Heart Energy Meditation Journey

Take a journey into your heart to balance your emotions, heal your body and enhance your level of intuition and improve your life in all areas.

This is our “Heart Journey” collection – it has a spiritual feel as the sessions guide you into your heart, and aim to heal you – not only physically, but to promote health, emotional health, stimulate abundance and energy, and awaken your inner intuition.

You Are A Spiritual Being Having a Physical Experience

Most of the time, most of us lead almost purely physical lives. By this I mean that we usually focus our thoughts and attention on the physical, on the objects and people in-front of us.

We need to, to be able to function and get by in this physical world.

However, we are more than just this physical, we are really spiritual beings having a physical experience.

And when we sit still and meditate we can slow our thoughts down and change the focus of our consciousness we get back in touch with our true selves, which can have remarkable positive effects on our lives.

When we place our attention and consciousness on the heart center then truly AMAZING things start to happen..

This is the reason we created these unique guided meditation sessions.

Journey Inside Your Heart

These sessions all have a focus around health and abundance and on accessing your heart – helping you to leave the physical behind by journeying within your mind to the inside of your body, to your heart center.

They change your point of focus from that which is physically in-front of you (people or other external objects), to taking you inside your own body – to your heart.

You will create vivid visualizations where you actually take this mental journey to your heart.

As you practice you will see that it becomes more than just imagination, you learn to experience, to feel what it is like to focus your consciousness inside your heart rather than you brain.

This Gives You Heart Intelligence

You will experience the difference, even in just one or two sessions when you go inside yourself like this and leave the physical world behind even for a short period.

You gain a new way of thinking, a new way of looking at the world and at yourself. You also gain a different type of consciousness – a consciousness that both comes from your heart – and looks “out” from your heart to examine yourself (your body and your thoughts) and the world you live in.

Rather than the “seat” or “home” for your consciousness being your brain or head, it shifts down into your heart. You see the world tinted from an emotional and feeling perspective, rather from an analytical and “logical” perspective. Your consciousness comes from love rather than from “logic”.

Benefits of Using Your Heart Brain or Heart Intelligence

Can you imagine the benefit that changing your perspective, your very consciousness and experience of self in this way – the changes in your life are astounding – from increase energetic and emotional balance, to lower stress and anxiety, and even gaining a powerful sense of intuition which comes from your spiritual self and helps to guide you through life

Energy and Emotional Balance

One of the first benefits you will experience starts in the meditation session itself. This is the sense of balance you feel.

During the sessions and as you repeat them you will notice your thoughts slowing down and slipping away, if this is the first time you have tried meditation (successfully) then this might be the first time that you have EVER felt real peace without your thoughts racing or your internal voice constantly chatting (or signing) away.

However it is not just during the session that you experience this – it stays with you into your everyday life and with each session it grows and grows.

This will help you to gain control of your emotions, and you will be able to keep your energy healthy and positive – and stop it from being drained by negative external situations and other negative people in your daily life.

This benefit alone will improve your mindset and perspective on life, and actually improve your life in terms of how calm and centered you are, and how happy and positive you are in your day to day life..

.. but it gets even better still!

Health Improvement

Health starts in the mind, your thoughts are the seeds of good (or poor) health.

Your mind literally controls the very cells that either age you and cause illnesses or keep you healthy, energetic and youthful.

This collection puts you in control of your mind and within the sessions you will focus on sending healing energy out to your physical body and focusing on repairing your body and on improving your health.

We can't promise miracles, and please do not use our sessions instead of seeking the advice and care of your doctor, but if you suspend your disbelief you might just surprise yourself on what is possible when instead of focusing on the physical (putting a band-aid on an injury) you focus internally at the source of your health and well-being.

Take control of your health by taking control of your mind and promoting positive health when you use your heart as your seat of consciousness and send love and positive, healing energy out to your mind and physical body.

Enhanced Heart Intuition

When you start to shift your consciousness internally and to experience the world from your heart (rather than purely from your logical brain) you start to open up more energetically and emotionally.

Your energy is calmer, more balanced, your thoughts aren't racing, you are here in the now and you can think clearly and focus much stronger.

Your heart intuition is activated. - literally thinking and feeling from your heart. In this state you will really notice the difference in your intuition, in the information you receive, the things you "know" about people and events that come true. You start to find it easier to empathize and connect with people, to share their emotions and to read them.

And living like this, developing your heart intuition and using it in your daily life has amazing benefits as you start to perceive people correctly and to make the right decisions - life starts to get a little easier, to start going your way.

Journey into your Heart Today

Wait! This experience might not be for everyone, it is quite a deep and spiritual journey you will take and it shouldn't be taken lightly - it goes much beyond just simple "meditation for relaxation".

However, if you truly want to connect with your inner self - to shift your consciousness from external to internal and connect with your heart center then this experience is for you... and when you do, you will experience profound changes in your life including better emotional and energetic balance, abundant health and heightened intuition.

Journey to your core and improve yourself today through the power of heart centered meditation.

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