Banish your insomnia and sleep naturally right through the night with this powerful guided meditation

Insomnia CD Album Cover
  • Do you find it difficult to shut off your mind before falling asleep?
  • Do you worry about not getting to sleep and waking up during the night, making your sleeplessness even worse?
  • Do you find yourself waking up during the night at the same time?
  • Would you like an effective way to sleep right through the night, every single night?

If you are a sufferer of insomnia and find it difficult to stay asleep during the night, then this guided meditation is especially for you!

Many people think that insomnia is about not getting any sleep, but as a sufferer you'll know that it's about not getting a restful sleep, and possibly waking up in the early hours and not being able to fall back asleep.

Insomnia is a condition which is buried deep inside the mind, the unconscious mind. It cannot be helped with the usual remedies like having a hot bath before going to bed, blocking out noises, or cutting down on certain beverages.

That is why we have developed a meditation that speaks straight to the subconscious mind - it gets to the source, to the core of your issues and changes the way your mind operates from the inside.

This unique meditation session will help you to:

  • Reprogram your mind to get to sleep. To overcome insomnia it's important to get rid of the old program that prevents you from falling asleep and installing a new program.
  • Become more calm before going to sleep. Being able to relax and shut off your conscious mind for a bit is an important step in getting a great night's sleep.
  • Increase your overall energy. Because your body is not getting properly rested your energy, throughout the day, drops much more rapidly than non insomnia sufferers.
  • Retrain your body rhythm to stay asleep every night. Right now, your body rhythm is out of sync. This meditation will help to re-align your body rhythm to get a great night's sleep every night.

Imagine what it would feel like if you went to bed and within half an hour you were sound asleep, and you managed to get a full night's sleep without waking up once. You would feel refreshed, and have a lot more energy. This is what this guided meditation can do for you.

This guided meditation uses a powerful blend of guided imagery, and meditation to help you change your sleeping patterns. This will help you get a great night's sleep every night.

What to Expect

The first section of this meditation will give you a complete mind and body relaxation session. This will help you to feel completely relaxed and at peace, and slow your racing mind down.

The second section will see you walking through a beautiful forest and into the most amazing lush forest garden. This will strengthen your visualization skills.

In the final stage you will walk up a small hill overlooking an amazing scene whilst you fall asleep.

Short Term

The first time you listen to this album you will notice just how relaxed your mind and body can become.

After a few weeks you will already have noticed that you've had a few great sleeps whilst your body and mind are re-programming themselves.

Long Term

Ultimately this album will have completely re-programmed your body and mind and you will be getting a great night's sleep every single night, whilst being able to relax yourself completely. Insomnia will be a thing you used to suffer from.

Download this powerful guided meditation today and make turn your insomnia into a thing of the past!