Develop a deeper relationship with your daughter with this powerful guided meditation

Connect With Your Daughter Aged 18-21 CD Album Cover
  • Would you like to become a better parent?
  • Would you like to spend more time with your daughter?
  • Would you like to improve your patience and listening skills with your daughter?
  • Would you like to know about your daughter's world?
  • Would you like a powerful way to connect with your daughter at a much deeper level?

Your daughter is now reaching womanhood, and you have prepared her well in the earlier stages of her life. You know that she still has a lot to learn about being a woman and you will help her by having role models in her life.

She will now consider herself to be independent and may have left the family home, but make no mistake she still needs your love and attentions.

This guided meditation is unique in that it will give you a way to connect with your daughter at a deep subconscious level, and keep up with her development.

Using this guided meditation will help you:

  • Develop a strong, natural bond with your daughter. Speaking to your daughter at the subconscious level will do wonders for both you and your daughter.
  • Eliminate the self doubts you have as a parent. It's not easy being a parent, and sometimes it's hard to know if we are doing things right or not. This meditation will help you eliminate these thoughts to help you through the parenting cycle.
  • Improve your patience and listening skills with you daughter. It has been shown that parents who have the strongest relationships with their children are able to understand them and listen more to what their children say, whilst still being strong and teaching values and ethics to your daughter.
  • Make her feel secure and safe. Although your daughter is off exploring everything it is because she feels so safe that she can do this. You will learn to keep her feeling as secure as possible to develop her confidence later on in life.

Imagine if you had an amazing relationship with your daughter, you understand her at a deep level and are able to communicate with each other about everything. You are less stressed, less worried about your daughter's development and feel happier as a parent.

This is possible by being able to deeply connect with your daughter at a subconscious level. This guided meditation will help you to do this and have a strong bond with your daughter that will last a lifetime.

With a unique blend of meditation and guided visualization we have created a powerful way to help you develop a strong, lasting, bond with your daughter.

What to Expect

The first section of this meditation will give you a complete mind and body relaxation session. This will help you to focus on your daughter and to make you feel calm and relaxed.

The second section will see you walking along a beautiful tropical island beach on a warm summers day. this will help to enhance your visualization skills.

In the final section you meet with your daughter to sit and have a cup of coffee together and have a long conversation before watching the sun set together.

Short Term

When you first use this meditation you will notice a huge difference in the way you see your daughter, and immediately take action to develop your relationship with her.

You will also notice a difference in your daughters behaviour, and the two of you will feel much happier, and this will have a huge knock on effect to your family life.

Long Term

By using this guided meditation and acting on it, you will develop a lifelong natural strong bond with your daughter, which she will remember into adulthood. You will feel much happier in general and less stressed about raising your daughter. Soon your friends and family will notice just how good a parent you truly are.

Download this powerful guided meditation today if you really want to develop a strong bond with your daughter at this crucial stage of her development, and see the difference it makes in your relationship.