Make a BIG Change This Easter Weekend With Us!

I love new starts, a break, a move to a new area, the start of a new month, even just the start of a new week. And Easter is a perfect time for a change!

It is the start of Spring, a time for reflection and change and positivity.

So set yourself a big goal today - use this downtime from work, or just the date, a change in the calendar to set yourself something to achieve... but that's not all...

... do it BIG, and do it with us and gain extra power, community motivation and accountability towards your goals!

What is your goal?

  • It might be weight loss , maybe you know you need to stamp your foot and really boost your willpower.
  • Perhaps you just know you need to stop procrastinating and start taking action in your life.
  • Maybe you want to just start meditating and focusing your mind and want an enjoyable way to do it .
  • For me, it is business - a refocus on my business projects with proper planning and time management.

Join Us! (and Win!)

Here's how:

  1. Announce your goal below, in our facebook comments.
  2. Then refresh the page and give write a comment of support to someone else who has announced their goal! (it's even better if it's a stranger!)
  3. That's it - and the best 5 comments with the biggest, most ambitious goals WIN; we will get in touch and you can choose any of our collections to help you to reach your goal!

This way we all grow together - AND we hold each other accountable!