Natural Sleep Meditation Journey

Naturally drift off and enjoy hours of deep unbroken sleep every night with this package of deeply immersive meditation sessions. Be free of insomnia and wake up super energized ready to face the day ahead.

Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important as a balanced diet and regular exercise. When we sleep it is the bodies time for rejuvenation and repair from the days mental and physical activities and is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Now people who 'sleep like a log' will never understand the frustration that fitful sleep and insomnia can cause. Even the process of getting to sleep can fill you with anxiety and because of the worry of the ever decreasing number of hours you have till you have to get up it only keeps you awake longer.

Once ‘finally’ asleep out of pure exhaustion you find yourself walking up at the ‘same time’ every night endlessly tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep.

Unfortunately, there are so many factors that stop us from meeting our ‘quota’ of the recommended 7-9 hours slumber required to be at our optimum performance during the day. Stressors that effect getting to sleep and sleeping soundly through the night are:

Insomnia the myth…

It widely believed that Insomnia is a condition of not getting ANY sleep, but sufferers know its more the lack of getting quality, unbroken sleep without regularly waking up. This lack of sleep will then effect your daily life and you start to feel more like the star in a Zombie movie as the weeks go on. Do these symptoms sound familiar?

You may have difficulty concentrating and focusing on work and coming over with regular spells of drowsiness throughout the day. Headaches will become frequent and more intense. You notice that every little thing starts to annoy you find more and more people will irritate you. Who thought just a lack of sleep would cause all these problems!

That’s not even the Scary bit!

Not only does sleep deprivation effect the brain and slow your reaction time it also impairs judgement. Even more shocking is that lack of sleep can cause weight gain of up to 0.9Kg (2 lbs) in under a week and sleeping less than 7 hours can also reduce your life expectancy.

A good night sleep is not a luxury, it’s a NECESSITY!

This is not a physical problem but a deep rooted mental condition that luckily through the right guidance can be fixed!

We have created a package of deeply immersive meditation that will allow you to have the ultimate natural sleep without the use of chemicals or sleeping remedies. These core sessions will lead you through a journey which will calm and relax you so when you are ready to slumber you will be in the perfect mindset. With this exciting new package we can:

Imagine being fully rested and at your optimum performance EVERY DAY. You will instantly become focused in anything you set your mind to and your motivation will 'go through the roof'. People around you will notice this new energized mindset and opportunities will come ''knocking at you door'' and soon you will reach your goals with ease that before you found so hard to achieve!

All this from a Good Nights Sleep... CRAZY!

A Good Nights Sleep is Vital to be a Success.

BUT WAIT! - This is not a passive experience. This highly natural sleep journey takes our most successful 2 core guided meditations for the quickest way to a natural, full night's sleep. You will be led through an journey of visualization that will make falling asleep effortless every night and see a measurable improvement in you focus and productivity everyday.

If you want to be that success you've always dreamed of then a restful night should be your priority then this package is for you.

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