Penetrate into your subconscious mind to develop your psychic abilities and bring your abilities to the surface with this one of a kind guided meditation.

Psychic Development CD Album Cover
  • Do you know you have an inner psychic power and want access it?
  • Have you tried to increase your psychic powers with mixed results?
  • Perhaps you wish your psychic powers were more reliable?
  • Do you want to bring your psychic ability to full fruition?

We all only use around 10% of our brain power, we all have areas of our mind which are more advanced but which we can't full control yet. Perhaps you have experienced some instances of your higher mind, of just knowing things, of having dreams or predictions come true?

We are now, as a race, starting to access more and more of our mind. Yet it is unpredictable, or in-consistent. As a species we are not focused on developing our psychic power, sadly not everyone takes it seriously, but it is a fact that as we evolve as a species and enhance our minds over the coming years that we are going to access more of this untouched area of our mind and gain access to psychic powers such as telepathy, knowing / psychic knowledge of future events, and enhanced intuition.

This Starts NOW

This isn't something that has to wait another 10, 20, 50 years - the development of your mind starts now, I hope you have already started, but it starts right here, right now - there are things you can do to take this route for yourself, to enhance your own psychic power today!

And this is why we developed this album,

You have the ability to be a much stronger psychic than you already are. You may not feel as if your psychic powers are strong enough just now, but you have the latent ability within you.

You may be trying to develop a particular psychic skill: telepathy, clairvoyance, channeling, intuition, clairsentience, contacting your spirit guide or higher self communication, reading people, psychometry , telekinesis or one of the other many psychic skills.

This album will penetrate into your mind, it will take you on a guided, visual, meditative journey to help to increase your overall psychic powers from the inside - out.

With this guided meditation you will:

  • Know on a deep unconscious level that you are psychic. You may have experienced your psychic powers already but dismissed them, or not put 2 and 2 together in some instances. This album will give you the required belief and knowledge on a core level that you are psychic - a belief you NEED in order to develop your abilities further.
  • Be able to concentrate and focus much more clearly. Opening up your psychic centers requires concentration. This guided meditation will help you boost your concentration levels so that you can meditate deep within your core and let your psychic ability flow to the surface.
  • Become adept at using and trusting your intuitive powers. I'm sure you've had good vibes about something or someone and knew you were correct, but didn't trust your instinct alone. You will learn to trust your intuitive powers at all times - when you trust yourself more, your psychic power will ignite and come to the surface. You will be more in tune and receive more psychic information.

Ultimately you will develop greater psychic accuracy. Because of your higher level of concentration, enhanced belief in yourself and greater level of trust, your psychic power will come to the surface. You will more in tune with yourself and your thoughts and your environment and people around you too. Naturally you will start to develop a 6th sense in all areas of your life, at all times - it will become a natural extension of who you are.

What to Expect

Do not underestimate the power of your mind to develop your psychic abilities, we all have the power, but only few of us really investigate what's possible. You now have the chance to develop your powers!

The road to developing your psychic abilities starts with being able to relax both your body and mind. This meditation will give you a full mind/body relaxation session before starting your guided journey.

You will take a journey across the ocean to a beautiful small island to help open up your psychic mind. You will then be met by a mysterious woman who will guide you to a special place in the middle of the island to truly open up your psychic centers.

Short Term

After listening to this album a few times you will start to notice, seemingly, strange coincidences happening in your life. Your intuitive powers will start to really develop as you begin to trust in yourself.

You will also notice just how relaxed, and at peace you are, and others will start to comment on this change in you.

Long Term

As you go deeper into your higher mind and really develop your abilities you will start to see the world in a new way. Realizing that we are all connected in some way and you have the ability to join the dots and see these connections.

You will just find that you are more in tune, that you develop a more natural 6th sense and sense of psychic power in all areas of your life, at all times - your psychic self will become a natural extension of who you are.

Download this album today to energize your mind and bring your innate psychic ability to the surface and develop the psychic power you know you have inside!