What to Expect from A Guided Meditation Experience

Here at Guided Mind we want you to have a great experience with our guided meditations. That is why we have designed each one to give you maximum benefit.

We have done this by splitting each meditation into three parts.

1st Section.

The 1st section of each download is a complete mind and body relaxation session. This will get you into a deep meditative state ready for your mind journey.

2nd Section.

The 2nd section of each meditation will take you on the start of your journey to help you improve a specific area of your life. This section is also a mind enhancer, which will help you to develop your visualization skills.

3rd Section.

The third section is where you go deeper into your subconscious mind and complete your journey of self discovery, focusing on one aspect of your personal development, from overcoming addiction to losing weight.

All three sections of each meditation work hand in hand with each other and without one, the others would not work quite as well.

The language, the music, the pace, the tone and the silences all play a key role in the meditations. My soft Scottish accent will also help you to relax even more, so after listening to one of our meditations you will wake feeling calm, refreshed and ready to take action on your personal goals in life.

We call it an experience, as you will gain new memories that will penetrate deep into your subconscious mind, replacing old limiting beliefs and thoughts and giving you powerful new thoughts, beliefs, mindsets and habits to develop.

Ever since I listened to my first guided meditation, twenty or so years ago, I thought the experience was amazing. I believe we have taken this further to give you a magical, life enhancing experience that will stay with you forever.

If you have any questions about guided meditations please leave a comment below.