Making Meditation Easier

When you are first learning to meditate it can be HARD.

If you are just studying at home, by yourself then this is especially so. You might read some instructions which make it sound simple - like; just concentrate on your breathing / just clear your mind and sit for 10 minutes / if a thought enters your head this is ok, just let it go.

And this makes meditation sound easy... but when you try it, well, it isn't quite so easy.

Your mind races, you can't let the thought go, you try to focus on your breathing and nothing else, but your mind wanders before you even count 3 breaths... and 10 minutes can seem like a lifetime right?

Does this sound familiar?

If so then don't worry, you are not alone - this is a typical experience for most people starting out trying to learn to meditate.

Yes, you can persevere, yes you can stick to it and keep trying and it does get easier, but it was with this typical kind of experience in mind that we wanted to bring the power of guided meditation to the world...

To MAKE IT EASIER for you to meditate!

Our guided meditations are IDEAL to use as a tool to get started with meditation because they help you to focus your mind, stop you from getting distracted and bored or giving up, and while it can be difficult to sit in silent meditation for 10 minutes, even a 20 minute guided meditation can fly by as you get visually involved in the experience.

Basically, by using guided meditations you can jump ahead and have a deeper meditative experience that would usually take months, or even years to reach (to go that deep and meditate with complete focus and without getting distracted).

And that's not all, they can also shave months and years off your development time as they help you to slow your thoughts and calm your mind - so that even still meditation comes to you more naturally and you can learn to meditate faster.

The Perfect Way to Enhance Brain Power

Meditation to mind enhancement is like what yoga is to stability and balance!

When you meditate your mind slows down, your racing thoughts start to calm and slip away and you gain greater focus and clarity of thought


And it’s not just within the meditation session itself that you experience this - a little of this feeling stays with you back into everyday life.. and the more you do it, the more stays..

After a little while you brain literally changes, permanently, and in all areas of your life. You will:

  • Increase your clarity of thought and ability to think and work on ideas.
  • Enhance your ability to focus when you need it.
  • And your ability to concentrate will be heightened just naturally at all times.
  • You will be able to absorb information and recall it more clearly.
  • Your memory will be improved, memory and recall will come more naturally.
  • Your creative mind is accessed and enhanced - you will have ideas and creative thoughts (instead of blanks) naturally.
  • Improve your intelligence, you IQ and your intellectual development.

Actually all of our session will help like this - to focus your mind and help you to reach a deeper state of meditation without getting distracted or your mind wandering, but especially these albums in our brain training collection.. they can be considered core meditation session which really help you to focus and clear your mind and meditate effectively while enhancing your mind:

Increase Your Intelligence - A core meditation session to stimulate your mind and heighten your intelligence.

Develop Your Concentration - Improve your ability to focus - become more productive and get things done to the best of your ability all of the time.

Improve Your Memory - Dramatically boost your memory and recall power to become more successful in all areas of your life.

Enhance Your Creativity - Tap into your subconscious mind with this meditation to bring out your creative side.

Speed Reading - Improve your ability to learn and absorb knowledge at a faster rate - improve your reading speed and improve your life.