The 2 Most Powerful Truths When Manifesting Abundance... and Positivity Isn’t One!

You probably have learned that thinking high vibration thoughts, staying positive, and being grateful are the most important elements of manifestation. This may be true for you, but I invite you to look at your circumstances and how you feel about your life to see if those ideas are actually working for you.

If you’re trying to force yourself to stay positive, but struggling deep inside because you’re scared that your situation isn’t going to shift, then I invite you to consider these two radical truths about manifestation:

1. It’s Your Energy that Attracts Not Your Positive Words

If you took a look at my vision board from years ago, you would see that it was full of intentions of having a lot of money. Everyday, I would imagine myself going to the bank and cashing checks, providing a financially secure life for my family, and traveling all over the world with no financial limits.

I asked for abundance, I believed with all my heart in that abundance, but I received more and more lack in my life.

Finally, I realized what was happening. I was setting intentions for abundance, but the energy of those intentions came from a place of lack.

The Universe deals in energy, not only in positive thoughts or words of intention. Even though you may be using positive words and affirmations to ask for abundance, the energy of your intentions could be coming from a place of lack.

The energy of your intentions comes from a place of lack when you want abundance to make you more worthy, attractive, or secure. The energy of those intentions is that right now "I’m not worthy of love, attention, or approval and I need something outside of myself to finally be whole and good enough."

The Universe says: "And so it is..." and gives you more energy of lack to validate and mirror back the energy of your intentions. Like attracts like, and you are a powerful magnet!

To explore the truth of the energy underneath your intentions, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I want more abundance?

  • Is there a part of me that believes that I will be more worthy of love and respect with more money?

  • Is there a part of me that believes I will be more attractive with more money?
  • Is there a part of me that believes that my family and friends will approve of me more when I have more money?

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2. Your Fear Is an Integral Part of Manifesting Abundance

Have you ever heard someone say, "Don’t focus on your fears. You have to be high vibration and think positive thoughts"?

Redirecting your focus or reframing your thoughts is a common practice when trying to manifest abundance. The idea that fuels this practice is that if you focus on negative, you’ll be low vibration and attract more low vibration things like fear, scarcity, and painful situations.

I want to invite you to consider something radical! Focusing on your fears is the most high vibration act you can offer yourself.

When you are experiencing fearful thoughts, it’s because a part of you is triggered by information that has been learned in the past. You are afraid that something uncomfortable is about to happen and the fearful thought is a call for your attention and support.

Imagine that your fearful thought is a child. The child is scared.

  • Would you ignore the scared child?
  • Would you try to suppress the child with force?
  • Would you act like the child doesn’t exist and throw affirmations at her?

When you ignore or repress your fears, you abandon the parts of you that are afraid and need your love and support to investigate their fears. You essentially tell that part of you that it isn’t good enough and that it needs to be more positive to be worthy of love and attention.

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This is the vibration of conditional love, which is a lower vibration than unconditional love.

When you embrace your fears and help these fearful parts of you discover a new truth, you give yourself the ultimate act of love and kindness. You are in the high vibration of unconditional love and compassion for yourself and that is what you will attract.

Discomfort in your life and insecure financial circumstances are calls to investigate the ideas that you believe to be true.

You are a master manifester and constantly attracting your circumstances no matter if they are situations that you judge as "bad" or "good". If you want to shift your manifestations and experience something different, it’s time to investigate the energy that is fueling the unconscious manifestation of your circumstances.

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Lloyd Burnett is a coach, trainer, writer, healer, helper and a consultant who believes that we are all selected to change the world in our specific way -- and he hates to see our gift blocked out and thrown to vaste. If this article resonates and you are ready to experience your inherent birthright to abundance, join Lloyd for a free training on fear and manifestation.