This is ghe Secret to Happiness (and it's not what you think it is)

Is being happy the Golden Grail of life? I don't believe so, but I do believe that it is good to know how to make yourself happy no matter at which point in your life you're at now.

Even though in the title of the article I mention the 'secret' to happiness, it's not really a secret at all. In fact, in my mind, it's quite simple...

This is ghe Secret to Happiness (and it's not what you think it is).

We shouldn't be so focused on learning to be happy. We should instead 'unlearn' the things we've picked up since birth that have made us unhappy.

The things I've noticed make people happy are not money, nor power, nor a pick of any partner you fancy. It's not even great friends or an amazing relationship with a loved one will make you happy. Happiness is certainly not found in shopping or spending wealth - while these may be fun, but they offer just temporary highs and won't make you happy long term.

So what can make us happy, and what does?

Consider a very young child.

  • They love unconditionally.
  • They see everybody as special.
  • They get excited at small things.
  • They are frequently happy for no reason.

Connect with your inner child and be free. This is how you can do that:

  1. Love. Just let yourself love. If you are like most people, you already love your family and friends, you love your pets, you love your partner. This is a great start. Now, try expanding that love to even more friends, to other peoples pets, to other peoples children... let the love grow. It's a conscious choice to grow the love you feel within!
  2. Try to look at the world as if you are an alien for just one day. Make yourself wonder why it is you do what you do. Get into this on a regular basis and see yourself excited for the things you thought could never be exciting again.
  3. Do the things you want to do, but never make time for. You know, the simple ones. Like visiting the park and just sitting there quietly in the nature

. Or going to that one restaurant you've been eying for a while, but were always too lazy to visit. Or calling that one friend who you haven't seen in a while, but who visits your thoughts every few days, yet you never seem to do anything about it. Or just do anything different, really.

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