Improve your ability to have lucid dreams and gain much more consistency with this unique guided meditation session.

Lucid Dreaming CD Album Cover
  • Have you tried to have lucid dreams without success?
  • Have you had a lucid dream and not managed to stay lucid for long?
  • Do you struggle to have lucid dreams on a regular basis?
  • Do you know you are having lucid dreams but struggle with full memory and recall?

Lucid dreaming is the art of becoming conscious whilst you are dreaming. You probably know this, being on this page, and you have probably had an experience, perhaps just super short of lucid dreaming yourself..

.. An experience where your consciousness expanded and you had "waking consciousness" and could make decisions and think within your dream.. you probably got excited about this and the increase in emotion and energy sent you either further back into the dream without lucid control, or brought you out of the state of sleep altogether..

Does this sound familiar?

It often starts like this and we think "wow, that was cool" but possibly don't pursue it any further. Did you know that..

Lucid Dreaming is a Skill You Can Develop

Lucid dreaming is something we are all capable of. The more times you experience it the better you will get at it - the longer you will be able to stay in a lucid state and the more you will remember, and our guided meditation album specifically helps you to work on these lucid dreaming skills.

However, it is also a case getting that into a lucid dream, or inducing one, is not so easy when you are just starting out, and this is how this album will help you too!

If you want to have lucid dreams on a more consistent basis, to have longer lucid dreams, to remember more of them and to enhance your lucid dreaming skills all round then you are in the right place.

This guided meditation album works in two main ways:

1. To Dramatically increase your ability to induce lucid dreams.

Lucid dreaming takes a little patience and a relaxed state of mind and you will gain this with the help of this meditation. This album helps to stimulate your subconscious mind to make the goal of having a lucid dream fresh in your mind. Listen to it as you lie in bed, before going to sleep and you will find yourself much more likely to enter a lucid state during the night.

2. To build your in-dream lucid skills

Once you are able to get into a lucid state you will see there are actually in-state skills which you can build upon, and this album will help you to build the three foundation stones of lucid dreaming skills - namely to help you to:

  1. Increase the length of your lucid dreams. Some people briefly manage to have lucid dreams but lose it straight away due to excitement. You will be able to control your lucid dreaming adventures and find them lasting longer and longer - so that you can get more out of them and in-turn, enhance at an even faster rate!
  2. Increase your control within the dream You will really gain power over your dreaming experience. You will be able to create worlds and landscapes at will, you will be able to travel within your dream. You will be ably to FLY. You will be able to control and influence the dream and all of it's content at will.
  3. Be able to remember your lucid dreams. You may have had a lucid dream but can only remember fragments of it. With help from this album you will be able to remember all your lucid dreams in greater and greater detail - again this will help you to enhance your skills at a faster rate, but you will also get more out of your dreams and learn from them.. yes, your dreaming world will teach you about yourself and you life - your dreams will benefit and enhance your waking life!

To put it simply, this album will help you by dramatically reducing your lucid dreaming learning curve and to help you stay lucid for longer.

What to Expect

Your journey will start with a deep relaxation session for your mind and body. This will help you to control your emotions in real life and in your lucid dreams.

The next part of your journey is where you meet a mysterious woman who will take you to a beautiful hilltop overlooking a stunning valley below. It is here she will help you induce your lucid dreams.

This mysterious woman will give you a gift to help you with your lucid dreaming efforts.

Short Term

Within just the first few sessions you should experience lucid state, and within 1-2 weeks you should have several experiences and be starting to implement your skills and control your dreams more.

Once you have your first lucid dream, or your first prolonged lucid dream, you will be on a high for at least a week afterwards. The feeling of having a lucid dream and knowing that you can control your dreams is like nothing else you will ever experience.

Long Term

As you become a more experienced lucid dreamer you will be able to explore more within the lucid state.

You will find yourself flying around beautiful scenes of planet earth (which you can create at will), even flying into the higher atmosphere and outer space. You will master control of your dreams. And you will even discover more about yourself and the world around you.

Warning: Lucid dreaming can be a gateway progression towards astral projection. As you gain real control you may find yourself actually astral traveling, or be able to consciously wish this to happen and experience it.

Experience the amazing world of lucid dreaming; download this album today and have your first lucid dream tonight!