Meditation - The Natural Path to Confidence

Do you think there is a link between how you feel and how you think inside, to how confident you are and the confident (or otherwise) image you project to the outside world?

.. we do!

Racing Thoughts = Anxiety and Self Doubt

Step back and think for a second. What do you feel like, what are your thoughts like when you are feeling uncomfortable, awkward and un-confident. Perhaps when you are at a job interview you haven't prepared for or at a party where you don't know many people.

Your thoughts are choppy, racing, random.. and negative right?

Your thoughts are racing at 100 miles an hour, you feel anxiety, doubt.. you worry about what to say and what to answer, you worry about how you are going to be perceived by other people, you worry about being rejected.

When your thoughts are racing you are self conscious and un-confident.

A Calm Mind = Confidence.

However, alternately, think how you feel when you are in control - when you are the on interviewing or using your expertise in your job, or just at a relaxed social gathering with close friends.

Your thoughts are slow right? Or perhaps you don't even know or realize as.. simply because you are not worrying and over-thinking. You are just thinking naturally, you are in the moment and you are enjoying it.

You are confident.

Confidence directly correlates to your internal thoughts, to how you are thinking, to how fast you are thinking and how in control of your mind you are.

Confident from your Core.

The practice of meditation is directly related to this.

Yes, just the simple act of meditating makes you more confident as it slows your thoughts down, connects you to your center and grounds you.

Meditating, just quietly contemplating and quietening your mind for 5 minutes on a morning and 5 minutes on an evening can make the world of difference..

It will slow your thoughts down and put you in touch with yourself, you naturally start to gain an understanding of yourself on a core level and more control of your mind.

It is impossible to be un-confident when you are in touch with your core, centered, and balanced. Meditation is the natural path to confidence


With a little time and practice you become very much in control of your thoughts and you gain a natural level of core confidence.

But we take this even further.

Yes, all you need is to meditate a little each day - 5-10 minutes a day is enough to get started..

But we know getting started, staying focused and consistently meditating, daily, can be more difficult to stick to than it sounds.

So this is why we setup Guided Mind - to give a helping hand and to help you to meditate.

But that's not all.

The real advantage with all our albums is that it is not JUST quiet meditation for relaxation. ALL of our albums are a visual, GUIDED journey, so our confidence meditation takes you on a journey to enhance your confidence.

And if this sounds interesting and if you are really serious about improving your confidence though the power of meditation, then check out our 7 session program; our completely confident meditation collection.