are caused mainly by emotional baggage, especially when you cannot let go of anger, shame, fear, conflicts, and frustrations. All these forms of heavy luggage end up pulling you down physically and mentally. Remember when the second chakra is affected, all the others are affected too.

There are different ways of dealing with the blocked sacral chakra and being able to balance your life. We are going to discuss some of the ways of unblocking sacral chakra and also sacral chakra balancing:

**Unblocking and balancing sacral chakra: **

**Following are physical symptoms that manifest when you have a blocked and unbalanced sacral chakra: **-Hypoglycemia -Anemia -Lower back pain -Joint problems -Low energy -Kidney and spleen issues -Premenstrual syndrome

**Unblocking and balancing sacral chakra involves the following activities that need to be done consistently: ** 1.Burning essential oils and incent

Try burning essential oils like chamomile, spearmint, rose, clary sage, or cardamom. These oils help in restoring sensual feelings and creativity.


Repeating to yourself positive affirmation and break any negative ones you could be having. Create a new promise and speak them out loud to yourself, not just once but consistently. You can do this by writing down all your pledges and repeating them out loud. Don't do it forsake, but do it like you truly mean what you are saying and believe what you are affirming is accurate, and it will manifest into the physical realm. Following are some of the affirmations that you can repeat loudly for unblocking your sacral chakra:

-My body is comfortable and is vibrant. -I'm safe to express my sexual needs in healthy ways. -I'm the best and deserve the best from others. -I'm joyful and will always be satisfied. -I attract good friends with who we can support each other. -I'm consistently creative and loving. -I will do the best in my present and future. -I'm strong and healthy. -I can work hard to achieve my goals.

3.Water reconnection

Unblocking sacral chakra requires one to reconnect with water. In this situation, the sacral chakra is related to the water element and your ability to adjust to change. You reconnect with water by swimming, sitting near springs or sea, or have a bath. This way, you feel relaxed, and you are reconnecting with nature

. It is a therapy that brings healing as you feel more comfortable and healthy.

  1. Practicing Posture

You can practice postures that help you reconnect with your mind, soul, and body. Different poses are like hound angle, squatting, or a happy baby and joint in unblocking sacral chakra. You can also do some dancing or stretching your hips to help in the hip opening.

5.Feed on centring foods:

When your sacral chakra is blocked, you need to quench any craves you could be having. Eat centring foods to help unblock your sacral chakra. Foods like seeds, sweet potato, carrots, mangos, oranges, butternuts, fermented foods, nuts, and other carotene foods will help unblock sacral chakra.

  1. Make your creative juice flow

Since sacral chakra involves a lot of creativity, it is sensible to look for something creative. It will help in opening up this centre. As we know, creativity is personal; you only need to do what you like. Something fun and enjoyable will help to awaken your sacral chakra. Things like gardening, drawing, knitting, colouring, baking and many others depending on what you enjoy most.

You may need to consult a friend to inspire you or your family members. If so, don't be ashamed to do it, as it will help to balance or unblock your sacral chakra.

7.Practice the law of attraction

This law states that you attract what you believe. It is essential to work on what you think before you start drawing the wrong things. If your mind is positive, as it says in the excellent book, "As a man thinketh, so he is", this is what will manifest in the physical realm.

If you think you are a failure, which will become of you, and you feel frustrated with life. If you believe you can succeed and overcome the everyday challenges of life, that will manifest.

Change your thinking pattern for the better. It is a vital way of unblocking sacral chakra. You will need to listen and meditate on the Law of Attraction to learn how to practice this and attain the goal you desire to achieve sacral chakra balancing.

You can also attract what you want through vision. You can achieve this by sitting down every day in a relaxing atmosphere. It could be near the sea, a mountain, near a spring or a green field. Visualize what you desire to have or to be. Write it down and set goals on how you can achieve that. During this process, your imagination moves freely, and you can see what you desire and why you desire that. As a result, it will create a purpose for you’re to search more and be what you like.

  1. Taking Action

Thinking and meditating alone is not enough. There is more energy needed in manifesting what you desire in the physical realm. You, therefore, need to move a step higher and act. Acting means working, and this can be attained by listing what you want to do. After that, you start working on it without procrastinating to achieve that activity in the physical realm. It would be best if you struggled for what you desire to have in life.

  1. Gratitude

Have a sense of appreciating what you have achieved after meditation, working on it, and executing it. As a result, you will look forward to continuing with the process, even if it is long and challenging. It doesn't matter how small or big the manifestation is, but it is worth appreciating it as it is your effort.

You will keep yourself joyful and satisfied with life and look forward to working harder. It is because you are already motivated by your desires and efforts. The process helps you in sacral chakra balancing as well as unblocking.

10.Be Cheerful and Positive

Since meditating positively on what you want to work on is a process, you need to keep motivating yourself all the way. In case of failure in the process, don't lose hope; keep encouraging yourself and move on. You need to maintain a positive mindset until what you are working on is manifested in reality.

Since modesty is the key to victory, keep a positive mindset and a kind attitude along the way, be cheerful and joyful. It will create more energy from within to help you to finish the race.

11.Refuse Negativity

You could be engaging in harmful actions like guilt, sorrow, hate, procrastination, sadness, and other toxic behaviors. Many people experience these without knowing. Being self-aware of your behaviors is very important in one’s personal growth. All these negative behaviors are detrimental to your health as well as those around you.

What is required of you to experience sacral chakra balancing is to eliminate all these toxic behaviors. Purify your mind, soul, and body from all this Negativity. It is not a one-day activity but rather a consistent practice, and one needs accountability.

Once you work on all these negativities, you will have a balanced sacral chakra and therefore be able to enjoy your life to the total capacity.

In summary, you need to have a balanced and non-blocked sacral chakra to practice the above guidelines. They will be of help to your soul, body, and mind and, as a result, be in a position to enjoy a healthy life. It would be best to consider that the process is long term as it is not a one-day solution. Your energy, time, and finances are a significant input. However, the result is superb as you are the sole benefactor. You will not only benefit for a day but a lifetime if you are consistent.

Always bear in mind that whenever you’re sacral chakra is unblocked and balanced, your body will experience a healthy alignment. You are, therefore, able to source energy for pleasure, creativity, movement, desire, and relationships. You can freely express your intimacy needs without fear in a relationship, as you can express your emotions freely. It will eliminate toxic behaviors like anger, frustrations, fear, low self-esteem, anxiety, sadness, and emotional instability. It will boost you to living a healthy life that affects you and others positively. You will also attract others who are living the same healthy life as you are.