Develop the ability to leave your body and experience astral projection with the help of this powerful guided meditation audio.

Astral Projection CD Album Cover
  • Have you ever wondered what astral projection would feel like?
  • Have you tried astral projection and failed to get results?
  • Perhaps you have experienced astral projection but only briefly and want to enhance your skills?

If you are serious about wanting to experience astral projection properly then this guided visual, meditative experience can help you.

Astral projection is the skill of leaving your physical body and traveling through the astral dimension. The truth is, astral projection is difficult because it goes against a lot of what we are told in our scientific, modern, western culture.

It is difficult to get started and have your first experience because of a lack of belief that it is really possible, or just because it is so unknown and such a new type of experience that you don't know quite what it will be like and how to create the feelings needed.

Then it is hard in different ways even after this - it is a hard skill to master, to learn to control the experience to will yourself into different locations, planes, or dimensions, to master movement within the astral body, and to remember the experience upon returning to your waking body.

However, it is not impossible. It is much easier with a little help and a guide - and this is why this album exists. This album will help you in two main ways:

1. To help in you to experience astral projection

Primarily this album works to help you to get into a state where you can astral project. It will align your mind to the feeling and thought patterns needed to leave your body. As you listen it will actually help you to astral project. You will:

  • Develop your belief in astral projection. You MUST first believe that it is possible before it can work, we can help to rid you of limiting beliefs. You will believe, because you will feel it is possible within your mind - this meditation session will bridge the gap and help you to feel the state and feelings of progressing into an out of body experience. As you listen a few times you will just know that it is possible and you will KNOW that you can do it!
  • Begin to loosen your astral body from your physical body. Right now, your astral body is almost glued to your physical body, for astral projection to work you have to loosen your astral body and this meditation can help you with this by putting you into the right state of mind, and aligning your consciousness and "feeling" with the state which is needed for astral projection.
  • Expand your consciousness. You will be guided to expand your consciousness, to first imagine, and then actually place your consciousness outside of your body - this is one technique and actual skill of leaving your body that you will be taught and actually experience through the use of this meditation.

2. Help you to progress and improve your astral projection skills

Like most skills, astral projection first has to be practiced, so there is a little effort on your part, but this meditation can reduce the learning curve to you developing the skill. Through this meditation you will:

  • Dramatically increase your ability to astral project. You will find it more natural each time to get into the state and feeling required for astral projection. It will become more familiar to you and you will start to project out of your body more consistently.
  • Prolong your astral traveling experiences. Sometimes you can get really excited when you first start to astral project which brings back your astral body to your physical body, this meditation will help you to prolong the experience.
  • Gain more control during the experience. You will develop the ability, through practice within the astral realms, to control your movements, your intention, your location, and your experience. This comes with time, but this meditation will help you to relax your mind and focus and thus gain control.
  • Remember the out of body experience fully. A key skill required for astral projection is the ability to remember the experience by staying calm, keeping a focused, conscious mindset throughout the experience and returning to your body consciously. This album will help you to remember the experience, so that you can grow from it, and progress more each time.

There are many different techniques to induce astral projection, and it can be overwhelming which sometimes means you will not be able to practice due to information overload. This guided meditation will give you a way to practice astral projection until you can induce one naturally.

We all have the ability to travel through the astral dimensions, your first astral experience really will be a life changer for you and shake your belief systems. It will help you to re-evaluate just what's possible with the focused use of your mind.

What to Expect

Your journey will start with a deep relaxation session for your mind and body. This will help you to control your emotions in real life and on your astral travels

Then as this meditative experience progresses you will begin to loosen your astral body using the power of your mind, which is when the astral experience will come.

Short Term

Astral projection isn't easy, and we can't guarantee instant results. It depends where you are starting from, what you have experienced before and how open and loose your mind and body is. What we can guarantee is that if you listen consistently you will stand a much better chance of experiencing astral projection.

You will literally feel yourself getting closer, loosening up, and getting more into alignment with the state. This is possible even from the first session - to loosen up and become more aware of your mind, your feelings and the existence and feeling of your astral body.

Long Term

As you progress more, then your expanding awareness and consciousness of your astral body will grow from just belief and feeling of it, to experience and feeling within your astral body. You vibration will change, your consciousness will shift more and more within the meditation session and you will experience out of body journeys.

This album isn't a game, it is only for those serious about astral projection - if you truly want to experience this then download this session today and experience a whole new.. dimension!