Why You Should Take Personal Responsibility for Your Actions

It is important to accept personal responsibility for all that is happening in our lives. This includes events that 'happen to us', our actions and our results.

It is important to accept responsibility because that is the only way we can take our power back. When you deny responsibility for everything that you manifested in your life, you are denying yourself your own power to take control of the situation and mold it in what you desire.

You are responsible for everything happening in your own life, no matter how harsh this sounds. You can either accept this fact or ignore it - and your decision will influence the quality of your life. Or, to put it more bluntly - to take responsibility is to become an adult, instead of a child.

Of course, we cannot control everything. Focus on working on what you can't control, and leave things you cannot control to fate, instead of worrying about them.

Take personal responsibility and get the power back - the power of knowing that you can create the life you want, that you have far more influence over your life than you exercise and that you - you alone - control how you live your life.

Take Personal Responsibility. We will illustrate the importance of this through a short story.

Two families lived nearby. One family was constantly fighting while the other one lived quietly and friendly. One day, feeling jealous about how nicely the neighboring family got along, the wife told her husband:

'Go to the neighbors and look to see what they are doing for their wellbeing.'

The husband went, hid and began watching. He saw a woman who was cleaning the floor. Suddenly, something distracted her, and she ran to the kitchen.

At that time, her husband rushed to the room. Not noticing the bucket of water, he kicked it and spilled water all over the floor.

His wife came back from the kitchen and said to him: *'I'm sorry honey! It is my fault that I didn't move the bucket out of the way


The husband replied: 'No, I'm sorry honey! It's my fault, because I didn't notice it.'

The man returned home and his wife asked him if he found out what their secret is. 'I think the difference is that we always seek to be right, while they seek to take responsibility for their part.' - Said the husband.

Having peaceful relationships means taking personal responsibility for our own part.

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